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Vaping Guide For Beginners

Are you new to vaping? If yes, you should know its use and working properly before going for your first experience. You might think that it will give you the satisfaction of smoking, but no, because of the reason that vaping is an alternative for cigarettes. So, it will get 2-3 instances to get used to it, but with several flavors of e-juices, you might start enjoying it. You can start with an e-cig and then get involved with more advanced devices like PODs and MODs. There are many types of devices and flavors of vape juice available at Eliquid-Depot.

Here is a beginner’s guide for the correct way of vaping-

1)    The right e-juice – This step is very important. The e-liquid is the one that vaporizes and gives you the flavor and sensation of hit in the throat. So, the concentration of ingredients should be measured. Also, in the starting, you might want to get the flavors of nicotine to get the same feeling of smoking, but restrain yourself and try other flavors as well. This will help you to leave your habit of consuming tobacco and nicotine, thus eliminating smoking. The right measure of ingredients is very important. Ask your seller to guide you on this so that you don’t accidentally harm yourself.

2)    Primer puff – It acts as a catalyst to give a start to your vaping. A vaping device has a coil in it which heats up to vaporize the e-juice. A primer puff will ensure that the evaporation has begun and your device is ready for use. You can do it by holding the start button of your device for 5-6 seconds and then taking small puffs. This step ensures that your device is vaporizing correctly and it is safe to use. Also, for the beginners, it would be a safe start as they will not inhale too much and choke themselves.

3)    Drags – You might be comfortable with short drags when smoking cigarettes, but with vaping, you would have to take comparatively longer drags. This is because an e-juice is required to produce vapor, thus a short drag will not give you the desired flavor or sensation. Also, with short drags you have to vape faster, which can result in inhalation of e-liquids; to avoid this, take slow and long drags.

4)    Inhaling the vape – Before you take slow and long drags of vape, draw 2-3 small puffs to get started. Then start with a long drag and hold the vapor in your mouth for a few seconds; then you can inhale or exhale it as you wish. If you want that hit in the lungs, you should inhale it first and then exhale the next one. Keep this in mind that while a cigarette takes about 6-7 seconds to give you that hit, a vaping device will take more than 30 seconds to give you that sensation. The e-liquid molecules are much larger than those of cigarettes and thus take more time to get absorbed by the body.




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