Continuous Democracy

We promote the adoption of telematics tools to manage the running, in a safe and continuous manner, of a platform to practice a proper application of the concept of Democracy in the Age of the Web.

The way Democracy is practiced nowadays is a long way from the perfection of an ideal world. Although many people sacrificed their lives over the centuries towards that goal, people were seldom allowed to cast anything more than a pure preference for certain parties or personalities, being more or less influenced by ideologies, without any opportunity to actually take control of the inner workings of politics.

Moreover, it seems like recent decades saw an involution in democratic participation, merely relegated to casting a vote to a few parties, which claim unlimited powers, and have broadly demonstrated that they respond to certain special interests often far removed from those of the majority of their electorate.

To escape this dead end, many people are currently discussing putting the ideal concept of a True and Continuous Democracy into practice, where citizens directly discuss topics while directly expressing their votes, as in the Athenian Polis, but on a much larger scale. This may have seemed impractical until now to most people, but could today become a feasible alternative, thanks to the growing diffusion of modern communication tools such as the Internet and mobile phone and data infrastructures.

Telematics Freedom Foundation, thanks to the experience of its staff and their collaborators, has designed and developed a series of software tools, methodologies and telematics infrastructures focused on security, reliability and stability to support people willing to start experiencing the potential of a Continuous Democracy, in the expectation of spreading the adoption of these methods on a larger scale in the near future in order to ultimately achieve a democracy based on everybody's participation, in the overall public interest.