Who we are

Striving to give everyone
access to the future

Access to technology, access to the future.

The Internet is probably the most beneficial innovation the man has ever come up with. It allows everything – literally. You can get jobs, work, entertain yourself, play, read the media, watch films and communicate with others online. It is the recent past, as well as the future.

The Internet will change everything
that you have ever believed in.

The idea of continuous democracy.

Here at the Telematics Freedom Foundation, we believe in continuous democracy. We do not believe in democracy around election times only, but on every little thing that might affect a community. Constant communication is our goal, so we are currently working on more softwares to allow this bridge between the average individual and politicians.

Access to everything for everyone.

Apart from our continuous democracy project, we are also pushing to come up with the Universal Audiovisual Library – the world's largest multimedia collection. It will have hundreds of thousands of videos and audios released under public licenses. The role of all these? Spreading information and letting knowledge flow freely.

The Affero General Public License

The Affero General Public License is mostly about transparency when it comes to our other projects. We want people to be able to verify everything they grab from our projects, whether they are interested in open source electronic voting or electronic democracy software. There is nothing to hide, so everyone should know what we do.