Social Video Packs

The goal is to create and maintain centers equipped for creation, editing and post-production of "Social Video" and development of "Citizen Journalism" around media freedom and democracy

We start from two models of Social Media tested successfully in Brazil: the "Pontos de Cultura" and "Estúdio Livre".

People participating in this project will have a series of cultural and social activities which they may choose to participate and will be given access to the "Video Packs" and tutoring to learn everything that is needed to start stimulating their creativity, as well as education in using the Free Software tools available in the Center to create and publish their video on the web.

The project aims to promote a form of Digital Citizenship perceived by the public as a factor of "social coolness" around the idea of becoming "citizen-journalist" and participate in a network to create original or remixed content, as it happens in the United States for some years now and is reflected in projects like Remix America, BraveNewFilms and ccMixter, the latter set up by the Creative Commons association.

These are the four main elements of the project:

  • the Video Packs;
  • the GNU/Linux Multimedia distribution;
  • the Center and the Editing Booth;
  • the Web Site.



Download the Project Plan in PDF (0.6 MB) or read a short version online. At the moment this document is available only in Italian. You can try reading an automatic translation.