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Telematics Freedom Foundation | Eletronic Frontier Foundation

Eletronic Frontier Foundation

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successiva\";s:3:\"new\";s:5:\"nuovo\";s:18:\"View user profile.\";s:25:\"Mostra il profilo utente.\";s:9:\"Anonymous\";s:7:\"Anonimo\";s:12:\"Add category\";s:18:\"aggiungi categoria\";s:4:\"List\";s:6:\"Elenco\";s:8:\"Settings\";s:12:\"Impostazioni\";s:10:\"Categories\";s:9:\"Categorie\";s:8:\"RSS feed\";s:9:\"fonte RSS\";s:4:\"View\";s:6:\"Mostra\";s:9:\"Configure\";s:9:\"Configura\";s:4:\"none\";s:7:\"nessuno\";s:17:\"Allowed HTML tags\";s:17:\"Tag HTML permessi\";s:4:\"more\";s:11:\"leggi tutto\";s:5:\"Title\";s:6:\"Titolo\";s:11:\"Description\";s:11:\"Descrizione\";s:6:\"Submit\";s:8:\"Pubblica\";s:6:\"Delete\";s:7:\"Elimina\";s:4:\"view\";s:6:\"mostra\";s:3:\"URL\";s:3:\"URL\";s:9:\"@time ago\";s:8:\"@time fa\";s:5:\"never\";s:3:\"mai\";s:9:\"read more\";s:11:\"leggi tutto\";s:10:\"Aggregator\";s:10:\"Aggregator\";s:57:\"Aggregates syndicated content (RSS, RDF, and Atom feeds).\";s:57:\"Aggrega i contenuti condivisi (sorgenti RSS, RDF e Atom).\";s:15:\"Core - optional\";s:29:\"Core - Informazioni opzionali\";s:9:\"configure\";s:9:\"configura\";s:8:\"Disabled\";s:11:\"Disattivato\";s:5:\"Block\";s:5:\"Block\";s:6:\"Weight\";s:4:\"Peso\";s:8:\"Throttle\";s:10:\"Limitatore\";s:6:\"Cancel\";s:7:\"Annulla\";s:62:\"Controls the boxes that are displayed around the main content.\";s:75:\"Controlla i riquadri che sono visualizzati attorno al contenuto principale.\";s:15:\"Core - required\";s:29:\"Core - Informazione richiesta\";s:4:\"Blog\";s:4:\"Blog\";s:7:\"History\";s:10:\"Cronologia\";s:69:\"Enables keeping easily and regularly updated user web pages or blogs.\";s:89:\"Abilita la possibilità di tenere pagine web o blog facilmente e regolarmente aggiornati.\";s:7:\"content\";s:9:\"contenuto\";s:8:\"Blog API\";s:8:\"Blog API\";s:6:\"Parent\";s:8:\"Genitore\";s:11:\"Log message\";s:16:\"Messaggio di log\";s:4:\"‹ \";s:2:\"< \";s:4:\" ›\";s:2:\" >\";s:4:\"Book\";s:4:\"Book\";s:46:\"Allows users to collaboratively author a book.\";s:58:\"Consente agli utenti di creare un libro in collaborazione.\";s:7:\"Preview\";s:9:\"Anteprima\";s:17:\"Reset to defaults\";s:31:\"Ripristina i valori predefiniti\";s:5:\"Color\";s:5:\"Color\";s:61:\"Allows the user to change the color scheme of certain themes.\";s:66:\"Permette all\'utente di modificare lo schema colore di alcuni temi.\";s:8:\"Comments\";s:8:\"commenti\";s:8:\"Optional\";s:9:\"Opzionale\";s:8:\"Required\";s:9:\"Richiesto\";s:14:\"Update options\";s:21:\"Opzioni aggiornamento\";s:6:\"Update\";s:8:\"Aggiorna\";s:7:\"Subject\";s:7:\"Oggetto\";s:6:\"Author\";s:6:\"Autore\";s:4:\"Time\";s:10:\"Data e ora\";s:30:\"The update has been performed.\";s:36:\"L\'aggiornamento è stato effettuato.\";s:29:\"This action cannot be undone.\";s:39:\"Quest\'azione non può essere annullata.\";s:33:\"You have to specify a valid date.\";s:33:\"Devi specificare una data valida.\";s:11:\"Authored by\";s:13:\"Modificato da\";s:6:\"E-mail\";s:6:\"E-mail\";s:73:\"The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly.\";s:76:\"Il contenuto di questo campo è privato e non verrà mostrato pubblicamente.\";s:11:\"Authored on\";s:13:\"Modificato il\";s:6:\"Status\";s:5:\"Stato\";s:9:\"Published\";s:10:\"Pubblicato\";s:9:\"Your name\";s:11:\"Il tuo nome\";s:7:\"Comment\";s:7:\"Comment\";s:19:\"Date - newest first\";s:25:\"Data - prima i più nuovi\";s:19:\"Date - oldest first\";s:26:\"Data - prima i più vecchi\";s:9:\"1 comment\";s:10:\"1 commento\";s:15:\"@count comments\";s:15:\"@count commenti\";s:57:\"Allows users to comment on and discuss published content.\";s:70:\"Permette agli utenti di commentare e discutere i contenuti pubblicati.\";s:7:\"Contact\";s:7:\"Contact\";s:3:\"Yes\";s:2:\"Si\";s:2:\"No\";s:2:\"No\";s:8:\"Category\";s:9:\"Categoria\";s:8:\"Selected\";s:11:\"Selezionato\";s:26:\"You must enter a category.\";s:28:\"Devi inserire una categoria.\";s:7:\"Message\";s:9:\"Messaggio\";s:61:\"Enables the use of both personal and site-wide contact forms.\";s:61:\"Permette l\'uso di moduli di contatto personali e per il sito.\";s:6:\"Drupal\";s:6:\"Drupal\";s:4:\"Name\";s:4:\"Nome\";s:5:\"Roles\";s:5:\"Ruoli\";s:6:\"Filter\";s:6:\"Filtra\";s:60:\"Handles the filtering of content in preparation for display.\";s:65:\"Gestisce il filtraggio del contenuto prima della visualizzazione.\";s:4:\"root\";s:6:\"radice\";s:7:\"Replies\";s:8:\"Risposte\";s:5:\"Forum\";s:5:\"Forum\";s:5:\"1 new\";s:7:\"1 nuovo\";s:10:\"@count new\";s:12:\"@count nuovi\";s:50:\"Enables threaded discussions about general topics.\";s:53:\"Abilita discussioni articolate su argomenti generici.\";s:4:\"Help\";s:5:\"Aiuto\";s:35:\"Manages the display of online help.\";s:47:\"Gestisce la visualizzazione dell\'help in linea.\";s:8:\"Taxonomy\";s:8:\"Taxonomy\";s:6:\"legacy\";s:6:\"legacy\";s:6:\"Legacy\";s:6:\"legacy\";s:70:\"Provides legacy handlers for upgrades from older Drupal installations.\";s:78:\"Fornisce dei gestori legacy per aggiornare le vecchie installazioni di Drupal.\";s:7:\"Confirm\";s:8:\"Conferma\";s:8:\"Thursday\";s:8:\"Giovedì\";s:6:\"Friday\";s:8:\"Venerdì\";s:8:\"Saturday\";s:6:\"Sabato\";s:6:\"Sunday\";s:8:\"Domenica\";s:6:\"Monday\";s:7:\"Lunedì\";s:7:\"Tuesday\";s:8:\"Martedì\";s:9:\"Wednesday\";s:10:\"Mercoledì\";s:6:\"Locale\";s:6:\"Locale\";s:4:\"Path\";s:4:\"Path\";s:5:\"Reset\";s:7:\"Pulisci\";s:4:\"Edit\";s:8:\"Modifica\";s:6:\"locked\";s:8:\"bloccato\";s:4:\"menu\";s:4:\"menu\";s:4:\"Menu\";s:4:\"Menu\";s:60:\"Allows administrators to customize the site navigation menu.\";s:78:\"Permette agli amministratori di personalizzare i menu di navigazione del sito.\";s:4:\"Type\";s:4:\"Tipo\";s:27:\"No content types available.\";s:37:\"Nessun tipo di contenuto disponibile.\";s:4:\"Body\";s:5:\"Testo\";s:22:\"Promoted to front page\";s:24:\"Promosso in prima pagina\";s:22:\"Sticky at top of lists\";s:24:\"Fisso in cima alla lista\";s:19:\"Create new revision\";s:24:\"Crea una nuova revisione\";s:4:\"node\";s:4:\"nodo\";s:9:\"Unlimited\";s:10:\"Illimitato\";s:6:\"status\";s:5:\"stato\";s:6:\"Refine\";s:16:\"Definisci meglio\";s:4:\"Undo\";s:7:\"Annulla\";s:3:\"and\";s:1:\"e\";s:5:\"where\";s:4:\"dove\";s:2:\"is\";s:2:\"è\";s:19:\"No posts available.\";s:29:\"Nessun contenuto disponibile.\";s:10:\"Delete all\";s:13:\"Elimina tutto\";s:4:\"Node\";s:4:\"Node\";s:66:\"Allows content to be submitted to the site and displayed on pages.\";s:68:\"Permette di inserire contenuti nel sito e di mostrarli nelle pagine.\";s:6:\"System\";s:6:\"System\";s:28:\"Allows users to rename URLs.\";s:43:\"Permette agli utenti di rinominare gli URL.\";s:4:\"Ping\";s:4:\"Ping\";s:51:\"Alerts other sites when your site has been updated.\";s:55:\"Avverte altri siti che il tuo sito è stato aggiornato.\";s:4:\"Poll\";s:4:\"Poll\";s:6:\"Active\";s:6:\"Attivo\";s:7:\"Visitor\";s:10:\"Visitatore\";s:7:\"Profile\";s:7:\"Profilo\";s:36:\"Supports configurable user profiles.\";s:42:\"Supporto per profili utente configurabili.\";s:36:\"Enables site-wide keyword searching.\";s:56:\"Consente una ricerca per parole chiave in tutto il sito.\";s:7:\"Details\";s:8:\"Dettagli\";s:5:\"Track\";s:7:\"Traccia\";s:8:\"Referrer\";s:8:\"Referrer\";s:4:\"Date\";s:4:\"Data\";s:4:\"User\";s:6:\"Utente\";s:8:\"Hostname\";s:9:\"Nome host\";s:4:\"Page\";s:6:\"Pagina\";s:10:\"Statistics\";s:10:\"Statistics\";s:37:\"Logs access statistics for your site.\";s:43:\"Registra le statistiche di accesso al sito.\";s:13:\"File download\";s:17:\"download del file\";s:11:\"File system\";s:11:\"file system\";s:3:\"PHP\";s:3:\"php\";s:14:\"E-mail address\";s:16:\"Indirizzo e-mail\";s:54:\"Handles general site configuration for administrators.\";s:68:\"Gestisce la configurazione generale del sito per gli amministratori.\";s:38:\"Enables the categorization of content.\";s:53:\"Permette l\'organizzazione dei contenuti in categorie.\";s:6:\"1 user\";s:8:\"1 utente\";s:12:\"@count users\";s:13:\"@count utenti\";s:66:\"Handles the auto-throttling mechanism, to control site congestion.\";s:91:\"Gestisce il meccanismo limitatore automatico, per controllare il congestionamento del sito.\";s:7:\"Tracker\";s:7:\"Tracker\";s:43:\"Enables tracking of recent posts for users.\";s:55:\"Permette di tracciare i contenuti recenti degli utenti.\";s:6:\"Upload\";s:6:\"Upload\";s:51:\"Allows users to upload and attach files to content.\";s:62:\"Consenti agli utenti di caricare e allegare file ai contenuti.\";s:47:\"Manages the user registration and login system.\";s:64:\"Gestisce la registrazione degli utenti ed il sistema di accesso.\";s:5:\"error\";s:6:\"errore\";s:8:\"Watchdog\";s:8:\"Watchdog\";s:31:\"Logs and records system events.\";s:47:\"Registra e crea un log degli eventi di sistema.\";s:12:\"left sidebar\";s:23:\"barra laterale sinistra\";s:13:\"right sidebar\";s:21:\"barra laterale destra\";s:19:\"!date — !username\";s:18:\"!date da !username\";s:21:\"Blue Lagoon (Default)\";s:25:\"Blue Lagoon (Predefinito)\";s:3:\"Ash\";s:3:\"Ash\";s:10:\"Aquamarine\";s:10:\"Aquamarine\";s:17:\"Belgian Chocolate\";s:17:\"Belgian Chocolate\";s:10:\"Bluemarine\";s:10:\"Bluemarine\";s:12:\"Citrus Blast\";s:12:\"Citrus Blast\";s:8:\"Cold Day\";s:8:\"Cold Day\";s:9:\"Greenbeam\";s:9:\"Greenbeam\";s:11:\"Mediterrano\";s:12:\"Mediterraneo\";s:7:\"Mercury\";s:7:\"Mercury\";s:9:\"Nocturnal\";s:9:\"Nocturnal\";s:6:\"Olivia\";s:6:\"Olivia\";s:12:\"Pink Plastic\";s:12:\"Pink Plastic\";s:12:\"Shiny Tomato\";s:12:\"Shint Tomato\";s:8:\"Teal Top\";s:8:\"Teal Top\";s:19:\"PostgreSQL database\";s:19:\"Database PostgreSQL\";s:20:\"Built-in GD2 toolkit\";s:21:\"Toolkit GD2 integrato\";s:59:\"The built-in GD2 toolkit is installed and working properly.\";s:63:\"Il toolkit integrato GD2 è installato e funziona regolarmente.\";s:12:\"JPEG quality\";s:13:\"Qualità JPEG\";s:1:\"%\";s:1:\"%\";s:30:\"Currently using !item !version\";s:35:\"!item !version correntemente in uso\";s:18:\"Edit primary links\";s:21:\"modifica link primari\";s:27:\"Operating in off-line mode.\";s:27:\"Lavorando in modo off-line.\";s:8:\"« first\";s:8:\"<< Primo\";s:12:\"‹ previous\";s:12:\"< precedente\";s:8:\"next ›\";s:10:\"seguente >\";s:7:\"last »\";s:9:\"Ultimo >>\";s:16:\"Go to first page\";s:21:\"Vai alla prima pagina\";s:15:\"Go to last page\";s:21:\"Vai all\'ultima pagina\";s:18:\"Go to page @number\";s:23:\"Vai alla pagina @number\";s:10:\"sort by @s\";s:13:\"ordina per @s\";s:28:\"Parse error. 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La firma richiesta del metodo %methodname non è specificata.\";s:13:\"Not installed\";s:14:\"non installato\";s:10:\"GD library\";s:20:\"Libreria immagini GD\";s:40:\"No help is available for module %module.\";s:44:\"Aiuto non disponibile per il modulo %module.\";s:28:\"@module administration pages\";s:33:\"pagine di amministrazione @module\";s:4:\"help\";s:5:\"aiuto\";s:13:\"Legacy filter\";s:13:\"Filtro legacy\";s:67:\"Replaces URLs from Drupal 4.1 (and lower) with updated equivalents.\";s:76:\"Sostituisce gli URL di Drupal 4.1 (e precedenti) con equivalenti aggiornati.\";s:39:\"Failed to notify pingomatic.com (site).\";s:47:\"Impossibile notificare a pingomatic.com (sito).\";s:14:\"directory ping\";s:20:\"ping della directory\";s:4:\"ping\";s:4:\"ping\";s:19:\"By !author at @date\";s:19:\"Da !author il @date\";s:9:\"chameleon\";s:9:\"chameleon\";s:6:\"header\";s:12:\"intestazione\";s:6:\"footer\";s:26:\"messaggio a piè di pagina\";s:22:\"Submitted by !a on @b.\";s:20:\"Inserito da !a il @b\";s:15:\"Skip navigation\";s:17:\"Salta navigazione\";s:15:\"News aggregator\";s:19:\"Aggregatore notizie\";s:8:\"Add feed\";s:14:\"Aggiungi fonte\";s:12:\"Remove items\";s:15:\"Rimuovi oggetti\";s:12:\"Update items\";s:16:\"Aggiorna oggetti\";s:7:\"Sources\";s:8:\"Sorgenti\";s:9:\"OPML feed\";s:10:\"fonte OPML\";s:10:\"Categorize\";s:11:\"Categorizza\";s:9:\"Edit feed\";s:14:\"Modifica fonte\";s:13:\"Edit category\";s:18:\"Modifica categoria\";s:43:\"Items shown in sources and categories pages\";s:50:\"Oggetti mostrati nelle pagine sorgenti e categorie\";s:29:\"Discard news items older than\";s:38:\"Elimina i nuovi oggetti più vecchi di\";s:67:\"Older news items will be automatically discarded. Requires crontab.\";s:77:\"Gli oggetti più vecchi verranno eliminati automaticamente. Richiede crontab.\";s:23:\"Category selection type\";s:24:\"Selezione tipo categoria\";s:10:\"checkboxes\";s:17:\"caselle controllo\";s:17:\"multiple selector\";s:18:\"selettore multiplo\";s:28:\"!title category latest items\";s:37:\"ultimi oggetti della categoria !title\";s:24:\"!title feed latest items\";s:33:\"ultimi oggetti dalla fonte !title\";s:29:\"Number of news items in block\";s:28:\"Numero di notizie nel blocco\";s:29:\"View this feed\'s recent news.\";s:42:\"Mostra le notizie recenti da questa fonte.\";s:33:\"View this category\'s recent news.\";s:46:\"Mostra le notizie recenti di questa categoria.\";s:71:\"A category named %category already exists. Please enter a unique title.\";s:83:\"Una categoria chiamata %category esiste già. Per favore inserisci un titolo unico.\";s:40:\"The category %category has been updated.\";s:43:\"La categoria %category è stata aggiornata.\";s:27:\"Category %category deleted.\";s:42:\"La categoria %category è stata eliminata.\";s:40:\"The category %category has been deleted.\";s:42:\"La categoria %category è stata eliminata.\";s:25:\"Category %category added.\";s:29:\"Categoria %category aggiunta.\";s:38:\"The category %category has been added.\";s:43:\"La categoria %category è stata aggiornata.\";s:36:\"The fully-qualified URL of the feed.\";s:27:\"L\'URL completo della fonte.\";s:15:\"Update interval\";s:27:\"Intervallo di aggiornamento\";s:21:\"Categorize news items\";s:27:\"Categorizza i nuovi oggetti\";s:63:\"A feed named %feed already exists. Please enter a unique title.\";s:73:\"Un feed chiamato %feed esiste già. Per favore inserisci un titolo unico.\";s:68:\"A feed with this URL %url already exists. Please enter a unique URL.\";s:78:\"Un feed avente questo URL %url esiste già. Per favore inserisci un URL unico.\";s:32:\"The feed %feed has been updated.\";s:35:\"La fonte %feed è stata aggiornata.\";s:19:\"Feed %feed deleted.\";s:34:\"La fonte %feed è stata eliminata.\";s:32:\"The feed %feed has been deleted.\";s:34:\"La fonte %feed è stata eliminata.\";s:17:\"Feed %feed added.\";s:20:\"Feed %feed aggiunto.\";s:30:\"The feed %feed has been added.\";s:35:\"La fonte %feed è stata aggiornata.\";s:44:\"The news items from %site have been removed.\";s:46:\"L\'oggetto notizie dal sito è %site eliminato.\";s:46:\"There is no new syndicated content from %site.\";s:48:\"Nessun nuovo contenuto condiviso dal sito %site.\";s:36:\"Updated URL for feed %title to %url.\";s:41:\"URL della fonte %title aggiornato a %url.\";s:43:\"There is new syndicated content from %site.\";s:48:\"Nessun nuovo contenuto condiviso dal sito %site.\";s:56:\"The feed from %site seems to be broken, due to \"%error\".\";s:68:\"La sorgente RSS del sito %site sembra invalida, a causa di \"%error\".\";s:66:\"The feed from %site seems to be broken, because of error \"%error\".\";s:77:\"La sorgente RSS del sito %site sembra invalida, a causa dell\'errore \"%error\".\";s:13:\"Feed overview\";s:16:\"Panoramica fonti\";s:5:\"Items\";s:7:\"Oggetti\";s:11:\"Last update\";s:20:\"Ultimo aggiornamento\";s:11:\"Next update\";s:22:\"Prossimo aggiornamento\";s:10:\"%time left\";s:13:\"%time rimasto\";s:12:\"remove items\";s:15:\"rimuovi oggetti\";s:12:\"update items\";s:16:\"aggiorna oggetti\";s:17:\"Category overview\";s:19:\"Anteprima categorie\";s:10:\"aggregator\";s:11:\"aggregatore\";s:19:\"aggregator - @title\";s:20:\"aggregatore - @title\";s:15:\"Save categories\";s:15:\"Salva categorie\";s:49:\"You are not allowed to categorize this feed item.\";s:64:\"Non ti è permesso categorizzare questo elemento della sorgente.\";s:31:\"The categories have been saved.\";s:32:\"Le categorie sono state salvate.\";s:4:\"More\";s:5:\"Altro\";s:11:\"in category\";s:15:\"nella categoria\";s:16:\"aggregated feeds\";s:16:\"fonti di notizie\";s:4:\"URL:\";s:4:\"URL:\";s:8:\"Updated:\";s:11:\"Aggiornato:\";s:7:\"blog it\";s:8:\"nel blog\";s:48:\"Comment on this news item in your personal blog.\";s:42:\"Commenta la notizia nel tuo blog personale\";s:8:\"%age old\";s:13:\"%age tempo fa\";s:8:\"%ago ago\";s:7:\"%age fa\";s:6:\"1 item\";s:9:\"1 oggetto\";s:12:\"@count items\";s:14:\"@count oggetti\";s:21:\"administer news feeds\";s:27:\"amministra fonti di notizie\";s:17:\"access news feeds\";s:28:\"accede alle fonti di notizie\";s:13:\"Module blocks\";s:18:\"Blocchi dei moduli\";s:28:\"Administrator defined blocks\";s:36:\"Blocchi definiti dall\'amministratore\";s:6:\"Blocks\";s:7:\"Blocchi\";s:15:\"Configure block\";s:16:\"Configura blocco\";s:12:\"Delete block\";s:15:\"Cancella blocco\";s:9:\"Add block\";s:15:\"Aggiungi blocco\";s:13:\"!key settings\";s:17:\"impostazioni !key\";s:11:\"Save blocks\";s:13:\"Salva blocchi\";s:37:\"The block settings have been updated.\";s:49:\"Le impostazioni del blocco sono state aggiornate.\";s:7:\"@region\";s:7:\"@region\";s:6:\"Region\";s:7:\"Settore\";s:23:\"Block specific settings\";s:30:\"Impostazioni specifiche blocco\";s:11:\"Block title\";s:13:\"Titolo blocco\";s:44:\"The title of the block as shown to the user.\";s:45:\"Il titolo del blocco, come visto dall\'utente.\";s:13:\"\'%name\' block\";s:14:\"blocco \'%name\'\";s:33:\"User specific visibility settings\";s:49:\"Impostazioni specifiche di visibilità per utente\";s:26:\"Custom visibility settings\";s:43:\"Impostazioni di visibilità personalizzate.\";s:56:\"Users cannot control whether or not they see this block.\";s:64:\"Gli utenti non possono controllare se vedere o no questo blocco.\";s:61:\"Show this block by default, but let individual users hide it.\";s:78:\"Mostra questo blocco di default, ma consente ai singoli utenti di nasconderlo.\";s:60:\"Hide this block by default but let individual users show it.\";s:77:\"Nasconde questo blocco di default ma consente ai singoli utenti di mostrarlo.\";s:33:\"Role specific visibility settings\";s:48:\"Impostazioni specifiche di visibilità per ruolo\";s:29:\"Show block for specific roles\";s:31:\"Mostra blocco a ruoli specifici\";s:33:\"Page specific visibility settings\";s:49:\"Impostazioni specifiche di visibilità per pagina\";s:43:\"Show on every page except the listed pages.\";s:46:\"Mostra su ogni pagina eccetto quelle elencate.\";s:30:\"Show on only the listed pages.\";s:34:\"Mostra solo sulle pagine elencate.\";s:28:\"Show block on specific pages\";s:37:\"Mostra il blocco su pagine specifiche\";s:5:\"Pages\";s:6:\"Pagine\";s:10:\"Save block\";s:12:\"Salva blocco\";s:52:\"Please ensure that each block description is unique.\";s:66:\"Per favore assicurati che ogni descrizione del blocco sia univoca.\";s:39:\"The block configuration has been saved.\";s:46:\"La configurazione del blocco è stata salvata.\";s:27:\"The block has been created.\";s:26:\"Il blocco è stato creato.\";s:48:\"Are you sure you want to delete the block %name?\";s:47:\"Sei sicuro di voler cancellare il blocco %name?\";s:33:\"The block %name has been removed.\";s:33:\"Il blocco %name è stato rimosso.\";s:17:\"Block description\";s:22:\"Descrizione del blocco\";s:10:\"Block body\";s:16:\"Corpo del blocco\";s:46:\"The content of the block as shown to the user.\";s:51:\"Il contenuto di un blocco come mostrato all\'utente.\";s:19:\"Block configuration\";s:22:\"Configurazione blocchi\";s:17:\"administer blocks\";s:18:\"amministra blocchi\";s:28:\"use PHP for block visibility\";s:38:\"usa PHP per la visibilità dei blocchi\";s:5:\"block\";s:6:\"blocco\";s:10:\"Blog entry\";s:18:\"Messaggio del blog\";s:24:\"View recent blog entries\";s:30:\"Vedi messaggi recenti del blog\";s:37:\"Read @username\'s latest blog entries.\";s:48:\"Leggi gli ultimi messaggi del blog di @username.\";s:12:\"@name\'s blog\";s:13:\"blog di @name\";s:20:\"Post new blog entry.\";s:33:\"Crea un nuovo messaggio nel blog.\";s:45:\"You are not allowed to post a new blog entry.\";s:56:\"Non ti è consentito creare un nuovo messaggio nel blog.\";s:12:\"RSS - !title\";s:17:\"Feed RSS - !title\";s:11:\"RSS - blogs\";s:16:\"Feed RSS - blogs\";s:5:\"Blogs\";s:4:\"Blog\";s:16:\"@username\'s blog\";s:17:\"blog di @username\";s:7:\"My blog\";s:11:\"Il mio blog\";s:17:\"Recent blog posts\";s:25:\"Messaggi recenti del blog\";s:29:\"Read the latest blog entries.\";s:35:\"Leggi gli ultimi messaggi del blog.\";s:13:\"edit own blog\";s:24:\"modifica il proprio blog\";s:4:\"blog\";s:4:\"blog\";s:68:\"Returns a list of weblogs to which an author has posting privileges.\";s:86:\"Restituisce un elenco di blog nei quali l\'autore ha i permessi per inserire contenuti.\";s:50:\"Returns information about an author in the system.\";s:50:\"Restituisce informazioni su un autore nel sistema.\";s:48:\"Creates a new post, and optionally publishes it.\";s:54:\"Crea un nuovo contenuto, ed eventualmente lo pubblica.\";s:47:\"Updates the information about an existing post.\";s:56:\"Aggiorna le informazioni su un contenuto già esistente.\";s:42:\"Returns information about a specific post.\";s:54:\"Restituisce informazioni su di un contenuto specifico.\";s:15:\"Deletes a post.\";s:22:\"Cancella un contenuto.\";s:54:\"Returns a list of the most recent posts in the system.\";s:61:\"Restituisce un elenco dei contenuti più recenti del sistema.\";s:43:\"Updates information about an existing post.\";s:51:\"Aggiorna le informazioni su un contenuto esistente.\";s:33:\"Uploads a file to your webserver.\";s:34:\"Carica un file sul tuo server web.\";s:63:\"Returns a list of all categories to which the post is assigned.\";s:82:\"Restituisce un elenco di tutte le categorie a cui il contenuto è stato assegnato.\";s:73:\"Returns a bandwidth-friendly list of the most recent posts in the system.\";s:89:\"Restituisce un elenco dei contenuti più recenti del sistema con scarso impegno di banda.\";s:55:\"Returns a list of all categories defined in the weblog.\";s:62:\"Restituisce una lista di tutte le categorie definite nel blog.\";s:31:\"Sets the categories for a post.\";s:38:\"Imposta le categorie per un contenuto.\";s:71:\"Retrieve information about the XML-RPC methods supported by the server.\";s:63:\"Recupera informazioni sui metodi XML-RPC supportati dal server.\";s:35:\"@type: added %title using blog API.\";s:40:\"@type: aggiunto %titolo usando blog API.\";s:19:\"Error storing post.\";s:35:\"Errore di memorizzazione contenuto.\";s:47:\"You do not have permission to update this post.\";s:57:\"Non hai l\'autorizzazione per aggiornare questo contenuto.\";s:37:\"@type: updated %title using blog API.\";s:42:\"@type: aggiornato %titolo usando blog API.\";s:13:\"No file sent.\";s:20:\"Nessun file inviato.\";s:19:\"Error storing file.\";s:30:\"Errore di memorizzazione file.\";s:13:\"Invalid post.\";s:21:\"Messaggio non valido.\";s:27:\"Wrong username or password.\";s:30:\"Nome utente o password errati.\";s:10:\"Blog types\";s:12:\"Tipi di blog\";s:3:\"RSD\";s:3:\"RSD\";s:9:\"Blog APIs\";s:8:\"Blog API\";s:72:\"Configure which content types and engines external blog clients can use.\";s:89:\"Configura quali tipi di contenuto ed applicazioni gli utenti del blog possono utilizzare.\";s:7:\"blogapi\";s:8:\"api blog\";s:9:\"Book page\";s:16:\"Pagina del libro\";s:14:\"Add child page\";s:22:\"Aggiungi pagina figlio\";s:24:\"Printer-friendly version\";s:19:\"Versione stampabile\";s:68:\"Show a printer-friendly version of this book page and its sub-pages.\";s:83:\"Mostra una versione stampabile di questa pagine del libro e delle sue sotto-pagine.\";s:5:\"Books\";s:5:\"Libri\";s:44:\"Manage site\'s books and orphaned book pages.\";s:50:\"Gestisci i libri del sito e le pagine lbro orfane.\";s:12:\"Orphan pages\";s:14:\"Pagine orfane.\";s:7:\"Outline\";s:9:\"Struttura\";s:15:\"Book navigation\";s:21:\"Navigazione del libro\";s:37:\"The parent that this page belongs in.\";s:47:\"La pagina padre a cui questa pagina appartiene.\";s:69:\"Pages at a given level are ordered first by weight and then by title.\";s:75:\"Le pagine di un dato livello sono ordinate prima per peso e poi per titolo.\";s:28:\"The parent page in the book.\";s:26:\"La pagina padre nel libro.\";s:19:\"Update book outline\";s:28:\"Aggiorna struttura del libro\";s:24:\"Remove from book outline\";s:33:\"Rimuovi dalla struttura del libro\";s:19:\"Add to book outline\";s:33:\"Aggiungi alla struttura del libro\";s:36:\"The post has been added to the book.\";s:40:\"Il contenuto è stato aggiunto al libro.\";s:34:\"The book outline has been updated.\";s:43:\"La struttura del libro è stata aggiornata.\";s:40:\"The post has been removed from the book.\";s:40:\"Il contenuto è stato rimosso dal libro.\";s:2:\"up\";s:2:\"su\";s:17:\"Go to parent page\";s:21:\"Vai alla pagina padre\";s:9:\"top-level\";s:11:\"livello top\";s:22:\"Unknown export format.\";s:36:\"Formato di esportazione sconosciuto.\";s:15:\"Save book pages\";s:26:\"Salva le pagine del libro.\";s:26:\"There are no orphan pages.\";s:26:\"Non ci sono pagine orfane.\";s:22:\"%type: updated %title.\";s:25:\"%type: %title aggiornato.\";s:4:\"book\";s:5:\"libro\";s:20:\"Updated book %title.\";s:24:\"Aggiornato libro %title.\";s:26:\"Updated orphan book pages.\";s:35:\"Pagine orfane del libro aggiornate.\";s:7:\"outline\";s:9:\"struttura\";s:22:\"outline posts in books\";s:33:\"gerarchizza i contenuti nei libri\";s:17:\"create book pages\";s:21:\"crea pagine del libro\";s:16:\"create new books\";s:16:\"crea nuovi libri\";s:15:\"edit book pages\";s:25:\"modifica pagine del libro\";s:19:\"edit own book pages\";s:36:\"modifica le proprie pagine del libro\";s:28:\"see printer-friendly version\";s:24:\"vede versione stampabile\";s:12:\"Color scheme\";s:13:\"Schema colori\";s:6:\"Custom\";s:14:\"Personalizzato\";s:9:\"Color set\";s:14:\"Insieme colori\";s:10:\"Base color\";s:11:\"Colore base\";s:10:\"Link color\";s:19:\"Colore collegamenti\";s:10:\"Header top\";s:17:\"Testata superiore\";s:13:\"Header bottom\";s:17:\"Testata inferiore\";s:10:\"Text color\";s:12:\"Colore testo\";s:5:\"color\";s:6:\"colore\";s:61:\"List and edit site comments and the comment moderation queue.\";s:76:\"Elenca e modifica i commenti del sito e la coda di moderazione dei commenti.\";s:18:\"Published comments\";s:19:\"Commenti pubblicati\";s:14:\"Approval queue\";s:20:\"Coda di approvazione\";s:14:\"Delete comment\";s:16:\"Elimina commento\";s:12:\"Edit comment\";s:17:\"Modifica commento\";s:16:\"Reply to comment\";s:20:\"Rispondi al commento\";s:15:\"Recent comments\";s:16:\"Commenti recenti\";s:42:\"Jump to the first comment of this posting.\";s:42:\"Vai al primo commento di questo argomento.\";s:46:\"Jump to the first new comment of this posting.\";s:48:\"Vai al primo nuovo commento di questo messaggio.\";s:15:\"Add new comment\";s:20:\"Aggiungi un commento\";s:31:\"Add a new comment to this page.\";s:43:\"Aggiungi un nuovo commento a questa pagina.\";s:57:\"Share your thoughts and opinions related to this posting.\";s:58:\"Condividi i tuoi pensieri ed opinioni su questo messaggio.\";s:23:\"Default comment setting\";s:39:\"Impostazioni predefinite per i commenti\";s:9:\"Read only\";s:12:\"Sola lettura\";s:10:\"Read/Write\";s:17:\"Lettura/Scrittura\";s:16:\"Comment settings\";s:21:\"Impostazioni commento\";s:9:\"Signature\";s:5:\"Firma\";s:70:\"Your signature will be publicly displayed at the end of your comments.\";s:71:\"La tua firma verrà mostrata pubblicamente alla fine dei tuoi commenti.\";s:15:\"Viewing options\";s:26:\"Opzioni di visualizzazione\";s:20:\"Default display mode\";s:35:\"Modo di visualizzazione predefinito\";s:21:\"Default display order\";s:37:\"Ordine di visualizzazione predefinito\";s:25:\"Default comments per page\";s:41:\"Numero predefinito di commenti per pagina\";s:16:\"Comment controls\";s:18:\"Controlli commento\";s:26:\"Display above the comments\";s:24:\"Mostra sopra ai commenti\";s:26:\"Display below the comments\";s:24:\"Mostra sotto ai commenti\";s:36:\"Display above and below the comments\";s:33:\"Mostra sopra e sotto ai commenti.\";s:14:\"Do not display\";s:12:\"Non mostrare\";s:16:\"Posting settings\";s:27:\"Impostazioni invio commenti\";s:20:\"Anonymous commenting\";s:18:\"Commentare anonimo\";s:57:\"Anonymous posters may not enter their contact information\";s:58:\"Gli anonimi non possono inserire informazioni sul contatto\";s:53:\"Anonymous posters may leave their contact information\";s:54:\"Gli anonimi possono inserire informazioni sul contatto\";s:54:\"Anonymous posters must leave their contact information\";s:53:\"Gli anonimi devono inserire informazioni sul contatto\";s:21:\"Comment subject field\";s:26:\"Campo oggetto del commento\";s:54:\"Can users provide a unique subject for their comments?\";s:61:\"L\'utente può fornire un unico oggetto per i propri commenti?\";s:15:\"Preview comment\";s:18:\"Anteprima commento\";s:35:\"Location of comment submission form\";s:46:\"Posizione della scheda di inserimento commenti\";s:24:\"Display on separate page\";s:29:\"Mostra in una pagina separata\";s:30:\"Display below post or comments\";s:38:\"Mostra sotto il contenuto o i commenti\";s:40:\"You are not authorized to post comments.\";s:39:\"Non sei autorizzato a inviare commenti.\";s:47:\"The comment you are replying to does not exist.\";s:42:\"Il commento a cui hai risposto non esiste.\";s:55:\"This discussion is closed: you can\'t post new comments.\";s:58:\"La discussione è chiusa: non puoi inviare nuovi commenti.\";s:5:\"Reply\";s:8:\"Rispondi\";s:40:\"You are not authorized to view comments.\";s:40:\"Non sei autorizzato a vedere i commenti.\";s:26:\"Comment: updated %subject.\";s:30:\"Commento: %subject aggiornato.\";s:28:\"Comment: duplicate %subject.\";s:29:\"Commento: %subject duplicato.\";s:24:\"Comment: added %subject.\";s:28:\"Commento: %subject aggiunto.\";s:6:\"parent\";s:5:\"padre\";s:5:\"reply\";s:8:\"rispondi\";s:16:\"Post new comment\";s:20:\"Invia nuovo commento\";s:29:\"The comment no longer exists.\";s:28:\"Il commento non esiste più.\";s:51:\"Are you sure you want to delete the comment %title?\";s:49:\"Sei sicuro di voler eliminare il commento %title?\";s:71:\"Any replies to this comment will be lost. This action cannot be undone.\";s:91:\"Tutte le risposte a questo commento andranno perse. Quest\'azione non può essere annullata.\";s:50:\"The comment and all its replies have been deleted.\";s:54:\"Il commento e tutte sue risposte sono stati eliminati.\";s:29:\"Publish the selected comments\";s:31:\"Pubblica i commenti selezionati\";s:28:\"Delete the selected comments\";s:30:\"Elimina i commenti selezionati\";s:31:\"Unpublish the selected comments\";s:37:\"Non pubblicare i commenti selezionati\";s:60:\"Please select one or more comments to perform the update on.\";s:73:\"Per favore seleziona uno o più commenti a cui applicare l\'aggiornamento.\";s:22:\"No comments available.\";s:28:\"Nessun commento disponibile.\";s:70:\"Are you sure you want to delete these comments and all their children?\";s:55:\"Vuoi eliminare questo commento e tutte le sue risposte?\";s:15:\"Delete comments\";s:16:\"Elimina commenti\";s:31:\"The comments have been deleted.\";s:32:\"I commenti sono stati eliminati.\";s:35:\"You have to specify a valid author.\";s:34:\"Devi specificare un autore valido.\";s:47:\"The name you used belongs to a registered user.\";s:53:\"Il nome utilizzato appartiene a un utente registrato.\";s:28:\"You have to leave your name.\";s:26:\"Devi inserire il tuo nome.\";s:46:\"The e-mail address you specified is not valid.\";s:45:\"L\'indirizzo e-mail specificato non è valido.\";s:36:\"You have to leave an e-mail address.\";s:34:\"Devi inserire un indirizzo e-mail.\";s:14:\"Administration\";s:15:\"Amministrazione\";s:8:\"Homepage\";s:8:\"Homepage\";s:13:\"Not published\";s:14:\"Non pubblicato\";s:12:\"Post comment\";s:14:\"Invia commento\";s:12:\"(No subject)\";s:16:\"(Nessun oggetto)\";s:20:\"!a comments per page\";s:23:\"!a commenti per pagina\";s:13:\"Save settings\";s:18:\"Salva impostazioni\";s:23:\"Comment viewing options\";s:32:\"Opzioni visualizzazione commenti\";s:11:\"by %a on %b\";s:11:\"da %a il %b\";s:2:\"by\";s:2:\"da\";s:23:\"you can\'t post comments\";s:26:\"non puoi inserire commenti\";s:43:\"<a href=\"@login\">Login</a> to post comments\";s:47:\"<a href=\"@login\">Login</a> per inviare commenti\";s:36:\"Can not delete non-existent comment.\";s:45:\"Non puoi eliminare un commento non esistente.\";s:26:\"Comment: deleted %subject.\";s:29:\"Commento: %subject eliminato.\";s:21:\"Flat list - collapsed\";s:23:\"Lista semplice - chiusa\";s:20:\"Flat list - expanded\";s:23:\"Lista semplice - aperta\";s:25:\"Threaded list - collapsed\";s:24:\"Lista ad albero - chiusa\";s:24:\"Threaded list - expanded\";s:24:\"Lista ad albero - aperta\";s:13:\"1 new comment\";s:16:\"1 nuovo commento\";s:19:\"@count new comments\";s:21:\"@count nuovi commenti\";s:15:\"access comments\";s:18:\"accede ai commenti\";s:13:\"post comments\";s:18:\"inserisce commenti\";s:19:\"administer comments\";s:19:\"amministra commenti\";s:30:\"post comments without approval\";s:37:\"inserisce commenti senza approvazione\";s:7:\"comment\";s:8:\"commento\";s:13:\"Site off-line\";s:13:\"Sito off-line\";s:14:\"Page not found\";s:18:\"Pagina non trovata\";s:13:\"Access denied\";s:14:\"Accesso negato\";s:43:\"You are not authorized to access this page.\";s:48:\"Non sei autorizzato ad accedere a questa pagina.\";s:32:\"%message in %file on line %line.\";s:35:\"%message in %file nella riga %line.\";s:2:\"KB\";s:2:\"KB\";s:13:\"@size @suffix\";s:13:\"@size @suffix\";s:5:\"0 sec\";s:5:\"0 sec\";s:69:\"Cron has been running for more than an hour and is most likely stuck.\";s:73:\"Cron ha funzionato per più di un\'ora ed è molto probabilmente bloccato.\";s:54:\"Attempting to re-run cron while it is already running.\";s:50:\"Tentativo di riavviare cron mentre è già attivo.\";s:19:\"Cron run completed.\";s:28:\"Processo di cron completato.\";s:49:\"Cron run exceeded the time limit and was aborted.\";s:71:\"Il processo di cron ha ecceduto il limite di tempo ed è stato fermato.\";s:14:\"page not found\";s:18:\"pagina non trovata\";s:13:\"access denied\";s:14:\"accesso negato\";s:4:\"cron\";s:4:\"cron\";s:6:\"1 byte\";s:6:\"1 byte\";s:12:\"@count bytes\";s:12:\"@count bytes\";s:6:\"1 year\";s:6:\"1 anno\";s:12:\"@count years\";s:11:\"@count anni\";s:6:\"1 week\";s:11:\"1 settimana\";s:12:\"@count weeks\";s:16:\"@count settimane\";s:5:\"1 day\";s:8:\"1 giorno\";s:11:\"@count days\";s:13:\"@count giorni\";s:6:\"1 hour\";s:5:\"1 ora\";s:12:\"@count hours\";s:10:\"@count ore\";s:5:\"1 min\";s:5:\"1 min\";s:10:\"@count min\";s:10:\"@count min\";s:5:\"1 sec\";s:5:\"1 sec\";s:10:\"@count sec\";s:10:\"@count sec\";s:12:\"Contact form\";s:18:\"Modulo di contatto\";s:71:\"Create a system contact form and set up categories for the form to use.\";s:72:\"Crea un modulo di contatto ed imposta le categorie per l\'uso del modulo.\";s:21:\"Edit contact category\";s:27:\"Modifica categoria contatto\";s:14:\"Delete contact\";s:16:\"Elimina contatto\";s:16:\"Contact settings\";s:21:\"Impostazioni contatto\";s:21:\"Personal contact form\";s:28:\"Modulo di contatto personale\";s:10:\"Recipients\";s:11:\"Destinatari\";s:53:\"Example: \'website feedback\' or \'product information\'.\";s:60:\"Esempio: \'commento dal sito\' oppure \'informazione prodotto\'.\";s:10:\"Auto-reply\";s:19:\"Risposta automatica\";s:38:\"You must enter one or more recipients.\";s:37:\"Devi inserire uno o più destinatari.\";s:40:\"%recipient is an invalid e-mail address.\";s:45:\"%recipient è un indirizzo e-mail non valido.\";s:34:\"Category %category has been added.\";s:41:\"La categoria %category è stata aggiunta.\";s:39:\"Contact form: category %category added.\";s:49:\"Modulo di contatto: categoria %category aggiunta.\";s:36:\"Category %category has been updated.\";s:43:\"La categoria %category è stata aggiornata.\";s:41:\"Contact form: category %category updated.\";s:51:\"Modulo di contatto: categoria %category aggiornata.\";s:42:\"Are you sure you want to delete %category?\";s:54:\"Sei sicuro di voler cancellare la categoria %category?\";s:19:\"Category not found.\";s:22:\"Categoria non trovata.\";s:36:\"Category %category has been deleted.\";s:43:\"La categoria %category è stata cancellata.\";s:41:\"Contact form: category %category deleted.\";s:50:\"Modulo di contatto: categoria %category eliminata.\";s:22:\"Additional information\";s:23:\"Informazioni aggiuntive\";s:53:\"You can leave a message using the contact form below.\";s:66:\"Puoi lasciare un messaggio usando il modulo di contatto qui sotto.\";s:16:\"Hourly threshold\";s:14:\"Limite orario.\";s:39:\"Enable personal contact form by default\";s:51:\"Abilita i moduli di contatti personali per default.\";s:58:\"Default status of the personal contact form for new users.\";s:60:\"Stato predefinito del modulo di contatto per i nuovi utenti.\";s:4:\"From\";s:2:\"Da\";s:2:\"To\";s:1:\"A\";s:21:\"Send yourself a copy.\";s:28:\"Invia una copia a te stesso.\";s:11:\"Send e-mail\";s:12:\"Invia e-mail\";s:8:\"Message:\";s:10:\"Messaggio:\";s:35:\"%name-from sent %name-to an e-mail.\";s:44:\"%name-from ha inviato una e-mail a %name-to.\";s:26:\"The message has been sent.\";s:30:\"Il messaggio è stato inviato.\";s:19:\"Your e-mail address\";s:23:\"Il tuo indirizzo e-mail\";s:2:\"--\";s:2:\"--\";s:41:\"The contact form has not been configured.\";s:47:\"Il modulo di contatto non è stato configurato.\";s:33:\"You must select a valid category.\";s:38:\"Devi selezionare una categoria valida.\";s:38:\"You must enter a valid e-mail address.\";s:41:\"Devi inserire un indirizzo e-mail valido.\";s:53:\"!name sent a message using the contact form at !form.\";s:65:\"!name ha inviato un messaggio usando il modulo di contatto !form.\";s:20:\"[!category] !subject\";s:20:\"[!category] !subject\";s:46:\"%name-from sent an e-mail regarding %category.\";s:65:\"%name-from ha inviato una e-mail riguardo la categoria %category.\";s:27:\"Your message has been sent.\";s:34:\"Il tuo messaggio è staot inviato.\";s:4:\"mail\";s:6:\"e-mail\";s:29:\"access site-wide contact form\";s:40:\"accedi al modulo di contatto per il sito\";s:7:\"contact\";s:8:\"contatto\";s:14:\"Identification\";s:15:\"Identificazione\";s:15:\"Submission form\";s:20:\"Scheda d\'inserimento\";s:17:\"Title field label\";s:26:\"Etichetta del campo titolo\";s:46:\"This content type does not have a title field.\";s:48:\"Questo tipo di contenuto non ha un campo titolo.\";s:16:\"Body field label\";s:25:\"Etichetta del campo corpo\";s:23:\"Minimum number of words\";s:23:\"Numero minimo di parole\";s:36:\"Explanation or submission guidelines\";s:46:\"Spiegazioni o linee guida per la pubblicazione\";s:8:\"Workflow\";s:8:\"Workflow\";s:15:\"Default options\";s:19:\"Opzioni predefinite\";s:17:\"Save content type\";s:23:\"Salva tipo di contenuto\";s:19:\"Delete content type\";s:26:\"Cancella tipo di contenuto\";s:49:\"The machine-readable name %type is already taken.\";s:58:\"Il nome %type leggibile dalla macchina è già utilizzato.\";s:47:\"The human-readable name %name is already taken.\";s:53:\"Il nome %name leggibile dall\'uomo è già utilizzato.\";s:60:\"The content type %name has been reset to its default values.\";s:73:\"Il tipo di contenuto %name è stato riportato ai suoi valori predefiniti.\";s:40:\"The content type %name has been updated.\";s:47:\"Il tipo di contenuto %name è stato aggiornato.\";s:38:\"The content type %name has been added.\";s:45:\"Il tipo di contenuto %name è stato aggiunto.\";s:25:\"Added content type %name.\";s:32:\"Aggiunto tipo di contenuto %name\";s:55:\"Are you sure you want to delete the content type %type?\";s:57:\"Sei sicuro di voler eliminare il tipo di contenuto %type?\";s:40:\"The content type %name has been deleted.\";s:46:\"Il tipo di contenuto %name è stato eliminato.\";s:27:\"Deleted content type %name.\";s:34:\"Tipo di contenuto %name eliminato.\";s:29:\"Register with a Drupal server\";s:28:\"Registra su un server Drupal\";s:21:\"Drupal XML-RPC server\";s:21:\"Server XML-RPC Drupal\";s:63:\"The URL of the Drupal XML-RPC server you wish to register with.\";s:57:\"L\'URL del server XML-RPC Drupal desidera registrarti con.\";s:23:\"Send system information\";s:33:\"Invia le informazioni del sistema\";s:15:\"Send statistics\";s:17:\"Invia statistiche\";s:36:\"Allow other Drupal sites to register\";s:43:\"Permetti ad altri siti Drupal di registrare\";s:22:\"Authentication service\";s:26:\"Servizio di autenticazione\";s:29:\"Default authentication server\";s:36:\"Server di autenticazione predefinito\";s:45:\"Only allow authentication from default server\";s:52:\"Autorizza autenticazioni solo dal server predefinito\";s:24:\"Ping from %name (%link).\";s:22:\"Ping da %name (%link).\";s:21:\"Handling ping request\";s:34:\"Sto trattando la richiesta di ping\";s:26:\"Logging into a Drupal site\";s:24:\"Accesso a un sito Drupal\";s:72:\"Failed to notify %server; error code: %errno; error message: %error_msg.\";s:89:\"Impossibile notificare a %server; codice errore: %errno; messaggio di errore: %error_msg.\";s:21:\"Error %code: %message\";s:23:\"Errore %code : %message\";s:14:\"Sites registry\";s:17:\"Registro dei siti\";s:26:\"Distributed authentication\";s:26:\"Autenticazione distribuita\";s:11:\"client ping\";s:15:\"ping del client\";s:11:\"server ping\";s:15:\"ping del server\";s:6:\"drupal\";s:6:\"drupal\";s:42:\"The directory %directory has been created.\";s:40:\"La directory %directory è stata creata.\";s:40:\"The directory %directory is not writable\";s:56:\"La directory %directory non è accessibile in scrittura.\";s:71:\"The file %file could not be saved, because the upload did not complete.\";s:82:\"Impossibile salvare il file %file, perché non è stato completato il caricamento.\";s:65:\"The file %file could not be saved. An unknown error has occurred.\";s:67:\"Impossibile salvare il file %file a causa di un errore sconosciuto.\";s:48:\"File upload error. Could not move uploaded file.\";s:67:\"Errore durante l\'upload. Non è possibile spostare il file inviato.\";s:44:\"The selected file %file could not be copied.\";s:48:\"Impossibile copiare il file selezionato (%file).\";s:50:\"The removal of the original file %file has failed.\";s:48:\"Impossibile rimuovere il file originale (%file).\";s:30:\"The file could not be created.\";s:38:\"Non è stato possibile creare il file.\";s:11:\"file system\";s:11:\"file system\";s:4:\"file\";s:4:\"file\";s:13:\"Input formats\";s:16:\"Formati di input\";s:16:\"Add input format\";s:28:\"Aggiungi un formato di input\";s:19:\"Delete input format\";s:24:\"Elimina formato di input\";s:12:\"Compose tips\";s:32:\"Suggerimenti per la composizione\";s:20:\"!format input format\";s:24:\"formato di input !format\";s:9:\"Rearrange\";s:11:\"Riorganizza\";s:46:\"Anchors are used to make links to other pages.\";s:56:\"Le ancore servono a creare collegamenti ad altre pagine.\";s:26:\"Text with <br />line break\";s:38:\"Testo con interruzione di linea <br />\";s:14:\"Paragraph one.\";s:14:\"Paragrafo uno.\";s:14:\"Paragraph two.\";s:14:\"Paragrafo due.\";s:6:\"Strong\";s:11:\"Evidenziato\";s:10:\"Emphasized\";s:11:\"Enfatizzato\";s:5:\"Cited\";s:9:\"Citazione\";s:47:\"Coded text used to show programming source code\";s:69:\"Testo codice utilizzato per mostrare il codice sorgente dei programmi\";s:5:\"Coded\";s:6:\"Codice\";s:6:\"Bolded\";s:9:\"Grassetto\";s:10:\"Underlined\";s:12:\"Sottolineato\";s:10:\"Italicized\";s:7:\"Corsivo\";s:13:\"Superscripted\";s:15:\"Scritto in alto\";s:24:\"<sup>Super</sup>scripted\";s:26:\"Scritto <sup>in alto</sup>\";s:11:\"Subscripted\";s:16:\"Scritto in basso\";s:22:\"<sub>Sub</sub>scripted\";s:24:\"Scritto <sub>sotto</sub>\";s:12:\"Preformatted\";s:13:\"Preformattato\";s:12:\"Abbreviation\";s:13:\"Abbreviazione\";s:41:\"<abbr title=\"Abbreviation\">Abbrev.</abbr>\";s:41:\"<abbr title=\"Abbreviation\">Abbrev.</abbr>\";s:7:\"Acronym\";s:8:\"Acronimo\";s:51:\"<acronym title=\"Three-Letter Acronym\">TLA</acronym>\";s:52:\"<acronym title=\"Acronimo di 3 lettere\">TLA</acronym>\";s:12:\"Block quoted\";s:19:\"Blocco testo citato\";s:13:\"Quoted inline\";s:21:\"Testo citato in linea\";s:5:\"Table\";s:7:\"Tabella\";s:12:\"Table header\";s:20:\"Intestazione tabella\";s:10:\"Table cell\";s:13:\"Cella tabella\";s:7:\"Deleted\";s:9:\"Eliminato\";s:8:\"Inserted\";s:8:\"Inserito\";s:57:\"Ordered list - use the &lt;li&gt; to begin each list item\";s:73:\"Elenco ordinato - utilizza &lt;li&gt; all\'inizio di ogni voce dell\'elenco\";s:10:\"First item\";s:10:\"Prima voce\";s:11:\"Second item\";s:12:\"Seconda voce\";s:59:\"Unordered list - use the &lt;li&gt; to begin each list item\";s:77:\"Elenco non ordinato - utilizza &lt;li&gt; all\'inizio di ogni voce dell\'elenco\";s:10:\"First term\";s:13:\"Primo termine\";s:16:\"First definition\";s:17:\"Prima definizione\";s:11:\"Second term\";s:15:\"Secondo termine\";s:17:\"Second definition\";s:19:\"Seconda definizione\";s:6:\"Header\";s:12:\"Intestazione\";s:8:\"Subtitle\";s:11:\"Sottotitolo\";s:14:\"Subtitle three\";s:15:\"Sottotitolo tre\";s:13:\"Subtitle four\";s:19:\"Sottotitolo quattro\";s:13:\"Subtitle five\";s:18:\"Sottotitolo cinque\";s:12:\"Subtitle six\";s:15:\"sottotitolo sei\";s:15:\"Tag Description\";s:15:\"Descrizione tag\";s:8:\"You Type\";s:11:\"Cosa scrivi\";s:7:\"You Get\";s:9:\"Cosa vedi\";s:30:\"No help provided for tag %tag.\";s:37:\"Aiuto non disponibile per il tag %tag\";s:9:\"Ampersand\";s:13:\"E commerciale\";s:12:\"Greater than\";s:11:\"Maggiore di\";s:9:\"Less than\";s:9:\"Minore di\";s:14:\"Quotation mark\";s:10:\"Virgolette\";s:21:\"Character Description\";s:21:\"Descrizione carattere\";s:20:\"No HTML tags allowed\";s:21:\"Tag HTML non permessi\";s:62:\"You may post PHP code. You should include &lt;?php ?&gt; tags.\";s:70:\"Potete pubblicare codice PHP. Dovreste includere i tag &lt;?php ?&gt;.\";s:41:\"Lines and paragraphs break automatically.\";s:47:\"Linee e paragrafi vanno a capo automaticamente.\";s:70:\"Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically.\";s:66:\"Indirizzi web o e-mail vengono trasformati in link automaticamente\";s:32:\"All roles may use default format\";s:50:\"Tutti i ruoli possono usare il formato predefinito\";s:28:\"No roles may use this format\";s:38:\"Nessun ruolo può usare questo formato\";s:18:\"Set default format\";s:30:\"Imposta il formato predefinito\";s:23:\"Default format updated.\";s:31:\"Formato predefinito aggiornato.\";s:57:\"Are you sure you want to delete the input format %format?\";s:58:\"Sei sicuro di voler eliminare il formato di input %format?\";s:37:\"The default format cannot be deleted.\";s:49:\"Il formato predefinito non può essere eliminato.\";s:29:\"Deleted input format %format.\";s:35:\"Formato di input %format eliminato.\";s:71:\"All roles for the default format must be enabled and cannot be changed.\";s:95:\"Tutti i ruoli per il formato predefinito devono essere abilitati e non possono essere cambiati.\";s:45:\"Specify a unique name for this filter format.\";s:53:\"Specifica un nome unico per questo formato di filtro.\";s:7:\"Filters\";s:6:\"Filtri\";s:59:\"Choose the filters that will be used in this filter format.\";s:67:\"Scegli i filtri che saranni utilizzati in questo formato di filtro.\";s:41:\"More information about formatting options\";s:53:\"Maggiori informazioni sulle opzioni di formattazione.\";s:24:\"No guidelines available.\";s:32:\"Nessuna linea-guida disponibile.\";s:21:\"Formatting guidelines\";s:28:\"Linee guida di formattazione\";s:27:\"Added input format %format.\";s:34:\"Formato di input %format aggiunto.\";s:44:\"The input format settings have been updated.\";s:59:\"Le impostazioni del formato di input sono state aggiornate.\";s:35:\"The filter ordering has been saved.\";s:37:\"L\'ordine dei filtri è stato salvato.\";s:26:\"No settings are available.\";s:33:\"Nessuna impostazione disponibile.\";s:12:\"Input format\";s:13:\"Formato input\";s:13:\"input formats\";s:16:\"formati di input\";s:11:\"HTML filter\";s:11:\"Filtro HTML\";s:13:\"PHP evaluator\";s:16:\"Analizzatore PHP\";s:20:\"Line break converter\";s:24:\"Conversione linea a capo\";s:10:\"URL filter\";s:13:\"filtro di URL\";s:68:\"Converts line breaks into HTML (i.e. &lt;br&gt; and &lt;p&gt; tags).\";s:66:\"Converte gli a capo in HTML (cioè in tag &lt;br&gt; e &lt;p&gt;).\";s:52:\"Turns web and e-mail addresses into clickable links.\";s:54:\"Trasforma indirizzi web ed e-mail in links cliccabili.\";s:16:\"Filter HTML tags\";s:15:\"Filtra tag HTML\";s:21:\"Strip disallowed tags\";s:28:\"Rimuovi i tag non consentiti\";s:15:\"Escape all tags\";s:18:\"Ignora tutti i tag\";s:17:\"Display HTML help\";s:19:\"Mostra l\'aiuto HTML\";s:19:\"Spam link deterrent\";s:24:\"Deterrente spam sui link\";s:24:\"Maximum link text length\";s:32:\"Lunghezza massima testo del link\";s:18:\"administer filters\";s:17:\"amministra filtri\";s:6:\"filter\";s:6:\"filtro\";s:6:\"Forums\";s:5:\"Forum\";s:61:\"Control forums and their hierarchy and change forum settings.\";s:73:\"Gestisci i forum, il loro ordinamento e cambia le impostazioni dei forum.\";s:13:\"Add container\";s:23:\"Aggiungi un contenitore\";s:9:\"Add forum\";s:14:\"Aggiungi Forum\";s:14:\"Edit container\";s:23:\"Modifica il contenitore\";s:10:\"Edit forum\";s:17:\"Modifica il forum\";s:11:\"Forum topic\";s:34:\"Argomento di discussione del forum\";s:48:\"Create a new topic for discussion in the forums.\";s:49:\"Crea un nuovo argomento di discussione nel forum.\";s:19:\"Hot topic threshold\";s:31:\"Soglia degli argomenti \'caldi\'.\";s:59:\"The number of posts a topic must have to be considered hot.\";s:73:\"Numero minimo di messaggi in un argomento per essere considerato \'caldo\'.\";s:15:\"Topics per page\";s:20:\"Argomenti per pagina\";s:25:\"Posts - most active first\";s:31:\"Contenuti - prima i più attivi\";s:26:\"Posts - least active first\";s:31:\"Contenuti - prima i meno attivi\";s:13:\"Default order\";s:18:\"Ordine predefinito\";s:37:\"The default display order for topics.\";s:56:\"L\'ordine di visualizzazione predefinito degli argomenti.\";s:11:\"forum topic\";s:19:\"argomento del forum\";s:47:\"forum topic is affixed to the forum vocabulary.\";s:60:\"L\'argomento del forum è inserito nel vocabolario del forum\";s:19:\"Active forum topics\";s:26:\"Argomenti del forum attivi\";s:16:\"New forum topics\";s:25:\"Argomenti del forum nuovi\";s:16:\"Number of topics\";s:19:\"Numero di argomenti\";s:29:\"Read the latest forum topics.\";s:37:\"Leggi gli ultimi argomenti del forum.\";s:17:\"Leave shadow copy\";s:22:\"Lascia una copia ombra\";s:14:\"Container name\";s:20:\"Nome del contenitore\";s:54:\"The container name is used to identify related forums.\";s:73:\"Il nome del contenitore è utilizzato per identificare i forum correlati.\";s:10:\"Forum name\";s:14:\"Nome del forum\";s:55:\"The forum name is used to identify related discussions.\";s:73:\"Il nome del forum è utilizzato per identificare le relative discussioni.\";s:15:\"forum container\";s:20:\"Contenitore di forum\";s:5:\"forum\";s:5:\"forum\";s:24:\"Created new @type %term.\";s:25:\"Nuovo @type %term creato.\";s:33:\"The @type %term has been updated.\";s:35:\"Il @type %term è stato aggiornato.\";s:48:\"Are you sure you want to delete the forum %name?\";s:46:\"Sei sicuro di voler cancellare il forum %name?\";s:74:\"The forum %term and all sub-forums and associated posts have been deleted.\";s:93:\"Il forum %term , tutti i forum subordinati e tutti i messaggi relativi sono stati cancellati.\";s:65:\"forum: deleted %term and all its sub-forums and associated posts.\";s:94:\"forum: è stato cancellato %term , insieme a tutti i forum subordinati ed i messaggi relativi.\";s:14:\"edit container\";s:23:\"modifica il contenitore\";s:10:\"edit forum\";s:17:\"modifica il forum\";s:25:\"@time ago<br />by !author\";s:24:\"@time fa<br />da !author\";s:5:\"Topic\";s:9:\"Argomento\";s:7:\"Created\";s:6:\"Creato\";s:10:\"Last reply\";s:15:\"Ultima risposta\";s:21:\"Post new forum topic.\";s:39:\"Inserisci un nuovo argomento nel forum.\";s:46:\"You are not allowed to post a new forum topic.\";s:57:\"Non sei autorizzato a inserire nuovi argomenti nel forum.\";s:53:\"<a href=\"@login\">Login</a> to post a new forum topic.\";s:83:\"<a href=\"@login\">Accedi</a> per creare un nuovo argomento di discussione nel forum.\";s:17:\"No forums defined\";s:21:\"Nessun forum definito\";s:6:\"Topics\";s:9:\"Argomenti\";s:5:\"Posts\";s:8:\"Messaggi\";s:9:\"Last post\";s:11:\"Ultimo post\";s:25:\"This topic has been moved\";s:29:\"L\'argomento è stato spostato\";s:26:\"Go to previous forum topic\";s:43:\"Vai all\'argomento di discussione precedente\";s:22:\"Go to next forum topic\";s:41:\"Vai all\'argomento di discussione seguente\";s:19:\"create forum topics\";s:24:\"crea argomenti del forum\";s:21:\"edit own forum topics\";s:39:\"modificare i propri argomenti del forum\";s:17:\"administer forums\";s:18:\"amministra i forum\";s:38:\"The language %locale has been created.\";s:34:\"La lingua %locale è stata creata.\";s:50:\"The %language language (%locale) has been created.\";s:46:\"La lingua %language (%locale) è stata creata.\";s:4:\"Code\";s:6:\"Codice\";s:12:\"English name\";s:12:\"Nome inglese\";s:10:\"Translated\";s:8:\"Tradotto\";s:20:\"Configuration saved.\";s:23:\"Configurazione salvata.\";s:13:\"Language list\";s:13:\"Elenco lingue\";s:13:\"Language name\";s:11:\"Nome lingua\";s:73:\"Select your language here, or add it below, if you are unable to find it.\";s:77:\"Seleziona qui la tua lingua, o aggiungila sotto se non è possibile trovarla.\";s:15:\"Custom language\";s:21:\"Lingua personalizzata\";s:13:\"Language code\";s:13:\"Codice lingua\";s:24:\"Language name in English\";s:28:\"Nome della lingua in Inglese\";s:73:\"Name of the language. Will be available for translation in all languages.\";s:82:\"Nome della lingua. Sarà reso disponibile per essere tradotto in tutte le lingue.\";s:19:\"Add custom language\";s:30:\"Aggiungi lingua personalizzata\";s:46:\"The language %language (%code) already exists.\";s:40:\"La lingua %language (%code) esiste già.\";s:22:\"Invalid language code.\";s:25:\"Codice lingua non valido.\";s:23:\"Already added languages\";s:20:\"Lingue già aggiunte\";s:23:\"Languages not yet added\";s:26:\"Lingue non ancora aggiunte\";s:18:\"Import translation\";s:18:\"Importa traduzione\";s:13:\"Language file\";s:11:\"File lingua\";s:37:\"A gettext Portable Object (.po) file.\";s:41:\"Un file Portable Object (.po) di gettext.\";s:11:\"Import into\";s:10:\"Importa in\";s:4:\"Mode\";s:4:\"Modo\";s:70:\"Strings in the uploaded file replace existing ones, new ones are added\";s:85:\"Le frasi nel file caricato sostituiscono quelle esistenti, le nuove vengono aggiunte.\";s:53:\"Existing strings are kept, only new strings are added\";s:58:\"Conserva le frasi esistenti, aggiungi solo le nuove frasi.\";s:43:\"The translation import of %filename failed.\";s:53:\"L\'importazione della traduzione %filename è fallita.\";s:18:\"Export translation\";s:18:\"Esporta traduzione\";s:15:\"Export template\";s:16:\"Esporta template\";s:21:\"Strings to search for\";s:16:\"Frasi da cercare\";s:62:\"Leave blank to show all strings. The search is case sensitive.\";s:85:\"Lascia vuoto per mostrare tutte le frasi. La ricerca distingue maiuscole e minuscole.\";s:13:\"All languages\";s:15:\"Tutte le lingue\";s:28:\"English (provided by Drupal)\";s:28:\"Inglese (fornito con Drupal)\";s:9:\"Search in\";s:8:\"Cerca in\";s:28:\"All strings in that language\";s:31:\"Tutte le frasi in questa lingua\";s:23:\"Only translated strings\";s:19:\"Solo frasi tradotte\";s:25:\"Only untranslated strings\";s:23:\"Solo frasi non tradotte\";s:17:\"String not found.\";s:20:\"Stringa non trovata.\";s:13:\"Original text\";s:15:\"Testo originale\";s:17:\"Save translations\";s:19:\"Salva le traduzioni\";s:26:\"The string has been saved.\";s:26:\"La frase è stata salvata.\";s:28:\"The string has been removed.\";s:26:\"La frase è stata rimossa.\";s:50:\"The language selected for import is not supported.\";s:53:\"Lingua selezionata per l\'importazione non supportata.\";s:45:\"Exported %locale translation file: %filename.\";s:48:\"Esportato file di traduzione %locale: %filename.\";s:37:\"Exported translation file: %filename.\";s:40:\"Esportato file di traduzione: %filename.\";s:6:\"String\";s:5:\"Frase\";s:7:\"Locales\";s:6:\"Lingue\";s:69:\"The translation file %filename contains a syntax error on line %line.\";s:80:\"Il file di traduzione %filename contiene un errore di sintassi alla linea %line.\";s:64:\"The translation file %filename ended unexpectedly at line %line.\";s:80:\"Il file di traduzione %filename è interrotto inaspettatamente alla linea %line.\";s:4:\"Afar\";s:4:\"Afar\";s:9:\"Abkhazian\";s:9:\"Abkhazian\";s:7:\"Avestan\";s:7:\"Avestan\";s:9:\"Afrikaans\";s:11:\"Sudafricano\";s:4:\"Akan\";s:4:\"Akan\";s:7:\"Amharic\";s:7:\"Amarico\";s:6:\"Arabic\";s:5:\"Arabo\";s:8:\"Assamese\";s:8:\"Assamese\";s:4:\"Avar\";s:4:\"Avar\";s:6:\"Aymara\";s:6:\"Aymara\";s:11:\"Azerbaijani\";s:11:\"Azerbaijano\";s:7:\"Bashkir\";s:7:\"Bashkir\";s:10:\"Belarusian\";s:10:\"Bielorusso\";s:9:\"Bulgarian\";s:7:\"Bulgaro\";s:6:\"Bihari\";s:6:\"Bihari\";s:7:\"Bislama\";s:7:\"Bislama\";s:7:\"Bambara\";s:7:\"Bambara\";s:7:\"Bengali\";s:7:\"Bengali\";s:7:\"Tibetan\";s:8:\"Tibetano\";s:6:\"Breton\";s:7:\"Bretone\";s:7:\"Bosnian\";s:8:\"Bosniaco\";s:7:\"Catalan\";s:8:\"Catalano\";s:7:\"Chechen\";s:7:\"Chechen\";s:8:\"Chamorro\";s:8:\"Chamorro\";s:8:\"Corsican\";s:5:\"Corso\";s:4:\"Cree\";s:4:\"Cree\";s:5:\"Czech\";s:4:\"Ceco\";s:12:\"Old Slavonic\";s:12:\"Slavo Antico\";s:7:\"Chuvash\";s:7:\"Chuvash\";s:5:\"Welsh\";s:7:\"Gallese\";s:6:\"Danish\";s:6:\"Danese\";s:6:\"German\";s:7:\"Tedesco\";s:9:\"Maldivian\";s:9:\"Maldivian\";s:7:\"Bhutani\";s:7:\"Bhutani\";s:3:\"Ewe\";s:3:\"Ewe\";s:5:\"Greek\";s:5:\"Greco\";s:7:\"English\";s:7:\"Inglese\";s:9:\"Esperanto\";s:9:\"Esperanto\";s:7:\"Spanish\";s:8:\"Spagnolo\";s:8:\"Estonian\";s:6:\"Estone\";s:6:\"Basque\";s:5:\"Basco\";s:7:\"Persian\";s:8:\"Persiano\";s:5:\"Fulah\";s:5:\"Fulah\";s:7:\"Finnish\";s:10:\"Finlandese\";s:4:\"Fiji\";s:4:\"Fiji\";s:8:\"Faeroese\";s:8:\"Faeroese\";s:6:\"French\";s:8:\"Francese\";s:7:\"Frisian\";s:5:\"Friso\";s:5:\"Irish\";s:9:\"Irlandese\";s:12:\"Scots Gaelic\";s:16:\"Gaelico scozzese\";s:8:\"Galician\";s:8:\"Galician\";s:7:\"Guarani\";s:7:\"Guarani\";s:8:\"Gujarati\";s:8:\"Gujarati\";s:4:\"Manx\";s:4:\"Manx\";s:5:\"Hausa\";s:5:\"Hausa\";s:6:\"Hebrew\";s:5:\"Ebreo\";s:5:\"Hindi\";s:5:\"Hindi\";s:9:\"Hiri Motu\";s:9:\"Hiri Motu\";s:8:\"Croatian\";s:6:\"Croato\";s:9:\"Hungarian\";s:9:\"Ungherese\";s:8:\"Armenian\";s:6:\"Armeno\";s:6:\"Herero\";s:6:\"Herero\";s:11:\"Interlingua\";s:11:\"Interlingua\";s:10:\"Indonesian\";s:11:\"Indonesiano\";s:11:\"Interlingue\";s:11:\"Interlingue\";s:4:\"Igbo\";s:4:\"Igbo\";s:7:\"Inupiak\";s:7:\"Inupiak\";s:9:\"Icelandic\";s:9:\"Islandese\";s:7:\"Italian\";s:8:\"Italiano\";s:9:\"Inuktitut\";s:9:\"Inuktitut\";s:8:\"Japanese\";s:10:\"Giapponese\";s:8:\"Javanese\";s:8:\"Javanese\";s:8:\"Georgian\";s:9:\"Georgiano\";s:5:\"Kongo\";s:5:\"Kongo\";s:6:\"Kikuyu\";s:6:\"Kikuyu\";s:8:\"Kwanyama\";s:8:\"Kwanyama\";s:6:\"Kazakh\";s:6:\"Kazakh\";s:11:\"Greenlandic\";s:11:\"Greenlandic\";s:9:\"Cambodian\";s:9:\"Cambodian\";s:7:\"Kannada\";s:7:\"Kannada\";s:6:\"Korean\";s:7:\"Koreano\";s:6:\"Kanuri\";s:6:\"Kanuri\";s:8:\"Kashmiri\";s:8:\"Kashmiri\";s:7:\"Kurdish\";s:5:\"Kurdo\";s:4:\"Komi\";s:4:\"Komi\";s:7:\"Cornish\";s:7:\"Cornish\";s:7:\"Kirghiz\";s:7:\"Kirghiz\";s:5:\"Latin\";s:6:\"Latino\";s:13:\"Luxembourgish\";s:14:\"Lussemburghese\";s:7:\"Luganda\";s:7:\"Luganda\";s:7:\"Lingala\";s:7:\"Lingala\";s:8:\"Laothian\";s:8:\"Laotiano\";s:10:\"Lithuanian\";s:7:\"Lituano\";s:7:\"Latvian\";s:7:\"Lettone\";s:8:\"Malagasy\";s:8:\"Malagasy\";s:11:\"Marshallese\";s:11:\"Marshallese\";s:5:\"Maori\";s:5:\"Maori\";s:10:\"Macedonian\";s:8:\"Macedone\";s:9:\"Malayalam\";s:9:\"Malayalam\";s:9:\"Mongolian\";s:7:\"Mongolo\";s:9:\"Moldavian\";s:7:\"Moldavo\";s:7:\"Marathi\";s:7:\"Marathi\";s:5:\"Malay\";s:6:\"Malese\";s:7:\"Maltese\";s:7:\"Maltese\";s:7:\"Burmese\";s:7:\"Burmese\";s:5:\"Nauru\";s:5:\"Nauru\";s:13:\"North Ndebele\";s:13:\"North Ndebele\";s:6:\"Nepali\";s:6:\"Nepali\";s:6:\"Ndonga\";s:6:\"Ndonga\";s:5:\"Dutch\";s:8:\"Olandese\";s:17:\"Norwegian Bokmål\";s:17:\"Norwegian Bokmål\";s:17:\"Norwegian Nynorsk\";s:17:\"Norwegian Nynorsk\";s:13:\"South Ndebele\";s:13:\"South Ndebele\";s:6:\"Navajo\";s:6:\"Navajo\";s:8:\"Chichewa\";s:7:\"Chicewa\";s:7:\"Occitan\";s:8:\"Occitano\";s:5:\"Oromo\";s:5:\"Oromo\";s:5:\"Oriya\";s:5:\"Oriya\";s:8:\"Ossetian\";s:8:\"Ossetian\";s:7:\"Punjabi\";s:7:\"Punjabi\";s:4:\"Pali\";s:4:\"Pali\";s:6:\"Polish\";s:6:\"Polish\";s:6:\"Pashto\";s:6:\"Pashto\";s:20:\"Portuguese, Portugal\";s:20:\"Portuguese, Portugal\";s:18:\"Portuguese, Brazil\";s:18:\"Portuguese, Brazil\";s:7:\"Quechua\";s:7:\"Quechua\";s:14:\"Rhaeto-Romance\";s:14:\"Rhaeto-Romance\";s:7:\"Kirundi\";s:7:\"Kirundi\";s:8:\"Romanian\";s:6:\"Rumeno\";s:7:\"Russian\";s:7:\"Russian\";s:11:\"Kinyarwanda\";s:11:\"Kinyarwanda\";s:8:\"Sanskrit\";s:8:\"Sanskrit\";s:9:\"Sardinian\";s:5:\"Sardo\";s:6:\"Sindhi\";s:6:\"Sindhi\";s:13:\"Northern Sami\";s:13:\"Northern Sami\";s:5:\"Sango\";s:5:\"Sango\";s:14:\"Serbo-Croatian\";s:14:\"Serbo-Croatian\";s:10:\"Singhalese\";s:10:\"Singhalese\";s:6:\"Slovak\";s:6:\"Slovak\";s:9:\"Slovenian\";s:7:\"Sloveno\";s:6:\"Samoan\";s:6:\"Samoan\";s:5:\"Shona\";s:5:\"Shona\";s:6:\"Somali\";s:6:\"Somali\";s:8:\"Albanian\";s:8:\"Albanese\";s:7:\"Serbian\";s:5:\"Serbo\";s:7:\"Siswati\";s:7:\"Siswati\";s:7:\"Sesotho\";s:7:\"Sesotho\";s:8:\"Sudanese\";s:8:\"Sudanese\";s:7:\"Swedish\";s:7:\"Swedish\";s:7:\"Swahili\";s:7:\"Swahili\";s:5:\"Tamil\";s:5:\"Tamil\";s:6:\"Telugu\";s:6:\"Telugu\";s:5:\"Tajik\";s:5:\"Tajik\";s:4:\"Thai\";s:3:\"Tai\";s:8:\"Tigrinya\";s:8:\"Tigrinya\";s:7:\"Turkmen\";s:7:\"Turkmen\";s:7:\"Tagalog\";s:7:\"Tagalog\";s:8:\"Setswana\";s:8:\"Setswana\";s:5:\"Tonga\";s:5:\"Tonga\";s:7:\"Turkish\";s:7:\"Turkish\";s:6:\"Tsonga\";s:6:\"Tsonga\";s:5:\"Tatar\";s:5:\"Tatar\";s:3:\"Twi\";s:3:\"Twi\";s:8:\"Tahitian\";s:8:\"Taitiano\";s:6:\"Uighur\";s:6:\"Uighur\";s:9:\"Ukrainian\";s:9:\"Ukrainian\";s:4:\"Urdu\";s:4:\"Urdu\";s:5:\"Uzbek\";s:5:\"Uzbek\";s:5:\"Venda\";s:5:\"Venda\";s:10:\"Vietnamese\";s:10:\"Vietnamese\";s:5:\"Wolof\";s:5:\"Wolof\";s:5:\"Xhosa\";s:5:\"Xhosa\";s:7:\"Yiddish\";s:7:\"Yiddish\";s:6:\"Yoruba\";s:6:\"Yoruba\";s:6:\"Zhuang\";s:6:\"Zhuang\";s:19:\"Chinese, Simplified\";s:19:\"Chinese, Simplified\";s:20:\"Chinese, Traditional\";s:20:\"Chinese, Traditional\";s:4:\"Zulu\";s:4:\"Zulu\";s:12:\"Localization\";s:14:\"Localizzazione\";s:59:\"Configure site localization and user interface translation.\";s:77:\"Configura la localizzazione del sito e la traduzione dell\'interfaccia utente.\";s:16:\"Manage languages\";s:15:\"Gestisci lingue\";s:14:\"Manage strings\";s:17:\"Gestisci stringhe\";s:11:\"Edit string\";s:16:\"Modifica stringa\";s:13:\"Delete string\";s:16:\"Cancella stringa\";s:27:\"Interface language settings\";s:31:\"Impostazioni lingua interfaccia\";s:37:\"The English locale cannot be deleted.\";s:44:\"La lingua Inglese non può essere eliminata.\";s:51:\"Are you sure you want to delete the language %name?\";s:46:\"Sei sicuro di voler eliminare la lingua %name?\";s:38:\"The language %locale has been removed.\";s:35:\"La lingua %locale è stata rimossa.\";s:18:\"administer locales\";s:17:\"amministra lingue\";s:7:\"January\";s:7:\"Gennaio\";s:3:\"Jan\";s:3:\"Gen\";s:8:\"February\";s:8:\"Febbraio\";s:3:\"Feb\";s:3:\"Feb\";s:5:\"March\";s:5:\"Marzo\";s:3:\"Mar\";s:3:\"Mar\";s:5:\"April\";s:6:\"Aprile\";s:3:\"Apr\";s:3:\"Apr\";s:3:\"May\";s:6:\"Maggio\";s:4:\"June\";s:6:\"Giugno\";s:3:\"Jun\";s:3:\"Giu\";s:4:\"July\";s:6:\"Luglio\";s:3:\"Jul\";s:3:\"Lug\";s:6:\"August\";s:6:\"Agosto\";s:3:\"Aug\";s:3:\"Ago\";s:9:\"September\";s:9:\"Settembre\";s:3:\"Sep\";s:3:\"Set\";s:7:\"October\";s:7:\"Ottobre\";s:3:\"Oct\";s:3:\"Ott\";s:8:\"November\";s:8:\"Novembre\";s:3:\"Nov\";s:3:\"Nov\";s:8:\"December\";s:8:\"Dicembre\";s:3:\"Dec\";s:3:\"Dic\";s:3:\"Thu\";s:3:\"Gio\";s:3:\"Fri\";s:3:\"Ven\";s:3:\"Sat\";s:3:\"Sab\";s:3:\"Sun\";s:3:\"Dom\";s:3:\"Mon\";s:3:\"Lun\";s:3:\"Tue\";s:3:\"Mar\";s:3:\"Wed\";s:3:\"Mer\";s:70:\"Enter the title, path, position and the weight for your new menu item.\";s:74:\"Inserisci titolo, percorso, posizione e \"peso\" della nuova voce del menù.\";s:5:\"Menus\";s:5:\"Menù\";s:13:\"Add menu item\";s:18:\"Aggiungi voce menu\";s:14:\"Edit menu item\";s:19:\"Modifica voce menù\";s:15:\"Reset menu item\";s:20:\"Reimposta voce menù\";s:17:\"Disable menu item\";s:21:\"Disabilita voce menù\";s:16:\"Delete menu item\";s:19:\"Cancella voce menù\";s:8:\"Add menu\";s:14:\"Aggiungi menù\";s:9:\"Edit menu\";s:14:\"Modifica menù\";s:11:\"Delete menu\";s:14:\"Cancella menù\";s:13:\"Menu settings\";s:22:\"Impostazioni del menù\";s:39:\"The name to display for this menu link.\";s:50:\"Il nome da visualizzare per questo link del menù.\";s:57:\"The description displayed when hovering over a menu item.\";s:58:\"Descrizione visualizzata passando sopra una voce del menu.\";s:11:\"Parent item\";s:10:\"Voce padre\";s:31:\"Check to delete this menu item.\";s:45:\"Seleziona per cancellare questa voce di menu.\";s:16:\"No primary links\";s:24:\"Non ci sono link primari\";s:36:\"Primary and secondary links settings\";s:42:\"Impostazioni dei links primari e secondari\";s:29:\"Menu containing primary links\";s:32:\"Menu che contiene i link primari\";s:18:\"No secondary links\";s:26:\"Non ci sono link secondari\";s:31:\"Menu containing secondary links\";s:35:\"Menu che contiene i link secondari.\";s:31:\"Content authoring form settings\";s:34:\"Impostazioni del form di creazione\";s:14:\"Show all menus\";s:19:\"Mostra tutti i menu\";s:24:\"Restrict parent items to\";s:26:\"Restringi le voci padre a \";s:21:\"The name of the menu.\";s:17:\"Il nome del menu.\";s:26:\"The name of the menu item.\";s:26:\"Nome della voce del menù.\";s:8:\"Expanded\";s:7:\"Espanso\";s:47:\"Are you sure you want to delete the menu %item?\";s:45:\"Sei sicuro di voler cancellare il menu %item?\";s:59:\"Are you sure you want to delete the custom menu item %item?\";s:68:\"Sei sicuro di voler eliminare la voce del menu personalizzata %item?\";s:33:\"The menu %title has been deleted.\";s:36:\"Il menù %title è stato cancellato.\";s:20:\"Deleted menu %title.\";s:27:\"Cancellato il menù %title.\";s:38:\"The menu item %title has been deleted.\";s:45:\"La voce del menù %title è stata cancellata.\";s:25:\"Deleted menu item %title.\";s:33:\"Cancellata voce del menù %title.\";s:68:\"Are you sure you want to reset the item %item to its default values?\";s:74:\"Sei sicuro di voler ripristinare la voce %item ai suoi valori predefiniti?\";s:62:\"Any customizations will be lost. This action cannot be undone.\";s:83:\"Qualsiasi personalizzazione sarà perduta. Questa azione non può essere annullata.\";s:48:\"The menu item was reset to its default settings.\";s:57:\"La voce di menu è stata riportata ai valori predefiniti.\";s:58:\"Are you sure you want to disable the menu item %menu-item?\";s:51:\"Sei sicuro di voler cancellare il menu %menu-item?\";s:7:\"Disable\";s:9:\"Disattiva\";s:32:\"The menu item has been disabled.\";s:39:\"La voce del menu è stata disabilitata.\";s:38:\"The menu item %title has been updated.\";s:44:\"La voce del menu %title è stata aggiornata.\";s:36:\"The menu item %title has been added.\";s:43:\"La voce del menù %title è stata aggiunta.\";s:23:\"Added menu item %title.\";s:31:\"Aggiunta voce del menù %title.\";s:9:\"Menu item\";s:9:\"Voce menu\";s:8:\"Add item\";s:13:\"Aggiungi voce\";s:22:\"No menu items defined.\";s:35:\"Non è stata definita nessuna voce.\";s:7:\"disable\";s:9:\"disattiva\";s:6:\"enable\";s:6:\"attiva\";s:5:\"reset\";s:10:\"ripristina\";s:8:\"disabled\";s:11:\"disattivato\";s:15:\"administer menu\";s:17:\"amministra i menu\";s:7:\"Content\";s:9:\"Contenuto\";s:15:\"Content ranking\";s:19:\"Punteggio contenuto\";s:17:\"Keyword relevance\";s:28:\"Importanza per parola chiave\";s:15:\"Recently posted\";s:19:\"Inserito di recente\";s:18:\"Number of comments\";s:18:\"Numero di commenti\";s:15:\"Number of views\";s:17:\"Numero di accessi\";s:6:\"Factor\";s:7:\"Fattore\";s:18:\"Node access status\";s:24:\"Stato di accesso ai nodi\";s:19:\"Rebuild permissions\";s:22:\"Riorganizza i permessi\";s:28:\"Number of posts on main page\";s:35:\"Numero di contenuti in prima pagina\";s:23:\"Length of trimmed posts\";s:32:\"Lunghezza dei contenuti troncati\";s:14:\"200 characters\";s:13:\"200 caratteri\";s:14:\"400 characters\";s:13:\"400 caratteri\";s:14:\"600 characters\";s:13:\"600 caratteri\";s:14:\"800 characters\";s:13:\"800 caratteri\";s:15:\"1000 characters\";s:14:\"1000 caratteri\";s:15:\"1200 characters\";s:14:\"1200 caratteri\";s:15:\"1400 characters\";s:14:\"1400 caratteri\";s:15:\"1600 characters\";s:14:\"1600 caratteri\";s:15:\"1800 characters\";s:14:\"1800 caratteri\";s:15:\"2000 characters\";s:14:\"2000 caratteri\";s:12:\"Preview post\";s:19:\"Anteprima contenuto\";s:43:\"Must users preview posts before submitting?\";s:54:\"L\'utente deve rivedere il contenuto prima di inviarlo?\";s:62:\"Are you sure you want to rebuild node permissions on the site?\";s:64:\"Sei sicuro di volere riorganizzare i permessi dei nodi sul sito?\";s:39:\"The node access table has been rebuilt.\";s:53:\"La tabella di accesso ai nodi è stata riorganizzata.\";s:9:\"Read more\";s:11:\"Leggi tutto\";s:30:\"Read the rest of this posting.\";s:29:\"Leggi il resto del contenuto.\";s:18:\"Content management\";s:18:\"Gestione contenuti\";s:27:\"Manage your site\'s content.\";s:34:\"Gestisci i contenuti del tuo sito.\";s:43:\"View, edit, and delete your site\'s content.\";s:52:\"Vedi, modifica, e cancella i contenuti del tuo sito.\";s:14:\"Search content\";s:21:\"Cerca tra i contenuti\";s:26:\"Search content by keyword.\";s:38:\"Cerca nei contenuti per parola chiave.\";s:13:\"Post settings\";s:21:\"Impostazioni di invio\";s:19:\"rebuild permissions\";s:22:\"Riorganizza i permessi\";s:13:\"Content types\";s:17:\"Tipi di contenuto\";s:16:\"Add content type\";s:26:\"Aggiungi tipo di contenuto\";s:14:\"Create content\";s:14:\"Crea contenuto\";s:9:\"Revisions\";s:9:\"Revisioni\";s:7:\"Publish\";s:8:\"Pubblica\";s:9:\"Unpublish\";s:21:\"Rimuovi pubblicazione\";s:21:\"Promote to front page\";s:24:\"Promuovi in prima pagina\";s:22:\"Demote from front page\";s:26:\"Rimuovi dalla prima pagina\";s:11:\"Make sticky\";s:19:\"Rendi fisso in cima\";s:17:\"Remove stickiness\";s:30:\"Rimuovi posizionamento in cima\";s:9:\"published\";s:10:\"pubblicato\";s:13:\"not published\";s:14:\"non pubblicato\";s:8:\"promoted\";s:8:\"promosso\";s:12:\"not promoted\";s:12:\"non promosso\";s:6:\"sticky\";s:13:\"fisso in cima\";s:10:\"not sticky\";s:17:\"non fisso in cima\";s:4:\"type\";s:4:\"tipo\";s:8:\"category\";s:9:\"categoria\";s:21:\"Show only items where\";s:28:\"Mostra solo le voci del tipo\";s:18:\"No items selected.\";s:24:\"Nessuna voce selezionata\";s:44:\"Are you sure you want to delete these items?\";s:42:\"Sei sicuro di voler eliminare queste voci?\";s:28:\"The items have been deleted.\";s:29:\"Le voci sono state eliminate.\";s:20:\"Revisions for %title\";s:19:\"Revisioni di %title\";s:8:\"Revision\";s:9:\"Revisione\";s:18:\"!date by !username\";s:18:\"!date da !username\";s:16:\"current revision\";s:17:\"revisione attuale\";s:6:\"revert\";s:10:\"ripristina\";s:43:\"You tried to revert to an invalid revision.\";s:53:\"Hai cercato di ripristinare una revisione non valida.\";s:68:\"Are you sure you want to revert to the revision from %revision-date?\";s:64:\"Sei sicuro di voler ripristinare la revisione da %revision-date?\";s:6:\"Revert\";s:10:\"Ripristina\";s:32:\"Copy of the revision from %date.\";s:32:\"Copia della revisione del %date.\";s:65:\"%title has been reverted back to the revision from %revision-date\";s:62:\"%title è stato ripristinato alla revisione del %revision-date\";s:42:\"@type: reverted %title revision %revision.\";s:61:\"@type: ripristinata revisione %revision del contenuto %title.\";s:61:\"Deletion failed. You tried to delete a non-existing revision.\";s:80:\"Cancellazione impossibile. Hai cercato di eliminare una revisione non esistente.\";s:58:\"Deletion failed. You tried to delete the current revision.\";s:73:\"Cancellazione impossibile. Hai cercato di eliminare la revisione attuale.\";s:65:\"Are you sure you want to delete the revision from %revision-date?\";s:61:\"Sei sicuro di voler eliminare la revisione da %revision-date?\";s:34:\"Deleted %title revision %revision.\";s:40:\"Revisione %revision di %title eliminata.\";s:41:\"@type: deleted %title revision %revision.\";s:50:\"@type: eliminata la revisione %revision di %title.\";s:9:\"Syndicate\";s:20:\"Scambia informazioni\";s:68:\"The body of your @type is too short. You need at least %words words.\";s:87:\"Il testo del tuo/della tua @type è troppo corto. Sono necessarie almeno %words parole.\";s:72:\"This content has been modified by another user, changes cannot be saved.\";s:97:\"Questo contenuto è stato modificato da un altro utente, le modifiche non possono essere salvate.\";s:34:\"The username %name does not exist.\";s:32:\"Il nome utente %name non esiste.\";s:21:\"Authoring information\";s:24:\"Informazioni sull\'autore\";s:27:\"Leave blank for %anonymous.\";s:29:\"Lascia bianco per %anonymous.\";s:62:\"Format: %time. Leave blank to use the time of form submission.\";s:85:\"Formato: %time. Lascia in bianco per utilizzare la data di inserimento del contenuto.\";s:18:\"Publishing options\";s:24:\"Opzioni di pubblicazione\";s:12:\"Submit @name\";s:15:\"Inserisci @name\";s:13:\"Add a new @s.\";s:21:\"Aggiungi un nuovo @s.\";s:42:\"Choose the appropriate item from the list:\";s:39:\"Scegli dall\'elenco la voce appropriata:\";s:23:\"Preview trimmed version\";s:27:\"Anteprima versione troncata\";s:20:\"Preview full version\";s:27:\"Anteprima versione completa\";s:3:\"Log\";s:3:\"Log\";s:22:\"@type: updated %title.\";s:25:\"@type: %title aggiornato.\";s:27:\"The %post has been updated.\";s:39:\"Il contenuto %post è stato aggiornato.\";s:20:\"@type: added %title.\";s:23:\"@type: %title aggiunto.\";s:28:\"Your %post has been created.\";s:35:\"Il contenuto %post è stato creato.\";s:39:\"Are you sure you want to delete %title?\";s:37:\"Sei sicuro di voler eliminare %title?\";s:24:\"%title has been deleted.\";s:26:\"%title è stato eliminato.\";s:22:\"@type: deleted %title.\";s:24:\"@type: %title eliminato.\";s:29:\"Revision of %title from %date\";s:29:\"Revisione di %title del %date\";s:3:\"RSS\";s:3:\"RSS\";s:15:\"Advanced search\";s:16:\"Ricerca avanzata\";s:27:\"Containing any of the words\";s:40:\"Che contiene almeno una di queste parole\";s:21:\"Containing the phrase\";s:21:\"Che contiene la frase\";s:28:\"Containing none of the words\";s:40:\"Che non contiene alcuna di queste parole\";s:23:\"Only in the category(s)\";s:23:\"Solo nella categoria/e.\";s:19:\"Only of the type(s)\";s:16:\"Solo del tipo/i.\";s:24:\"administer content types\";s:30:\"amministra i tipi di contenuto\";s:16:\"administer nodes\";s:17:\"amministra i nodi\";s:14:\"access content\";s:29:\"accesso al contenuto del sito\";s:14:\"view revisions\";s:16:\"guarda revisioni\";s:16:\"revert revisions\";s:20:\"ripristina revisioni\";s:11:\"URL aliases\";s:12:\"alias di URL\";s:46:\"Change your site\'s URL paths by aliasing them.\";s:57:\"Cambia i percorsi URL del tuo sito definendo degli alias.\";s:10:\"Edit alias\";s:14:\"Modifica alias\";s:12:\"Delete alias\";s:13:\"Elimina alias\";s:9:\"Add alias\";s:14:\"Aggiungi alias\";s:50:\"Are you sure you want to delete path alias %title?\";s:65:\"Sei sicuro di voler cancellare l\'alias %title di questo percorso?\";s:27:\"The alias has been deleted.\";s:27:\"L\'alias è stato eliminato.\";s:20:\"Existing system path\";s:29:\"Percorso di sistema esistente\";s:12:\"Update alias\";s:14:\"Aggiorna alias\";s:16:\"Create new alias\";s:16:\"Crea nuovo alias\";s:27:\"The path is already in use.\";s:31:\"Il percorso è già utilizzato.\";s:17:\"URL path settings\";s:25:\"Impostazioni percorso URL\";s:5:\"Alias\";s:5:\"Alias\";s:25:\"No URL aliases available.\";s:35:\"Nessun alias disponibile per l\'URL.\";s:35:\"The alias %alias is already in use.\";s:30:\"L\'alias %alias è già in uso.\";s:25:\"The alias has been saved.\";s:25:\"L\'alias è stato salvato.\";s:18:\"create url aliases\";s:10:\"crea alias\";s:22:\"administer url aliases\";s:20:\"amministra gli alias\";s:4:\"path\";s:8:\"percorso\";s:16:\"Most recent poll\";s:21:\"Sondaggi più recenti\";s:32:\"Negative values are not allowed.\";s:36:\"I valori negativi non sono permessi.\";s:38:\"You must fill in at least two choices.\";s:34:\"Devi effettuare almeno due scelte.\";s:7:\"Choices\";s:6:\"Scelte\";s:17:\"Need more choices\";s:26:\"Si necessitano più scelte\";s:9:\"Choice @n\";s:9:\"Scelta @n\";s:19:\"Votes for choice @n\";s:21:\"Voti per la scelta @n\";s:6:\"Closed\";s:6:\"Chiuso\";s:11:\"Poll status\";s:19:\"Stato del sondaggio\";s:58:\"When a poll is closed, visitors can no longer vote for it.\";s:77:\"Quando un sondaggio è chiuso, i visitatori non possono più votare per esso.\";s:13:\"Poll duration\";s:20:\"Durata del sondaggio\";s:57:\"After this period, the poll will be closed automatically.\";s:64:\"Dopo questo periodo, il sondaggio verrà chiuso automaticamente.\";s:5:\"Polls\";s:8:\"Sondaggi\";s:4:\"Vote\";s:4:\"Vota\";s:5:\"Votes\";s:4:\"Voti\";s:7:\"Results\";s:9:\"Risultati\";s:64:\"A poll is a multiple-choice question which visitors can vote on.\";s:82:\"Un sondaggio è una domanda a scelta multipla per cui i visitatori possono votare.\";s:8:\"Question\";s:7:\"Domanda\";s:4:\"open\";s:6:\"aperto\";s:6:\"closed\";s:6:\"chiuso\";s:19:\"Total votes: %votes\";s:19:\"Voti totali: %votes\";s:16:\"Cancel your vote\";s:20:\"Cancella il tuo voto\";s:23:\"Your vote was recorded.\";s:32:\"Il tuo voto è stato registrato.\";s:41:\"You are not allowed to vote on this poll.\";s:45:\"Non ti è permesso votare a questo sondaggio.\";s:40:\"You did not specify a valid poll choice.\";s:51:\"Non hai specificato una valida scelta al sondaggio.\";s:23:\"Your vote was canceled.\";s:32:\"Il tuo voto è stato cancellato.\";s:53:\"You are not allowed to cancel an invalid poll choice.\";s:66:\"Non ti è permesso cancellare una scelta al sondaggio non valida.\";s:11:\"Older polls\";s:17:\"I vecchi sondaggi\";s:36:\"View the list of polls on this site.\";s:42:\"Vedi la lista dei sondaggi di questo sito.\";s:30:\"View the current poll results.\";s:39:\"Vedi i risultati dei sondaggi correnti.\";s:6:\"1 vote\";s:6:\"1 voto\";s:12:\"@count votes\";s:11:\"@count voti\";s:12:\"create polls\";s:13:\"crea sondaggi\";s:13:\"vote on polls\";s:15:\"vota i sondaggi\";s:15:\"cancel own vote\";s:24:\"cancella il proprio voto\";s:17:\"inspect all votes\";s:21:\"verifica tutti i voti\";s:4:\"poll\";s:9:\"sondaggio\";s:9:\"User list\";s:12:\"Lista utente\";s:8:\"Profiles\";s:7:\"Profili\";s:42:\"Create customizable fields for your users.\";s:46:\"Crea campi personalizzabili per i tuoi utenti.\";s:9:\"Add field\";s:17:\"Aggiungi un campo\";s:29:\"Profile category autocomplete\";s:39:\"Autocompletamento categorie dei profili\";s:10:\"Edit field\";s:14:\"Edita il campo\";s:12:\"Delete field\";s:17:\"Cancella il campo\";s:20:\"Profile autocomplete\";s:25:\"Autocompletamento profilo\";s:18:\"Author information\";s:24:\"Informazioni sull\'autore\";s:25:\"Link to full user profile\";s:31:\"Link al profilo utente completo\";s:25:\"Profile fields to display\";s:33:\"Campi del profilo da visualizzare\";s:22:\"View full user profile\";s:31:\"Vedi il profilo utente completo\";s:11:\"About %name\";s:23:\"Informazioni su \'%name\'\";s:11:\"edit %title\";s:12:\"Edita %title\";s:13:\"add new %type\";s:23:\"aggiungi un nuovo %type\";s:14:\"Field settings\";s:18:\"Impostazioni campo\";s:9:\"Form name\";s:11:\"Nome scheda\";s:11:\"Explanation\";s:11:\"Descrizione\";s:17:\"Selection options\";s:20:\"Opzioni di selezione\";s:10:\"Visibility\";s:11:\"Visibilità\";s:58:\"Private field, content only available to privileged users.\";s:63:\"Campo privato, contenuto visibile solo agli utenti autorizzati.\";s:69:\"Public field, content shown on profile page and on member list pages.\";s:93:\"Campo pubblico, contenuto mostrato nella pagina profilo e nelle pagine che elencano l\'utente.\";s:10:\"Page title\";s:19:\"Titolo della pagina\";s:45:\"Form will auto-complete while user is typing.\";s:61:\"Form con autocompletamento durante la scrittura dell\'utente. \";s:28:\"The user must enter a value.\";s:33:\"L\'utente deve inserire un valore.\";s:34:\"Visible in user registration form.\";s:46:\"Visibile nella scheda di registrazione utente.\";s:10:\"Save field\";s:14:\"Salva il campo\";s:54:\"The specified form name is reserved for use by Drupal.\";s:57:\"Il nome scheda specificato è riservato ad uso di Drupal.\";s:58:\"The specified category name is reserved for use by Drupal.\";s:91:\"Il nome che hai specificato per la categoria è riservato all\'utilizzo esclusivo di Drupal.\";s:38:\"The specified title is already in use.\";s:41:\"Il titolo specificato è già utilizzato.\";s:37:\"The specified name is already in use.\";s:39:\"Il nome specificato è già utilizzato.\";s:27:\"The field has been created.\";s:25:\"Il campo è stato creato.\";s:52:\"Profile field %field added under category %category.\";s:74:\"Il campo del profilo %field è stato aggiunto sotto la categoria %category\";s:27:\"The field has been updated.\";s:29:\"Il campo è stato aggiornato.\";s:49:\"Are you sure you want to delete the field %field?\";s:43:\"Sicuro di voler cancellare il campo %field?\";s:34:\"The field %field has been deleted.\";s:35:\"Il campo %field è stato eliminato.\";s:29:\"Profile field %field deleted.\";s:36:\"Campo %field del profilo cancellato.\";s:18:\"No fields defined.\";s:22:\"Nessun campo definito.\";s:13:\"Add new field\";s:23:\"Aggiungi un nuovo campo\";s:9:\"user list\";s:13:\"elenco utenti\";s:49:\"The value provided for %field is not a valid URL.\";s:50:\"Il valore fornito per %field non è un URL valido.\";s:29:\"The field %field is required.\";s:32:\"Il campo %field è obbligatorio.\";s:21:\"single-line textfield\";s:22:\"testo su linea singola\";s:20:\"multi-line textfield\";s:19:\"testo su più linee\";s:8:\"checkbox\";s:8:\"checkbox\";s:14:\"list selection\";s:18:\"elenco a selezione\";s:13:\"freeform list\";s:22:\"elenco a schema libero\";s:4:\"date\";s:4:\"data\";s:7:\"profile\";s:7:\"profilo\";s:11:\"Search form\";s:19:\"Maschera di ricerca\";s:15:\"Search settings\";s:23:\"Impostazioni di ricerca\";s:66:\"Configure relevance settings for search and other indexing options\";s:85:\"Configura le impostazioni più adatte alla ricerca a altre opzioni di indicizzazione.\";s:11:\"Clear index\";s:14:\"Pulisci indice\";s:18:\"Top search phrases\";s:46:\"Espressioni di ricerca maggiormente utilizzate\";s:33:\"View most popular search phrases.\";s:47:\"Guarda le espressioni di ricerca più popolari.\";s:13:\"Re-index site\";s:19:\"Reindicizza il sito\";s:26:\"The index will be rebuilt.\";s:27:\"L\'indice sarà ricostruito.\";s:41:\"%percentage of the site has been indexed.\";s:42:\"%percentage del sito è stata indicizzata.\";s:15:\"Indexing status\";s:25:\"Stato dell\'indicizzazione\";s:17:\"Indexing throttle\";s:30:\"Limitatore dell\'indicizzazione\";s:27:\"Items to index per cron run\";s:42:\"Oggetti da indicizzare per operazione cron\";s:17:\"Indexing settings\";s:27:\"Impostazioni indicizzazione\";s:28:\"Minimum word length to index\";s:44:\"Lunghezza minima della parola da indicizzare\";s:19:\"Simple CJK handling\";s:21:\"Semplice gestione CJK\";s:43:\"Are you sure you want to re-index the site?\";s:44:\"Sei sicuro di volere reindicizzare il sito ?\";s:14:\"%keys (@type).\";s:14:\"%keys (@type).\";s:7:\"results\";s:9:\"risultati\";s:14:\"Search results\";s:23:\"Risultati della ricerca\";s:30:\"Your search yielded no results\";s:40:\"La tua ricerca non ha prodotto risultati\";s:19:\"Enter your keywords\";s:30:\"Inserisci le chiavi di ricerca\";s:27:\"Please enter some keywords.\";s:43:\"Devi inserire una o più chiavi di ricerca.\";s:39:\"Enter the terms you wish to search for.\";s:31:\"Inserisci i termini da cercare.\";s:6:\"search\";s:8:\"\'search\'\";s:30:\"There is 1 item left to index.\";s:38:\"Manca un solo elemento da indicizzare.\";s:37:\"There are @count items left to index.\";s:38:\"Ci sono @count oggetti da indicizzare.\";s:14:\"search content\";s:21:\"cerca tra i contenuti\";s:19:\"use advanced search\";s:23:\"usa la ricerca avanzata\";s:17:\"administer search\";s:18:\"amministra ricerca\";s:41:\"This page shows you the most recent hits.\";s:43:\"Questa pagina mostra le visite più recenti\";s:11:\"Recent hits\";s:14:\"Visite recenti\";s:43:\"View pages that have recently been visited.\";s:53:\"Vedi le pagine che hanno ricevuto visite recentemente\";s:9:\"Top pages\";s:17:\"Pagine più viste\";s:41:\"View pages that have been hit frequently.\";s:56:\"Mostra le pagine che sono state cliccate frequentemente.\";s:12:\"Top visitors\";s:24:\"Visitatori più presenti\";s:34:\"View visitors that hit many pages.\";s:52:\"Mostra i visitatori che hanno cliccato molte pagine.\";s:13:\"Top referrers\";s:18:\"Maggiori referenti\";s:19:\"View top referrers.\";s:28:\"Mostra i maggiori referenti.\";s:16:\"View access log.\";s:28:\"Mostra il log degli accessi.\";s:19:\"Access log settings\";s:34:\"Impostazioni del log degli accessi\";s:50:\"Control details about what and how your site logs.\";s:67:\"Controlla nei dettagli cosa e come il tuo sito registra gli eventi.\";s:17:\"Track page visits\";s:29:\"Traccia le visite alle pagina\";s:7:\"details\";s:8:\"dettagli\";s:9:\"Timestamp\";s:10:\"Data e ora\";s:4:\"Hits\";s:6:\"Visite\";s:28:\"Average page generation time\";s:39:\"Tempo medio di generazione della pagina\";s:26:\"Total page generation time\";s:40:\"Tempo totale di generazione della pagina\";s:8:\"%time ms\";s:8:\"%time ms\";s:31:\"Top pages in the past %interval\";s:40:\"Pagine più viste negli ultimi %interval\";s:5:\"unban\";s:9:\"riabilita\";s:3:\"ban\";s:9:\"proibisci\";s:34:\"Top visitors in the past %interval\";s:40:\"Pagine più viste negli ultimi %interval\";s:35:\"Top referrers in the past %interval\";s:46:\"Referrer più frequenti negli ultimi %interval\";s:3:\"Url\";s:3:\"Url\";s:10:\"Last visit\";s:13:\"Ultima visita\";s:17:\"Enable access log\";s:27:\"Attiva il log degli accessi\";s:55:\"Log each page access. Required for referrer statistics.\";s:87:\"Scrive nel log ogni accesso alle pagine. E\' richiesto per le statistiche dei referenti.\";s:30:\"Discard access logs older than\";s:43:\"Elimina il log degli accessi più vecchi di\";s:32:\"Content viewing counter settings\";s:42:\"Impostazioni contatore visite al contenuto\";s:19:\"Count content views\";s:28:\"Conta le visite ai contenuti\";s:48:\"Increment a counter each time content is viewed.\";s:51:\"Incrementa un contatore a ogni visita al contenuto.\";s:15:\"Popular content\";s:20:\"Contenuti più visti\";s:36:\"Number of day\'s top views to display\";s:43:\"Numero di più visti del giorno da mostrare\";s:48:\"How many content items to display in \"day\" list.\";s:51:\"Quanti contenuti mostrare nell\'elenco \"per giorno\".\";s:35:\"Number of all time views to display\";s:32:\"Numero visite totali da mostrare\";s:53:\"How many content items to display in \"all time\" list.\";s:50:\"Quanti contenuti mostrare nell\'elenco \"in totale\".\";s:38:\"Number of most recent views to display\";s:41:\"Numero di visite più recenti da mostrare\";s:60:\"How many content items to display in \"recently viewed\" list.\";s:57:\"Quanti contenuti mostrare nell\'elenco \"visti di recente\".\";s:8:\"Today\'s:\";s:8:\"Di oggi:\";s:9:\"All time:\";s:10:\"In totale:\";s:12:\"Last viewed:\";s:14:\"Ultima visita:\";s:6:\"1 read\";s:13:\"letto 1 volta\";s:12:\"@count reads\";s:14:\"@count letture\";s:17:\"access statistics\";s:23:\"accede alle statistiche\";s:24:\"view post access counter\";s:45:\"visualizza il contatore degli accessi al post\";s:10:\"statistics\";s:11:\"statistiche\";s:46:\"You can <a href=\"@cron\">run cron manually</a>.\";s:51:\"Puoi <a href=\"@cron\">eseguire cron manualmente</a>.\";s:5:\"Story\";s:6:\"Storia\";s:10:\"Web server\";s:11:\"Web server \";s:72:\"Your PHP installation is too old. Drupal requires at least PHP %version.\";s:78:\"La versione di PHP è troppo vecchia. Drupal necessita almeno di PHP %version.\";s:13:\"Not protected\";s:12:\"Non protetto\";s:9:\"Protected\";s:8:\"Protetto\";s:18:\"Configuration file\";s:22:\"File di configurazione\";s:18:\"Last run !time ago\";s:27:\"Ultima esecuzione: !time fa\";s:9:\"Never run\";s:11:\"Mai avviato\";s:22:\"Cron maintenance tasks\";s:33:\"Attività di manutenzione di cron\";s:41:\"The directory %directory is not writable.\";s:56:\"La directory %directory non è accessibile in scrittura.\";s:12:\"Not writable\";s:14:\"Non scrivibile\";s:42:\"Writable (<em>public</em> download method)\";s:52:\"Scrivibile (modalità di download <em>pubblico</em>)\";s:43:\"Writable (<em>private</em> download method)\";s:51:\"Scrivibile (modalità di download <em>privato</em>)\";s:15:\"Database schema\";s:19:\"Schema del database\";s:10:\"Up to date\";s:10:\"Aggiornato\";s:11:\"Out of date\";s:14:\"Non aggiornato\";s:71:\"This page shows you all available administration tasks for each module.\";s:92:\"Questa pagina visualizza tutti i processi di amministrazione disponibili per ciascun modulo.\";s:10:\"Administer\";s:10:\"Amministra\";s:12:\"Compact mode\";s:18:\"Modalità compatta\";s:7:\"By task\";s:17:\"Per funzionalità\";s:9:\"By module\";s:10:\"Per modulo\";s:18:\"Site configuration\";s:23:\"Configurazione del sito\";s:40:\"Adjust basic site configuration options.\";s:60:\"Amministra le opzioni principali di configurazione del sito.\";s:13:\"Site building\";s:18:\"Struttura del sito\";s:38:\"Control how your site looks and feels.\";s:33:\"Controlla l\'aspetto del tuo sito.\";s:20:\"Administration theme\";s:20:\"Tema amministrazione\";s:55:\"Settings for how your administrative pages should look.\";s:71:\"Impostazioni riguardanti l\'aspetto delle tue pagine di amministrazione.\";s:6:\"Themes\";s:4:\"Temi\";s:57:\"Change which theme your site uses or allows users to set.\";s:74:\"Cambia il tema usato dal tuo sito o permette gli utenti di impostarne uno.\";s:25:\"Select the default theme.\";s:30:\"Seleziona il tema predefinito.\";s:15:\"Global settings\";s:20:\"Impostazioni globali\";s:7:\"Modules\";s:6:\"Moduli\";s:47:\"Enable or disable add-on modules for your site.\";s:62:\"Attiva o disattiva moduli aggiuntivi (add-on) per il tuo sito.\";s:9:\"Uninstall\";s:11:\"Disinstalla\";s:16:\"Site information\";s:21:\"Informazioni sul sito\";s:15:\"Error reporting\";s:16:\"Avviso di errore\";s:11:\"Performance\";s:11:\"Prestazioni\";s:68:\"Tell Drupal where to store uploaded files and how they are accessed.\";s:99:\"informa Drupal su quale cartella usare per caricare files e in che modo possono essere accessibili.\";s:13:\"Image toolkit\";s:23:\"Toolkit per le immagini\";s:74:\"Choose which image toolkit to use if you have installed optional toolkits.\";s:76:\"Scegli quale toolkit per immagini usare se hai installato toolkit opzionali.\";s:14:\"RSS publishing\";s:17:\"Pubblicazione RSS\";s:13:\"Date and time\";s:10:\"Data e ora\";s:16:\"Site maintenance\";s:21:\"Manutenzione del sito\";s:63:\"Take the site off-line for maintenance or bring it back online.\";s:60:\"Mette il sito offline per manutenzione, o lo riporta online.\";s:10:\"Clean URLs\";s:16:\"URL semplificati\";s:43:\"Enable or disable clean URLs for your site.\";s:58:\"Attiva o disattiva gli URL \"semplificati\" per il tuo sito.\";s:4:\"Logs\";s:3:\"Log\";s:46:\"View system logs and other status information.\";s:62:\"Visualizza il log di sistema e altre informazioni sullo stato.\";s:13:\"Status report\";s:8:\"Rapporto\";s:74:\"Get a status report about your site\'s operation and any detected problems.\";s:81:\"Ottieni un rapporto riguardo le operazioni del tuo sito e ogni problema rilevato.\";s:8:\"Run cron\";s:10:\"Avvia Cron\";s:3:\"SQL\";s:3:\"SQL\";s:70:\"Selecting a different theme will change the look and feel of the site.\";s:58:\"Selezionando un tema diverso si cambia l\'aspetto del sito.\";s:15:\"Locale settings\";s:24:\"Impostazioni fuso orario\";s:9:\"Time zone\";s:11:\"Fuso orario\";s:14:\"System default\";s:23:\"Predefinito del sistema\";s:19:\"Theme configuration\";s:19:\"Configurazione tema\";s:27:\"Screenshot for %theme theme\";s:25:\"Anteprima del tema %theme\";s:13:\"no screenshot\";s:16:\"nessun\'anteprima\";s:20:\"(site default theme)\";s:18:\"(tema predefinito)\";s:10:\"Screenshot\";s:9:\"Anteprima\";s:26:\"The name of this web site.\";s:27:\"Il nome di questo sito Web.\";s:6:\"Slogan\";s:6:\"Slogan\";s:72:\"The slogan of this website. Some themes display a slogan when available.\";s:76:\"Lo slogan di questo sito Web. Alcuni temi mostrano lo slogan se disponibile.\";s:7:\"Mission\";s:7:\"Mission\";s:39:\"Your site\'s mission statement or focus.\";s:50:\"La dichiarazione della vostra mission o obiettivo.\";s:14:\"Footer message\";s:26:\"Messaggio a piè di pagina\";s:14:\"Anonymous user\";s:14:\"Utente anonimo\";s:42:\"The name used to indicate anonymous users.\";s:50:\"Il nome utilizzato per indicare gli utenti anonimi\";s:18:\"Default front page\";s:24:\"Prima pagina predefinita\";s:22:\"Run the clean URL test\";s:30:\"Avvia il test URL semplificati\";s:32:\"Default 403 (access denied) page\";s:39:\"Pagina 403 predefinita (accesso negato)\";s:28:\"Default 404 (not found) page\";s:36:\"Pagina 404 predefinita (non trovato)\";s:23:\"Write errors to the log\";s:25:\"Scrivi gli errori nel log\";s:41:\"Write errors to the log and to the screen\";s:37:\"Scrive gli errori nel log e a schermo\";s:5:\"Never\";s:3:\"Mai\";s:30:\"Discard log entries older than\";s:39:\"Elimina le voci del log più vecchie di\";s:10:\"Page cache\";s:12:\"Cache pagina\";s:12:\"Caching mode\";s:20:\"Modalità di caching\";s:37:\"Normal (recommended, no side effects)\";s:50:\"Normale (consigliato, nessun effetto indesiderato)\";s:48:\"Aggressive (experts only, possible side effects)\";s:69:\"Aggressiva (per utenti esperti, possibilità di effetti indesiderati)\";s:22:\"Minimum cache lifetime\";s:19:\"Durata minima cache\";s:23:\"Bandwidth optimizations\";s:20:\"Ottimizzazioni banda\";s:32:\"Aggregate and compress CSS files\";s:29:\"Aggrega e comprime i file CSS\";s:16:\"File system path\";s:19:\"Percorso di sistema\";s:19:\"Temporary directory\";s:20:\"Directory temporanea\";s:15:\"Download method\";s:18:\"Metodo di download\";s:49:\"Public - files are available using HTTP directly.\";s:72:\"Pubblico - i file sono resi disponibili utilizzando direttamente l\'HTTP.\";s:42:\"Private - files are transferred by Drupal.\";s:43:\"Privato - i file sono trasferiti da Drupal.\";s:34:\"Select an image processing toolkit\";s:51:\"Seleziona un toolkit per l\'elaborazione di immagini\";s:24:\"Number of items per feed\";s:21:\"N. elementi per fonte\";s:49:\"The default number of items to include in a feed.\";s:59:\"Il numero di default di elementi da includere in un flusso.\";s:25:\"Display of XML feed items\";s:29:\"Visualizza elementi fonte XML\";s:11:\"Titles only\";s:11:\"Solo titoli\";s:18:\"Titles plus teaser\";s:18:\"Titoli e anteprime\";s:9:\"Full text\";s:14:\"Testo completo\";s:17:\"Default time zone\";s:23:\"Fuso orario predefinito\";s:34:\"Select the default site time zone.\";s:49:\"Seleziona il fuso orario predefinito per il sito.\";s:23:\"Configurable time zones\";s:24:\"Fusi orari configurabili\";s:17:\"Short date format\";s:18:\"Formato data breve\";s:33:\"The short format of date display.\";s:47:\"Il formato breve di visualizzazione della data.\";s:18:\"Medium date format\";s:18:\"Formato data medio\";s:30:\"The medium sized date display.\";s:47:\"Il formato medio di visualizzazione della data.\";s:16:\"Long date format\";s:18:\"Formato data lungo\";s:45:\"Longer date format used for detailed display.\";s:55:\"Il formato lungo per visualizzare la data nei dettagli.\";s:17:\"First day of week\";s:28:\"Primo giorno della settimana\";s:45:\"The first day of the week for calendar views.\";s:46:\"Il primo giorno della settimana nei calendari.\";s:11:\"Site status\";s:14:\"Stato del sito\";s:6:\"Online\";s:6:\"Online\";s:8:\"Off-line\";s:8:\"Off-line\";s:21:\"Site off-line message\";s:27:\"Messaggio del sito Off-line\";s:59:\"Message to show visitors when the site is in off-line mode.\";s:86:\"Messaggio che verrà mostrato ai visitatori quando il sito è in modalità \"Off-line\".\";s:55:\"The settings have not been saved because of the errors.\";s:56:\"I parametri non sono stati salvati a causa degli errori.\";s:66:\"The configuration options have been reset to their default values.\";s:75:\"Le opzioni di configurazione sono state ripristinate ai valori predefiniti.\";s:42:\"The configuration options have been saved.\";s:48:\"Le opzioni di configurazione sono state salvate.\";s:47:\" (<span class=\"admin-disabled\">disabled</span>)\";s:48:\" (<span class=\"admin-disabled\">disattivo</span>)\";s:45:\" (<span class=\"admin-missing\">missing</span>)\";s:45:\" (<span class=\"admin-missing\">assente</span>)\";s:45:\" (<span class=\"admin-enabled\">enabled</span>)\";s:44:\" (<span class=\"admin-enabled\">attivo</span>)\";s:25:\"Depends on: !dependencies\";s:23:\"Richiede: !dependencies\";s:22:\"Required by: !required\";s:23:\"Richiesto da: !required\";s:37:\"Some required modules must be enabled\";s:46:\"Qualche modulo necessario deve essere attivato\";s:51:\"Would you like to continue with enabling the above?\";s:54:\"Desideri continuare con l\'attivazione del sopracitato?\";s:8:\"Continue\";s:8:\"Continua\";s:7:\"Version\";s:8:\"Versione\";s:5:\"Other\";s:5:\"Altro\";s:17:\"Confirm uninstall\";s:25:\"Conferma disinstallazione\";s:55:\"Would you like to continue with uninstalling the above?\";s:60:\"Desideri continuare con la disinstallazione del sopracitato?\";s:38:\"No modules are available to uninstall.\";s:44:\"Non è possibile disinstallare alcun modulo.\";s:20:\"No modules selected.\";s:26:\"Nessun modulo selezionato.\";s:43:\"The selected modules have been uninstalled.\";s:46:\"I moduli selezionati sono stati disinstallati.\";s:21:\"Cron ran successfully\";s:25:\"Cron avviato con successo\";s:15:\"Cron run failed\";s:21:\"Avvio di Cron fallito\";s:8:\"Variable\";s:9:\"Variabile\";s:5:\"Value\";s:6:\"Valore\";s:16:\"Command counters\";s:17:\"Contatori comando\";s:45:\"The number of <code>SELECT</code>-statements.\";s:53:\"Il numero umero di dichiarazioni <code>SELECT</code>.\";s:45:\"The number of <code>INSERT</code>-statements.\";s:47:\"Il numero di dichiarazioni <code>INSERT</code>.\";s:45:\"The number of <code>UPDATE</code>-statements.\";s:47:\"Il numero di dichiarazioni <code>UPDATE</code>.\";s:45:\"The number of <code>DELETE</code>-statements.\";s:47:\"Il numero di dichiarazioni <code>DELETE</code>.\";s:26:\"The number of table locks.\";s:39:\"Numero di chiusure tabella (table lock)\";s:28:\"The number of table unlocks.\";s:41:\"Numero di aperture tabella (table unlock)\";s:17:\"Query performance\";s:23:\"Prestazione della query\";s:53:\"The number of joins without an index; should be zero.\";s:59:\"Numero di join sprovvisti di indice; dovrebbeo essere zero.\";s:64:\"The number of sorts done without using an index; should be zero.\";s:78:\"Numero di ordinamenti eseguiti senza l\'uso di un indice; dovrebbe essere zero.\";s:57:\"The number of times a lock could be acquired immediately.\";s:76:\"Il numero di volte per cui un lock dovrebbe essere acquisito immediatamente.\";s:54:\"The number of times the server had to wait for a lock.\";s:61:\"Numero di volte in cui il server ha dovuto aspettare un lock.\";s:23:\"Query cache information\";s:36:\"Informazione sulla cache delle query\";s:41:\"The number of queries in the query cache.\";s:33:\"Il numero di queries nella cache.\";s:67:\"The number of times that MySQL found previous results in the cache.\";s:76:\"il numero di volte in cui MySQL ha trovato risultati precedenti nella cache.\";s:67:\"The number of times that MySQL added a query to the cache (misses).\";s:75:\"Il numero di volte in cui MySQL ha aggiunto una query nella cache (misses).\";s:62:\"Only JPEG, PNG and GIF images are allowed to be used as logos.\";s:68:\"E\' possibile utilizzare come logo soltanto immagini JPEG, PNG e GIF.\";s:4:\"Logo\";s:4:\"Logo\";s:9:\"Site name\";s:13:\"Nome del sito\";s:11:\"Site slogan\";s:15:\"Slogan del sito\";s:17:\"Mission statement\";s:25:\"Descrizione della mission\";s:22:\"User pictures in posts\";s:34:\"Ritratto dell\'utente nei contenuti\";s:25:\"User pictures in comments\";s:33:\"Ritratto dell\'utente nei commenti\";s:10:\"Search box\";s:22:\"Finestrella di ricerca\";s:13:\"Shortcut icon\";s:17:\"Icona predefinita\";s:14:\"Toggle display\";s:26:\"Commuta la visualizzazione\";s:55:\"Enable or disable the display of certain page elements.\";s:71:\"Attiva o disattiva la visualizzazione di un dato elemento di una pagina\";s:27:\"Display post information on\";s:39:\"Mostra le informazioni del contenuto su\";s:19:\"Logo image settings\";s:31:\"Impostazioni dell\'immagine logo\";s:52:\"If toggled on, the following logo will be displayed.\";s:48:\"Se attivo, il seguente logo verrà visualizzato.\";s:20:\"Use the default logo\";s:23:\"Usa il logo predefinito\";s:66:\"Check here if you want the theme to use the logo supplied with it.\";s:74:\"Seleziona la casella se vuoi che il tema utilizzi il suo logo predefinito.\";s:19:\"Path to custom logo\";s:28:\"Path del logo personalizzato\";s:17:\"Upload logo image\";s:22:\"Carica l\'immagine logo\";s:22:\"Shortcut icon settings\";s:32:\"Impostazioni specifiche del logo\";s:30:\"Use the default shortcut icon.\";s:23:\"Usa l\'icona predefinita\";s:66:\"Check here if you want the theme to use the default shortcut icon.\";s:74:\"Seleziona la casella se vuoi che il tema utilizzi il suo logo predefinito.\";s:19:\"Path to custom icon\";s:30:\"Path dell\'icona personalizzata\";s:17:\"Upload icon image\";s:28:\"Carica l\'immagine dell\'icona\";s:24:\"Engine-specific settings\";s:43:\"Impostazioni specifiche del motore dei temi\";s:23:\"Theme-specific settings\";s:32:\"Impostazioni specifiche del tema\";s:17:\"Show descriptions\";s:18:\"Mostra descrizioni\";s:57:\"Produce a less compact layout that includes descriptions.\";s:59:\"Produci un layout meno compatto che include le descrizioni.\";s:17:\"Hide descriptions\";s:20:\"Nascondi descrizioni\";s:64:\"Produce a more compact layout that doesn\'t include descriptions.\";s:60:\"Produci un layout più compatto che non include descrizioni.\";s:8:\"Get help\";s:5:\"Aiuto\";s:21:\"Configure permissions\";s:18:\"Configura permessi\";s:60:\"You must enable the %dependencies module to install %module.\";s:73:\"E\' consigliabile attivare il modulo %dependencies per installare %module.\";s:61:\"You must enable the %dependencies modules to install %module.\";s:72:\"E\' consigliabile attivare i moduli %dependencies per installare %module.\";s:29:\"administer site configuration\";s:37:\"amministra la configurazione del sito\";s:27:\"access administration pages\";s:37:\"accede alle pagine di amministrazione\";s:22:\"select different theme\";s:28:\"seleziona un tema differente\";s:6:\"system\";s:7:\"sistema\";s:57:\"Create vocabularies and terms to categorize your content.\";s:61:\"Crea vocabolari e termini per categorizzare il tuo contenuto.\";s:14:\"Add vocabulary\";s:20:\"Aggiungi vocabolario\";s:15:\"Edit vocabulary\";s:20:\"Modifica vocabolario\";s:9:\"Edit term\";s:16:\"Modifica termine\";s:13:\"Taxonomy term\";s:24:\"Termine della tassonomia\";s:21:\"Autocomplete taxonomy\";s:29:\"auto-completamento tassonomia\";s:10:\"List terms\";s:13:\"Lista termini\";s:8:\"Add term\";s:16:\"Aggiungi termine\";s:15:\"edit vocabulary\";s:20:\"modifica vocabolario\";s:10:\"list terms\";s:13:\"lista termini\";s:9:\"add terms\";s:16:\"aggiungi termini\";s:24:\"No categories available.\";s:30:\"Nessuna categoria disponibile.\";s:19:\"No terms available.\";s:27:\"Nessun termine disponibile.\";s:15:\"Vocabulary name\";s:20:\"Nome del vocabolario\";s:47:\"The name for this vocabulary. Example: \"Topic\".\";s:58:\"Il nome da assegnare al vocabolario. Esempio: \"Argomento\".\";s:54:\"Description of the vocabulary; can be used by modules.\";s:63:\"Descrizione del vocabolario; può essere utilizzata dai moduli.\";s:9:\"Help text\";s:14:\"Testo di aiuto\";s:57:\"Instructions to present to the user when choosing a term.\";s:62:\"Istruzioni da presentare all\'utente quando sceglie un termine.\";s:5:\"Types\";s:4:\"Tipi\";s:64:\"A list of node types you want to associate with this vocabulary.\";s:60:\"Una lista di tipi di nodo da associare a questo vocabolario.\";s:9:\"Hierarchy\";s:9:\"Gerarchia\";s:6:\"Single\";s:7:\"Singola\";s:8:\"Multiple\";s:8:\"Multipla\";s:13:\"Related terms\";s:17:\"Termini correlati\";s:64:\"Allows <a href=\"@help-url\">related terms</a> in this vocabulary.\";s:83:\"Permette di avere <a href=\"@help-url\">termini correlati</a> per questo vocabolario.\";s:12:\"Free tagging\";s:12:\"Free Tagging\";s:71:\"Content is categorized by typing terms instead of choosing from a list.\";s:97:\"Il contenuto viene categorizzato inserendo i termini \"al volo\" invece di scegliere da una lista.\";s:15:\"Multiple select\";s:18:\"Selezione multipla\";s:29:\"Created new vocabulary %name.\";s:31:\"Nuovo vocabolario %name creato.\";s:25:\"Updated vocabulary %name.\";s:29:\"Vocabolario %name aggiornato.\";s:54:\"Are you sure you want to delete the vocabulary %title?\";s:52:\"Sei sicuro di voler eliminare il vocabolario %title?\";s:25:\"Deleted vocabulary %name.\";s:28:\"vocabolario %name eliminato.\";s:9:\"Term name\";s:16:\"Nome del termine\";s:22:\"The name of this term.\";s:26:\"Il nome di questo termine.\";s:26:\"A description of the term.\";s:24:\"Descrizione del termine.\";s:11:\"Parent term\";s:13:\"Termine padre\";s:7:\"Parents\";s:5:\"Padri\";s:12:\"Parent terms\";s:13:\"Termini padre\";s:8:\"Synonyms\";s:8:\"Sinonimi\";s:68:\"<a href=\"@help-url\">Synonyms</a> of this term, one synonym per line.\";s:73:\"<a href=\"@help-url\">Sinonimi</a> di questo termine, un sinonimo per riga.\";s:23:\"Created new term %term.\";s:27:\"Nuovo termine %term creato.\";s:19:\"Updated term %term.\";s:27:\"Aggiornato il termin %term.\";s:48:\"Are you sure you want to delete the term %title?\";s:48:\"Sei sicuro di voler eliminare il termine %title?\";s:19:\"Deleted term %name.\";s:26:\"Termine \"%name\" eliminato.\";s:53:\"The %name vocabulary can not be modified in this way.\";s:63:\"Il vocabolario %name non può essere modificato in questo modo.\";s:46:\"There are currently no posts in this category.\";s:52:\"Questa categoria non contiene attualmente contenuti.\";s:8:\"taxonomy\";s:10:\"tassonomia\";s:19:\"administer taxonomy\";s:24:\"amministra la tassonomia\";s:15:\"!title by !name\";s:16:\"!title per !name\";s:8:\"by !name\";s:9:\"per !name\";s:29:\"Select all rows in this table\";s:42:\"Seleziona tutte le righe in questa tabella\";s:31:\"Deselect all rows in this table\";s:44:\"Deseleziona tutte le righe in questa tabella\";s:9:\"sort icon\";s:17:\"icona ordinamento\";s:14:\"sort ascending\";s:21:\"ordinamento crescente\";s:15:\"sort descending\";s:23:\"ordinamento decrescente\";s:7:\"updated\";s:10:\"aggiornato\";s:34:\"[<a href=\"@link\">more help...</a>]\";s:35:\"[<a href=\"@link\">più aiuto...</a>]\";s:8:\"XML feed\";s:9:\"Fonte XML\";s:17:\"Syndicate content\";s:19:\"Condividi contenuti\";s:12:\"not verified\";s:14:\"non verificato\";s:57:\"Control how your site cuts out content during heavy load.\";s:76:\"Controlla come il tuo sito taglia via contenuti durante caricamenti pesanti.\";s:32:\"Auto-throttle on anonymous users\";s:44:\"Limitatore automatico per gli utenti anonimi\";s:36:\"Auto-throttle on authenticated users\";s:48:\"Limitatore automatico per gli utenti autenticati\";s:33:\"Auto-throttle probability limiter\";s:48:\"Soglia di probabilità del limitatore automatico\";s:8:\"throttle\";s:10:\"limitatore\";s:40:\"1 user accessing site; throttle enabled.\";s:50:\"1 utente sta visitando il sito; limitatore attivo.\";s:46:\"@count users accessing site; throttle enabled.\";s:58:\"@count utenti stanno visitando il sito; limitatore attivo.\";s:41:\"1 guest accessing site; throttle enabled.\";s:50:\"1 ospite sta visitando il sito; limitatore attivo.\";s:47:\"@count guests accessing site; throttle enabled.\";s:58:\"@count ospiti stanno visitando il sito; limitatore attivo.\";s:41:\"1 guest accessing site; throttle disabled\";s:55:\"1 ospite sta visitando il sito; limitatore disattivato.\";s:47:\"@count guests accessing site; throttle disabled\";s:63:\"@count ospiti stanno visitando il sito; limitatore disattivato.\";s:12:\"Recent posts\";s:17:\"contenuti recenti\";s:16:\"All recent posts\";s:25:\"tutti i contenuti recenti\";s:15:\"My recent posts\";s:22:\"miei contenuti recenti\";s:11:\"Track posts\";s:19:\"Traccia i contenuti\";s:9:\"!time ago\";s:8:\"!time fa\";s:4:\"Post\";s:9:\"Messaggio\";s:12:\"Last updated\";s:20:\"Ultimo aggiornamento\";s:7:\"tracker\";s:12:\"tracciamento\";s:43:\"Could not convert XML encoding %s to UTF-8.\";s:50:\"Impossibile convertire la codifica XML %s a UTF-8.\";s:12:\"Standard PHP\";s:12:\"PHP standard\";s:22:\"PHP Mbstring Extension\";s:27:\"Estensione mbstring per PHP\";s:5:\"Error\";s:6:\"Errore\";s:15:\"Unicode library\";s:16:\"Libreria Unicode\";s:38:\"Read full article to view attachments.\";s:50:\"Leggi l\'articolo completo per vedere gli allegati.\";s:12:\"File uploads\";s:16:\"Caricamenti file\";s:45:\"Control how files may be attached to content.\";s:62:\"Controlla come i files dovrebbero essere allegati al contenuto\";s:69:\"Your PHP settings limit the maximum file size per upload to %size MB.\";s:84:\"Le impostazione PHP limitano la dimensione per il caricamento di un file a %size MB.\";s:65:\"The %role file size limit must be a number and greater than zero.\";s:100:\"Il limite per la dimensione del file per il ruolo %role deve essere un numero o più grande di zero.\";s:7:\"default\";s:11:\"predefinito\";s:16:\"General settings\";s:21:\"Impostazioni generali\";s:38:\"Maximum resolution for uploaded images\";s:44:\"Risoluzione massima per le immagini caricate\";s:12:\"WIDTHxHEIGHT\";s:17:\"LARGHEZZAxALTEZZA\";s:21:\"List files by default\";s:41:\"Elenca file come impostazione predefinita\";s:33:\"Default permitted file extensions\";s:36:\"Estensioni file predefinite permesse\";s:36:\"Default maximum file size per upload\";s:56:\"Dimensione massima del file predefinita per caricamento.\";s:48:\"The default maximum file size a user can upload.\";s:71:\"La dimensione massima predefinita del file che un utente può caricare.\";s:32:\"Default total file size per user\";s:45:\"Dimensione totale file predefinita per utente\";s:66:\"The default maximum size of all files a user can have on the site.\";s:84:\"La dimensione massima predefinita di tutti i file che un utente può avere sul sito.\";s:66:\"Your PHP settings limit the maximum file size per upload to %size.\";s:88:\"Le tue impostazioni PHP limitano la dimensione massima del file per caricamento a %size.\";s:18:\"Settings for @role\";s:22:\"Impostazioni per @role\";s:25:\"Permitted file extensions\";s:28:\"Estensioni del file permesse\";s:28:\"Maximum file size per upload\";s:43:\"Dimensione massima del file per caricamento\";s:60:\"The maximum size of a file a user can upload (in megabytes).\";s:75:\"La dimensione massima di un file che un utente può caricare (in megabyte).\";s:24:\"Total file size per user\";s:37:\"Dimensione totale dei file per utente\";s:73:\"The maximum size of all files a user can have on the site (in megabytes).\";s:93:\"La dimensione massima di tutti i file sommati che un utente può avere sul sito (in megabyte)\";s:11:\"Attachments\";s:8:\"Allegati\";s:16:\"File attachments\";s:13:\"File allegati\";s:38:\"Please contact the site administrator.\";s:43:\"Prego, contattare l\'amministratore del sito\";s:10:\"Attachment\";s:8:\"Allegato\";s:4:\"Size\";s:10:\"Dimensione\";s:57:\"Your filename has been renamed to conform to site policy.\";s:75:\"Il tuo file è stato rinominato per renderlo conforme alle regole del sito.\";s:15:\"Attach new file\";s:17:\"Allega nuovo file\";s:6:\"Attach\";s:8:\"Allegato\";s:12:\"1 attachment\";s:10:\"1 allegato\";s:18:\"@count attachments\";s:15:\"@count allegati\";s:12:\"upload files\";s:12:\"carica files\";s:19:\"view uploaded files\";s:20:\"vedi i file caricati\";s:6:\"upload\";s:11:\"caricamento\";s:26:\"You must enter a username.\";s:29:\"Devi inserire un nome utente.\";s:39:\"The username cannot begin with a space.\";s:50:\"Il nome utente non può cominciare con uno spazio.\";s:37:\"The username cannot end with a space.\";s:49:\"Il nome utente non può terminare con uno spazio.\";s:53:\"The username cannot contain multiple spaces in a row.\";s:57:\"Il nome utente non può contenere più spazi consecutivi.\";s:43:\"The username contains an illegal character.\";s:47:\"Il nome utente contiene caratteri non permessi.\";s:46:\"The username is not a valid authentication ID.\";s:56:\"Il nome utente non è un ID valido per l\'autenticazione.\";s:67:\"The username %name is too long: it must be %max characters or less.\";s:73:\"Il nome utente %name è troppo lungo: deve essere meno di %max caratteri.\";s:33:\"You must enter an e-mail address.\";s:34:\"Devi inserire un indirizzo e-mail.\";s:38:\"The e-mail address %mail is not valid.\";s:39:\"L\'indirizzo e-mail %mail non è valido.\";s:35:\"The uploaded file was not an image.\";s:36:\"Il file caricato non è un immagine.\";s:67:\"The uploaded image is too large; the maximum file size is %size kB.\";s:81:\"L\'immagine caricata è troppo grande; la dimensione massima del file è %size kB.\";s:5:\"Users\";s:6:\"Utenti\";s:10:\"Member for\";s:9:\"Membro da\";s:16:\"Account settings\";s:20:\"Impostazioni account\";s:8:\"Username\";s:11:\"Nome utente\";s:6:\"Log in\";s:6:\"Accedi\";s:18:\"Create new account\";s:18:\"Crea nuovo profilo\";s:26:\"Create a new user account.\";s:29:\"Crea un nuovo profilo utente.\";s:20:\"Request new password\";s:23:\"Richiedi nuova password\";s:32:\"Request new password via e-mail.\";s:35:\"Richiedi nuova password via e-mail.\";s:10:\"User login\";s:12:\"Login utente\";s:9:\"Who\'s new\";s:12:\"Nuovi utenti\";s:12:\"Who\'s online\";s:13:\"Chi è online\";s:26:\"Number of users to display\";s:35:\"Numero di utenti online da mostrare\";s:13:\"User activity\";s:16:\"Attività utente\";s:16:\"User list length\";s:28:\"Lunghezza dell\'elenco utenti\";s:52:\"Maximum number of currently online users to display.\";s:44:\"Numero massimo di utenti online da mostrare.\";s:49:\"There is currently %members and %visitors online.\";s:50:\"Ci sono attualmente %members e %visitors collegati\";s:50:\"There are currently %members and %visitors online.\";s:51:\"Ci sono attualmente %members e %visitors collegati.\";s:12:\"Online users\";s:13:\"Utenti online\";s:15:\"@user\'s picture\";s:17:\"ritratto di @user\";s:12:\"User account\";s:14:\"Profilo utente\";s:17:\"User autocomplete\";s:24:\"Autocompletamento utente\";s:14:\"Reset password\";s:19:\"Ripristina password\";s:15:\"User management\";s:15:\"Gestione utente\";s:61:\"Manage your site\'s users, groups and access to site features.\";s:68:\"Amministra le impostazioni di utenti, gruppi ed accessi su tuo sito.\";s:26:\"List, add, and edit users.\";s:39:\"Elenca, aggiungi e modifica gli utenti.\";s:8:\"Add user\";s:15:\"Aggiungi utente\";s:13:\"User settings\";s:19:\"Impostazioni utente\";s:14:\"Access control\";s:17:\"Controllo accessi\";s:64:\"Determine access to features by selecting permissions for roles.\";s:75:\"Determina l\'accesso alle funzioni selezionando i permessi per ruolo utente.\";s:30:\"List, edit, or add user roles.\";s:43:\"Elenca, aggiungi o modifica i ruoli utente.\";s:9:\"Edit role\";s:14:\"Modifica ruolo\";s:12:\"Access rules\";s:17:\"Regole di accesso\";s:8:\"Add rule\";s:15:\"Aggiungi regola\";s:11:\"Check rules\";s:16:\"Controlla regole\";s:9:\"Edit rule\";s:15:\"Modifica regola\";s:11:\"Delete rule\";s:14:\"Elimina regola\";s:12:\"Search users\";s:12:\"Cerca utente\";s:21:\"Search users by name.\";s:22:\"Cerca utente per nome.\";s:10:\"My account\";s:14:\"Profilo utente\";s:7:\"Log out\";s:4:\"Esci\";s:64:\"Enter your @s username, or an ID from one of our affiliates: !a.\";s:78:\"Inserisci il tuo nome utente @s, oppure un ID da uno dei nostri affiliati: !a.\";s:23:\"Enter your @s username.\";s:32:\"Inserisci il tuo nome utente @s.\";s:50:\"Enter the password that accompanies your username.\";s:66:\"Inserisci la password associata al tuo nome utente su questo sito.\";s:56:\"The username %name has not been activated or is blocked.\";s:57:\"Il nome utente %name non è stato attivato o è bloccato.\";s:38:\"The name %name is a reserved username.\";s:27:\"Il nome %name è riservato.\";s:31:\"Login attempt failed for %user.\";s:39:\"Tentativo di accesso fallito per %user.\";s:25:\"Session opened for %name.\";s:26:\"Sessione aperta per %name.\";s:44:\"External load by %user using module %module.\";s:63:\"Caricamento esterno dall\'utente %user usando il modulo %module.\";s:46:\"New external user: %user using module %module.\";s:53:\"Nuovo utente esterno: %user usando il modulo %module.\";s:25:\"Session closed for %name.\";s:26:\"Sessione chiusa per %name.\";s:26:\"Username or e-mail address\";s:30:\"Nome utente o indirizzo e-mail\";s:19:\"E-mail new password\";s:35:\"Invia una nuova password via e-mail\";s:66:\"Sorry, %name is not recognized as a user name or an email address.\";s:79:\"Specente. %name non è riconosciuto come un nome utente od un indirizzo e-mail.\";s:54:\"Password reset instructions mailed to %name at %email.\";s:97:\"Le istruzioni per il ripristino della password per %name sono state spedite all\'indirizzo %email.\";s:59:\"Further instructions have been sent to your e-mail address.\";s:66:\"Ulteriori informazioni sono state inviate al tuo indirizzo e-mail.\";s:61:\"Error mailing password reset instructions to %name at %email.\";s:64:\"Errore nell\'invio della password per %name all\'indirizzo %email.\";s:51:\"Unable to send mail. Please contact the site admin.\";s:66:\"Impossibile inviare la mail. Contattare l\'amministratore del sito.\";s:55:\"User %name used one-time login link at time %timestamp.\";s:90:\"L\'utente %name ha usato il link per l\'accesso, usabile una sola volta, in data %timestamp.\";s:33:\"This login can be used only once.\";s:45:\"Questo login può essere usato solo una volta\";s:26:\"Notify user of new account\";s:35:\"Notifica l\'utente del nuovo profilo\";s:58:\"Detected malicious attempt to alter protected user fields.\";s:63:\"Individuato tentativo malevolo di altera campi utente protetti.\";s:23:\"New user: %name %email.\";s:27:\"Nuovo utente: %name %email.\";s:34:\"Drupal user account details for !s\";s:36:\"Dettagli profilo utente Drupal di !s\";s:52:\"Created a new user account. No e-mail has been sent.\";s:77:\"Il nuovo profilo utente è stato creato. Non è stata spedita nessuna e-mail.\";s:48:\"!username has applied for an account.\n\n!edit_uri\";s:45:\"!username ha richiesto un profilo.\n\n!edit_uri\";s:19:\"Account information\";s:31:\"Informazioni sul profilo utente\";s:54:\"Provide a password for the new account in both fields.\";s:62:\"Fornisci una password per il nuovo account in entrambi i campi\";s:7:\"Blocked\";s:8:\"Bloccato\";s:18:\"authenticated user\";s:18:\"utente autenticato\";s:7:\"Picture\";s:8:\"Ritratto\";s:14:\"Delete picture\";s:17:\"Cancella ritratto\";s:46:\"Check this box to delete your current picture.\";s:63:\"Seleziona questa casella per eliminare il tuo attuale ritratto.\";s:14:\"Upload picture\";s:15:\"Carica ritratto\";s:32:\"The name %name is already taken.\";s:28:\"Il nome %name è già usato.\";s:38:\"The name %name has been denied access.\";s:40:\"Al nome %name è stato negato l\'accesso.\";s:49:\"The e-mail address %email has been denied access.\";s:54:\"All\'indirizzo e-mail %email è stato negato l\'accesso.\";s:55:\"The account does not exist or has already been deleted.\";s:43:\"L\'account non esiste o è stato cancellato.\";s:50:\"Are you sure you want to delete the account %name?\";s:41:\"Sei sicuro di cancellare l\'account %name?\";s:27:\"Deleted user: %name %email.\";s:32:\"Utente cancellato: %name %email.\";s:23:\"%name has been deleted.\";s:26:\"%name è stato cancellato.\";s:28:\"The changes have been saved.\";s:33:\"I cambiamenti sono stati salvati.\";s:38:\"Account details for !username at !site\";s:45:\"Dettagli per il profilo di !username su !site\";s:52:\"An administrator created an account for you at !site\";s:54:\"Un amministratore ha creato un profilo per te su !site\";s:63:\"Account details for !username at !site (pending admin approval)\";s:60:\"Dettagli per profilo di !username su !site (in approvazione)\";s:52:\"Replacement login information for !username at !site\";s:60:\"Informazioni sostitutive per l\'accesso di !username su !site\";s:58:\"Enter a username to check if it will be denied or allowed.\";s:68:\"Inserisci un nome utente per controllare se sarà permesso o negato.\";s:14:\"Check username\";s:24:\"Controlla il nome utente\";s:65:\"Enter an e-mail address to check if it will be denied or allowed.\";s:81:\"Inserisci un indirizzo e-mail per controllare se sarà bloccato oppure consentito\";s:12:\"Check e-mail\";s:28:\"Controlla l\'indirizzo e-mail\";s:72:\"Enter a hostname or IP address to check if it will be denied or allowed.\";s:87:\"Inserisci un hostname o un indirizzo IP per controllare se sarà bloccato o consentito.\";s:14:\"Check hostname\";s:18:\"Controlla hostname\";s:59:\"No value entered. Please enter a test string and try again.\";s:79:\"Nessun valore inserito. Prego, inserisci una stringa di testo e prova di nuovo.\";s:34:\"The username %name is not allowed.\";s:37:\"Il nome utente %name non è permesso.\";s:30:\"The username %name is allowed.\";s:33:\"Il nome utente %name è permesso.\";s:40:\"The e-mail address %mail is not allowed.\";s:41:\"L\'indirizzo e-mail %mail non è permesso.\";s:36:\"The e-mail address %mail is allowed.\";s:37:\"L\'indirizzo e-mail %mail è permesso.\";s:34:\"The hostname %host is not allowed.\";s:33:\"L\'hostname %host non è permesso.\";s:30:\"The hostname %host is allowed.\";s:29:\"L\'hostname %host è permesso.\";s:22:\"You must enter a mask.\";s:27:\"Devi inserire una maschera.\";s:31:\"The access rule has been added.\";s:39:\"La regola di accesso è stata aggiunta.\";s:8:\"username\";s:11:\"nome utente\";s:6:\"e-mail\";s:6:\"e-mail\";s:4:\"host\";s:4:\"host\";s:57:\"Are you sure you want to delete the @type rule for %rule?\";s:56:\"Sei sicuro di voler eliminare la regole @type per %rule?\";s:33:\"The access rule has been deleted.\";s:39:\"La regola di accesso è stata eliminata\";s:31:\"The access rule has been saved.\";s:37:\"La regola di accesso è stata salvata\";s:9:\"Save rule\";s:12:\"Salva regola\";s:11:\"Access type\";s:15:\"Tipo di accesso\";s:5:\"Allow\";s:8:\"Permetti\";s:4:\"Deny\";s:4:\"Nega\";s:4:\"Host\";s:4:\"Host\";s:9:\"Rule type\";s:14:\"Tipo di regola\";s:4:\"Mask\";s:8:\"Maschera\";s:54:\"Matches any number of characters, even zero characters\";s:67:\"Corrisponde a qualsiasi numero di caratteri, incluso zero caratteri\";s:30:\"Matches exactly one character.\";s:39:\"Corrisponde esattamente ad un carattere\";s:5:\"allow\";s:8:\"permetti\";s:4:\"deny\";s:4:\"nega\";s:36:\"There are currently no access rules.\";s:41:\"Non ci sono attualmente regole di accesso\";s:16:\"Save permissions\";s:16:\"Salva i permessi\";s:14:\"@module module\";s:14:\"modulo @module\";s:10:\"Permission\";s:8:\"Permesso\";s:9:\"Role name\";s:14:\"Nome del ruolo\";s:9:\"Save role\";s:11:\"Salva ruolo\";s:11:\"Delete role\";s:14:\"Cancella ruolo\";s:8:\"Add role\";s:14:\"Aggiungi ruolo\";s:68:\"The role name %name already exists. Please choose another role name.\";s:55:\"Il ruolo col nome %name esiste già. Scegline un\'altro.\";s:35:\"You must specify a valid role name.\";s:52:\"Devi specificare un nome valido per il ruolo utente.\";s:26:\"The role has been renamed.\";s:29:\"Il ruolo è stato rinominato.\";s:26:\"The role has been deleted.\";s:29:\"Il ruolo è stato cancellato.\";s:24:\"The role has been added.\";s:27:\"Il ruolo è stato aggiunto.\";s:16:\"edit permissions\";s:17:\"modifica permessi\";s:9:\"edit role\";s:14:\"modifica ruolo\";s:11:\"Last access\";s:14:\"Ultimo accesso\";s:7:\"blocked\";s:8:\"bloccato\";s:6:\"active\";s:6:\"attivo\";s:19:\"No users available.\";s:25:\"Nessun utente disponibile\";s:18:\"No users selected.\";s:25:\"Nessun utente selezionato\";s:26:\"Unblock the selected users\";s:30:\"Sblocca gli utenti selezionati\";s:24:\"Block the selected users\";s:29:\"Blocca gli utenti selezionati\";s:25:\"Delete the selected users\";s:30:\"Elimina gli utenti selezionati\";s:32:\"Add a role to the selected users\";s:44:\"Aggiungi un ruolo per gli utenti selezionati\";s:37:\"Remove a role from the selected users\";s:50:\"Rimuovi il ruolo assegnato agli utenti selezionati\";s:44:\"Are you sure you want to delete these users?\";s:45:\"Sei sicuro di voler cancellare questi utenti?\";s:28:\"The users have been deleted.\";s:33:\"Gli utenti sono stati cancellati.\";s:26:\"User registration settings\";s:46:\"Impostazioni per la registrazione degli utenti\";s:20:\"Public registrations\";s:22:\"Registrazioni pubblihe\";s:54:\"Only site administrators can create new user accounts.\";s:61:\"Solo gli amministratori del sito possono creare nuovi utonti.\";s:71:\"Visitors can create accounts and no administrator approval is required.\";s:93:\"I visitatori possono creare profili e nessuna approvazione degli amministratori è richiesta.\";s:68:\"Visitors can create accounts but administrator approval is required.\";s:88:\"I visitatori possono creare profili ma l\'approvazione degli amministratori è richiesta.\";s:61:\"Require e-mail verification when a visitor creates an account\";s:80:\"Richiedi la verifica dell\'indirizzo e-mail quando un visitatore crea un profilo.\";s:28:\"User registration guidelines\";s:44:\"Linee guida per la registrazione dell\'utente\";s:20:\"User e-mail settings\";s:32:\"Impostazioni e-mail per l\'utente\";s:25:\"Subject of welcome e-mail\";s:33:\"Soggetto dell\'e-mail di benvenuto\";s:24:\"Available variables are:\";s:30:\"Le variabili disponibili sono:\";s:22:\"Body of welcome e-mail\";s:30:\"Corpo dell\'e-mail di benvenuto\";s:57:\"Subject of welcome e-mail (user created by administrator)\";s:69:\"Soggetto dell\'e-mail di benvenuto (utente creato dall\'amministratore)\";s:54:\"Body of welcome e-mail (user created by administrator)\";s:66:\"Corpo dell\'e-mail di benvenuto (utente creato dall\'amministratore)\";s:51:\"Subject of welcome e-mail (awaiting admin approval)\";s:61:\"Soggetto dell\'e-mail di benvenuto (in attesa di approvazione)\";s:48:\"Body of welcome e-mail (awaiting admin approval)\";s:58:\"Corpo dell\'e-mail di benvenuto (in attesa di approvazione)\";s:35:\"Subject of password recovery e-mail\";s:47:\"Soggetto dell\'e-mail di recupero della password\";s:56:\"Customize the subject of your forgotten password e-mail.\";s:68:\"Personalizza il soggetto dell\'e-mail per il recupero della password.\";s:32:\"Body of password recovery e-mail\";s:48:\"Corpo dell\'e-mail per il recupero della password\";s:52:\"Customize the body of the forgotten password e-mail.\";s:65:\"Personalizza il corpo dell\'e-mail per il recupero della password.\";s:8:\"Pictures\";s:8:\"Ritratti\";s:15:\"Picture support\";s:17:\"Supporto ritratti\";s:23:\"Enable picture support.\";s:28:\"Attiva il supporto ritratti.\";s:18:\"Picture image path\";s:37:\"Percorso per le immagini dei ritratti\";s:65:\"Subdirectory in the directory %dir where pictures will be stored.\";s:58:\"La sottodirectory in %dir dove i ritratti saranno salvati.\";s:15:\"Default picture\";s:20:\"Ritratto predefinito\";s:26:\"Picture maximum dimensions\";s:31:\"Dimensione massima del ritratto\";s:43:\"Maximum dimensions for pictures, in pixels.\";s:44:\"Dimensione massima per i ritratti, in pixel.\";s:25:\"Picture maximum file size\";s:31:\"Dimensione massima del ritratto\";s:38:\"Maximum file size for pictures, in kB.\";s:42:\"Dimensione massimma per i ritratti, in kB.\";s:18:\"Picture guidelines\";s:27:\"Linee guida per il ritratto\";s:21:\"one of our affiliates\";s:24:\"uno dei nostri affiliati\";s:4:\"role\";s:5:\"ruolo\";s:6:\"module\";s:6:\"modulo\";s:10:\"permission\";s:8:\"permesso\";s:21:\"Show only users where\";s:27:\"Mostra solo gli utenti dove\";s:4:\"user\";s:6:\"utente\";s:7:\"1 guest\";s:12:\"1 visitatore\";s:13:\"@count guests\";s:17:\"@count visitatori\";s:25:\"administer access control\";s:31:\"amministra il controllo accessi\";s:16:\"administer users\";s:17:\"amministra utenti\";s:20:\"access user profiles\";s:24:\"accede ai profili utente\";s:19:\"change own username\";s:25:\"cambia il suo nome utente\";s:18:\"Recent log entries\";s:11:\"Log recenti\";s:43:\"View events that have recently been logged.\";s:58:\"Visualizza gli eventi che sono stati tracciati di recente.\";s:27:\"Top \'page not found\' errors\";s:42:\"Errori \'pagina non trovata\' più frequenti\";s:36:\"View \'page not found\' errors (404s).\";s:52:\"Visualizza gli errori di \'pagina non trovata\' (404) \";s:26:\"Top \'access denied\' errors\";s:38:\"Errori \'accesso negato\' più frequenti\";s:35:\"View \'access denied\' errors (403s).\";s:42:\"Mostra gli errori \'accesso negato\' (403).\";s:12:\"all messages\";s:16:\"tutti i messaggi\";s:14:\"!type messages\";s:16:\"messaggi \'!type\'\";s:22:\"Filter by message type\";s:28:\"Filtra per tipo di messaggio\";s:7:\"warning\";s:6:\"avviso\";s:26:\"No log messages available.\";s:36:\"Nessun messaggio di log disponibile.\";s:5:\"Count\";s:9:\"Conteggio\";s:6:\"notice\";s:6:\"avviso\";s:8:\"Location\";s:5:\"Luogo\";s:8:\"Severity\";s:9:\"Rilevanza\";s:8:\"watchdog\";s:12:\"avvertimento\";s:19:\"Multilingual system\";b:1;s:47:\"Configure multilingual content and translation.\";b:1;s:20:\"Internationalization\";b:1;s:20:\"Configure languages.\";b:1;s:4:\"i18n\";b:1;s:11:\"translation\";b:1;s:29:\"translation node autocomplete\";b:1;s:11:\"Translation\";b:1;s:12:\"Translations\";b:1;s:28:\"Manage content translations.\";b:1;s:17:\"Language switcher\";b:1;s:9:\"Languages\";s:6:\"Lingue\";s:2:\"am\";b:1;s:17:\"!title: !required\";b:1;s:23:\"This field is required.\";b:1;s:26:\"Browser language detection\";b:1;s:70:\"User browser language for home page and links without language prefix.\";b:1;s:23:\"Language icons settings\";b:1;s:19:\"Language icons path\";b:1;s:19:\"Language icons size\";b:1;s:60:\"Image size for language icons, in the form \"width x height\".\";b:1;s:17:\"Advanced settings\";b:1;s:22:\"Content selection mode\";b:1;s:37:\"Only current language and no language\";b:1;s:50:\"Only current and default languages and no language\";b:1;s:37:\"Only default language and no language\";b:1;s:21:\"Only current language\";b:1;s:41:\"All content. No language conditions apply\";b:1;s:55:\"Determines which content to show depending on language.\";b:1;s:23:\"configure content types\";b:1;s:70:\"This module provides support for multilingual content in Drupal sites:\";b:1;s:29:\"Support for long locale names\";b:1;s:23:\"Multilingual menu items\";b:1;s:24:\"Allowed HTML tags: @tags\";b:1;s:50:\"Allows administrators to define new content types.\";b:1;s:51:\"Enables ability to import/export field definitions.\";b:1;s:35:\"Create field groups for CCK fields.\";b:1;s:29:\"Enables multilingual content.\";b:1;s:28:\"Enables multilingual blocks.\";b:1;s:35:\"Translates content type parameters.\";b:1;s:40:\"Supports translatable custom menu items.\";b:1;s:36:\"Enables multilingual profile fields.\";b:1;s:21:\"Translatable strings.\";b:1;s:33:\"Synchronizes content translations\";b:1;s:52:\"Translates taxonomy terms using localization system.\";b:1;s:22:\"Views support for i18n\";b:1;s:59:\"Defines a field type for referencing one node from another.\";b:1;s:28:\"Defines numeric field types.\";b:1;s:32:\"Defines simple text field types.\";b:1;s:54:\"Manages translations between nodes and taxonomy terms.\";b:1;s:27:\"CCK translatable text field\";b:1;s:56:\"Defines a field type for referencing a user from a node.\";b:1;s:56:\"The views module creates customized views of node lists.\";b:1;s:48:\"RSS plugin for the views feed selector argument.\";b:1;s:59:\"The views theme wizard helps create stub theming for views.\";b:1;s:56:\"The Views UI module allows you to create and edit views.\";b:1;s:3:\"CCK\";b:1;s:20:\"Multilanguage - i18n\";b:1;s:35:\"Multilanguage - i18n - experimental\";b:1;s:5:\"Views\";b:1;s:61:\"The most popular WYSIWYG editor for advanced content editing.\";b:1;s:5:\"Altro\";b:1;s:45:\"This module provides a separate teaser field.\";b:1;s:7:\"tinymce\";b:1;s:7:\"TinyMCE\";b:1;s:26:\"Configure the rich editor.\";b:1;s:14:\"Create profile\";b:1;s:14:\"Update profile\";b:1;s:16:\"TinyMCE settings\";b:1;s:24:\"administer all languages\";b:1;s:19:\"create page content\";b:1;s:20:\"create story content\";b:1;s:21:\"edit own page content\";b:1;s:22:\"edit own story content\";b:1;s:17:\"edit page content\";b:1;s:18:\"edit story content\";b:1;s:14:\"access tinymce\";b:1;s:18:\"administer tinymce\";b:1;s:15:\"translate nodes\";b:1;s:10:\"administer\";b:1;s:23:\"Add new TinyMCE profile\";b:1;s:11:\"Basic setup\";b:1;s:12:\"Profile name\";b:1;s:33:\"Roles allowed to use this profile\";b:1;s:13:\"Default state\";b:1;s:7:\"enabled\";b:1;s:29:\"Allow users to choose default\";b:1;s:5:\"false\";b:1;s:4:\"true\";b:1;s:43:\"Show disable/enable rich text editor toggle\";b:1;s:22:\"Safari browser warning\";b:1;s:30:\"Show tinymce on specific pages\";b:1;s:19:\"Buttons and plugins\";b:1;s:17:\"Editor appearance\";b:1;s:16:\"Toolbar location\";b:1;s:6:\"bottom\";b:1;s:3:\"top\";b:1;s:53:\"Show toolbar at the top or bottom of the editor area?\";b:1;s:17:\"Toolbar alignment\";b:1;s:6:\"center\";b:1;s:4:\"left\";b:1;s:5:\"right\";b:1;s:59:\"Align tool icons left, center, or right within the toolbar.\";b:1;s:13:\"Path location\";b:1;s:22:\"Enable resizing button\";b:1;s:13:\"Block formats\";b:1;s:18:\"Cleanup and output\";b:1;s:11:\"Verify HTML\";b:1;s:35:\"Convert &lt;font&gt; tags to styles\";b:1;s:17:\"Remove linebreaks\";b:1;s:23:\"Apply source formatting\";b:1;s:3:\"CSS\";b:1;s:10:\"Editor CSS\";b:1;s:13:\"use theme css\";b:1;s:10:\"define css\";b:1;s:15:\"tinyMCE default\";b:1;s:8:\"CSS path\";b:1;s:11:\"CSS classes\";b:1;s:38:\"Your TinyMCE profile has been created.\";b:1;s:59:\"<p><a href=\"!create-profile-url\">Create new profile</a></p>\";b:1;s:20:\"Edit tinymce profile\";b:1;s:38:\"Your TinyMCE profile has been updated.\";b:1;s:16:\"Confirm password\";b:1;s:16:\"enable rich-text\";b:1;s:17:\"disable rich-text\";b:1;s:58:\"Your current web browser does not support WYSIWYG editing.\";b:1;s:74:\"Filter that removes malicious HTML and ensures standards compliant output.\";b:1;s:12:\"htmlpurifier\";b:1;s:13:\"HTML Purifier\";b:1;s:59:\"HTML tags will be transformed to conform to HTML standards.\";b:1;s:11:\"Node Teaser\";b:1;s:59:\"Set a variety of options for node teaser input and display.\";b:1;s:17:\"Teaser or Summary\";b:1;s:23:\"If node teaser is empty\";b:1;s:38:\"Default display for empty node teasers\";b:1;s:20:\"Collapse node teaser\";b:1;s:31:\"Collapse node teaser by default\";b:1;s:29:\"Show Teaser on specific pages\";b:1;s:42:\"You can set a language for this menu item.\";b:1;s:52:\"Various blocks, pages, and functions for developers.\";b:1;s:48:\"Generate dummy users, nodes, and taxonomy terms.\";b:1;s:67:\"Developer block and page illustrating relevant node_access records.\";b:1;s:62:\"Allows administrators to record and playback form submissions.\";b:1;s:17:\"Tff helper module\";b:1;s:11:\"Development\";b:1;s:43:\"Views module installed tables successfully.\";b:1;s:5:\"views\";b:1;s:8:\"views_ui\";b:1;s:12:\"Theme wizard\";b:1;s:3:\"Add\";b:1;s:5:\"Tools\";b:1;s:9:\"Edit view\";b:1;s:16:\"Comment: Subject\";b:1;s:6:\"Normal\";b:1;s:17:\"With updated mark\";b:1;s:16:\"Comment: Comment\";b:1;s:33:\"Display the content of a comment.\";b:1;s:19:\"Comment: Comment ID\";b:1;s:29:\"Display the CID of a comment.\";b:1;s:21:\"Comment: Created Time\";b:1;s:13:\"As Short Date\";b:1;s:14:\"As Medium Date\";b:1;s:12:\"As Long Date\";b:1;s:14:\"As Custom Date\";b:1;s:11:\"As Time Ago\";b:1;s:37:\"Display the post time of the comment.\";b:1;s:20:\"Comment: Author Name\";b:1;s:41:\"This will display the author of the node.\";b:1;s:17:\"Comment: Add link\";b:1;s:25:\"Comment: Pending approval\";b:1;s:6:\"Equals\";b:1;s:19:\"Granularity: minute\";b:1;s:17:\"Granularity: hour\";b:1;s:16:\"Granularity: day\";b:1;s:18:\"Granularity: month\";b:1;s:17:\"Granularity: year\";b:1;s:37:\"Sort by the created time of comments.\";b:1;s:26:\"Comment: Last Comment Time\";b:1;s:40:\"This will display the last comment time.\";b:1;s:28:\"Comment: Last Comment Author\";b:1;s:67:\"This will display the name of the last user to comment on the post.\";b:1;s:14:\"Comment: Count\";b:1;s:14:\"With New Count\";b:1;s:36:\"This will display the comment count.\";b:1;s:26:\"Comment: Last Changed Time\";b:1;s:60:\"This will display the time of the last comment or node edit.\";b:1;s:22:\"Comment: Comment Count\";b:1;s:59:\"This filter allows you to filter by the amount of comments.\";b:1;s:26:\"Comment: Last Comment Date\";b:1;s:57:\"This filter allows you to sort by the number of comments.\";b:1;s:21:\"Comment: Last Changed\";b:1;s:59:\"Sort based on the most recent comment or edit for the node.\";b:1;s:11:\"Node: Title\";b:1;s:30:\"Display the title of the node.\";b:1;s:8:\"Node: ID\";b:1;s:26:\"Display the NID of a node.\";b:1;s:18:\"Node: Created Time\";b:1;s:34:\"Display the post time of the node.\";b:1;s:18:\"Node: Updated Time\";b:1;s:43:\"Display the last time the node was updated.\";b:1;s:10:\"Node: Type\";b:1;s:18:\"Node: Link to node\";b:1;s:10:\"Node: Body\";b:1;s:9:\"Full Text\";b:1;s:6:\"Teaser\";b:1;s:25:\"Display the Main Content.\";b:1;s:15:\"Node: View link\";b:1;s:15:\"Node: Edit link\";b:1;s:14:\"Return To View\";b:1;s:14:\"Return to Node\";b:1;s:17:\"Node: Delete link\";b:1;s:23:\"Return To The Frontpage\";b:1;s:36:\"Sort by the database ID of the node.\";b:1;s:40:\"Sort by the submission date of the node.\";b:1;s:41:\"Sort by the last update date of the node.\";b:1;s:12:\"Node: Sticky\";b:1;s:38:\"Sort by the node title, alphabetically\";b:1;s:37:\"Sort by the node type, alphabetically\";b:1;s:6:\"Random\";b:1;s:15:\"Node: Published\";b:1;s:16:\"Node: Front Page\";b:1;s:66:\"Filter by whether or not the node has been promoted to Front Page.\";b:1;s:48:\"Filter by whether or not the node is set sticky.\";b:1;s:15:\"Node: Moderated\";b:1;s:47:\"Filter by whether or not the node is moderated.\";b:1;s:47:\"Include or exclude nodes of the selected types.\";b:1;s:25:\"Node: Author is Anonymous\";b:1;s:73:\"This allows you to filter by whether or not the node author is anonymous.\";b:1;s:28:\"Node: Author is Current User\";b:1;s:40:\"Node: Current User Authored or Commented\";b:1;s:14:\"Node: Distinct\";b:1;s:55:\"This filter allows nodes to be filtered by their title.\";b:1;s:63:\"This filter allows nodes to be filtered by their creation date.\";b:1;s:70:\"This filter allows nodes to be filtered by the time they were updated.\";b:1;s:54:\"This filter allows nodes to be filtered by their body.\";b:1;s:21:\"Node: Has New Content\";b:1;s:13:\"Search: Index\";b:1;s:8:\"Contains\";b:1;s:14:\"Taxonomy: Term\";b:1;s:26:\"Taxonomy: Term Description\";b:1;s:66:\"This will display the description associated with a taxonomy term.\";b:1;s:19:\"Taxonomy: Term Name\";b:1;s:25:\"Taxonomy: Vocabulary Name\";b:1;s:17:\"Node: Author Name\";b:1;s:20:\"User: Author Picture\";b:1;s:39:\"Display the user picture of the author.\";b:1;s:49:\"This allows you to sort alphabetically by author.\";b:1;s:32:\"Node: Authors in role %role-name\";b:1;s:17:\"Role: Author Role\";b:1;s:69:\"Include the node only if the author is a member of the selected role.\";b:1;s:29:\"Display recent comments block\";b:1;s:26:\"The basic front page view.\";b:1;s:36:\"The taxonomy view with a depth of 0.\";b:1;s:33:\"Shows all new activity on system.\";b:1;s:9:\"Last Post\";b:1;s:19:\"recent posts for %1\";b:1;s:17:\"Node: Posted Year\";b:1;s:18:\"Node: Posted Month\";b:1;s:17:\"Node: Posted Week\";b:1;s:25:\"Node: Posted Month + Year\";b:1;s:22:\"Node: Posted Full Date\";b:1;s:57:\"This argument is a complete date in the form of CCYYMMDD.\";b:1;s:34:\"This argument is a single Node ID.\";b:1;s:19:\"Node: Feed Selector\";b:1;s:17:\"Taxonomy: Term ID\";b:1;s:23:\"Taxonomy: Vocabulary ID\";b:1;s:61:\"The argument will filter to nodes with terms in a vocabulary.\";b:1;s:19:\"User: UID is Author\";b:1;s:31:\"User: UID Authored or Commented\";b:1;s:24:\"User: Username is Author\";b:1;s:26:\"views_handler_arg_username\";b:1;s:21:\"administer nodeteaser\";b:1;s:16:\"access all views\";b:1;s:16:\"administer views\";b:1;s:15:\"Active Projects\";s:16:\"Programmi Attivi\";s:14:\"Draft Projects\";s:18:\"Programmi Prossimi\";s:17:\"Inactive Projects\";s:17:\"Programmi Sospesi\";s:19:\"Language Management\";b:1;s:38:\"Interface language depends on content.\";b:1;s:33:\"Interface language is independent\";b:1;s:26:\"Links to node translations\";b:1;s:5:\"None.\";b:1;s:14:\"Main page only\";b:1;s:20:\"Teaser and Main page\";b:1;s:40:\"Links from nodes to translated versions.\";b:1;s:20:\"Translation workflow\";b:1;s:65:\"If enabled some worklow will be provided for content translation.\";b:1;s:10:\"i18nblocks\";b:1;s:8:\"i18nmenu\";b:1;s:22:\"Add multilingual block\";b:1;s:13:\"Primary links\";b:1;s:6:\"Eventi\";b:1;s:17:\"Free Telematics?!\";b:1;s:7:\"Servizi\";b:1;s:9:\"Chi siamo\";b:1;s:15:\"Secondary links\";b:1;s:10:\"Contattaci\";b:1;s:9:\"Donazioni\";b:1;s:14:\"Unisciti a noi\";b:1;s:6:\"Accedi\";b:1;s:20:\"Multilingual options\";b:1;s:20:\"Multilingual content\";b:1;s:47:\"Normal - All enabled languages will be allowed.\";b:1;s:49:\"Extended - All defined languages will be allowed.\";b:1;s:62:\"Enables language field and translations for this content type.\";b:1;s:15:\"Progetti attivi\";b:1;s:17:\"Progetti in bozza\";b:1;s:17:\"Progetti inattivi\";b:1;s:22:\"New multilingual block\";b:1;s:4:\" -- \";b:1;s:50:\"Select the block to be displayed for each language\";b:1;s:12:\"Create block\";b:1;s:18:\"Tff project module\";b:1;s:3:\"Tff\";b:1;s:25:\"Created new block \'%name\'\";b:1;s:17:\"Delete this block\";b:1;s:24:\"Normal translation block\";b:1;s:10:\"Contact Us\";s:10:\"Contattaci\";s:6:\"Donate\";b:1;s:7:\"Join Us\";b:1;s:6:\"Events\";s:6:\"Eventi\";s:8:\"Services\";b:1;s:22:\"Get updates via e-mail\";s:23:\"Aggiornamenti via Email\";s:14:\"Privacy Policy\";s:19:\"Norme sulla privacy\";s:61:\"The objects you can define translation relationships for are:\";b:1;s:6:\"Nodes.\";b:1;s:14:\"Taxonomy Terms\";b:1;s:20:\"Additional features:\";b:1;s:16:\"<h3>Fields</h3>\n\";b:1;s:19:\"<h3>Arguments</h3>\n\";b:1;s:17:\"<h3>Filters</h3>\n\";b:1;s:25:\"<h3>Sorting Critera</h3>\n\";b:1;s:74:\"<p>The result set may be sorted on any of the following criteria.</p><dl>\n\";b:1;s:5:\"Print\";s:6:\"Stampa\";s:8:\"pathauto\";b:1;s:16:\"taxonomy_context\";b:1;s:16:\"Taxonomy Context\";b:1;s:20:\"Set display options.\";b:1;s:13:\"activemenu tc\";b:1;s:8:\"Pathauto\";b:1;s:61:\"Configure how pathauto generates clean URLs for your content.\";b:1;s:14:\"Delete aliases\";b:1;s:11:\"Il mio blog\";b:1;s:17:\"contenuti recenti\";b:1;s:14:\"Crea contenuto\";b:1;s:18:\"Gestione contenuti\";b:1;s:12:\"alias di URL\";b:1;s:7:\"Blocchi\";b:1;s:5:\"Menù\";b:1;s:6:\"Moduli\";b:1;s:4:\"Temi\";b:1;s:18:\"Struttura del sito\";b:1;s:23:\"Configurazione del sito\";b:1;s:15:\"Gestione utente\";b:1;s:5:\"Aiuto\";b:1;s:10:\"Amministra\";b:1;s:4:\"Esci\";b:1;s:11:\"Disinstalla\";b:1;s:6:\"Elenco\";b:1;s:22:\"Vocabulary Translation\";b:1;s:53:\"Vocabularies to translate through localization system\";b:1;s:7:\"Verbose\";b:1;s:51:\"Display alias changes (except during bulk updates).\";b:1;s:9:\"Separator\";b:1;s:14:\"Character case\";b:1;s:43:\"Leave case the same as source token values.\";b:1;s:20:\"Change to lower case\";b:1;s:20:\"Maximum alias length\";b:1;s:24:\"Maximum component length\";b:1;s:51:\"Maximum number of objects to alias in a bulk update\";b:1;s:39:\"Do nothing. Leave the old alias intact.\";b:1;s:57:\"Create a new alias. Leave the existing alias functioning.\";b:1;s:41:\"Create a new alias. Delete the old alias.\";b:1;s:13:\"Update action\";b:1;s:37:\"Transliterate prior to creating alias\";b:1;s:51:\"Reduce strings to letters and numbers from ASCII-96\";b:1;s:17:\"Strings to Remove\";b:1;s:20:\"Punctuation settings\";b:1;s:15:\"Double quotes \"\";b:1;s:28:\"Single quotes (apostrophe) \'\";b:1;s:11:\"Back tick `\";b:1;s:7:\"Comma ,\";b:1;s:8:\"Period .\";b:1;s:8:\"Hyphen -\";b:1;s:12:\"Underscore _\";b:1;s:7:\"Colon :\";b:1;s:11:\"Semicolon ;\";b:1;s:6:\"Pipe |\";b:1;s:20:\"Left curly bracket {\";b:1;s:21:\"Left square bracket [\";b:1;s:21:\"Right curly bracket }\";b:1;s:22:\"Right square bracket ]\";b:1;s:6:\"Plus +\";b:1;s:7:\"Equal =\";b:1;s:10:\"Asterisk *\";b:1;s:11:\"Ampersand &\";b:1;s:9:\"Percent %\";b:1;s:7:\"Caret ^\";b:1;s:8:\"Dollar $\";b:1;s:6:\"Hash #\";b:1;s:4:\"At @\";b:1;s:13:\"Exclamation !\";b:1;s:7:\"Tilde ~\";b:1;s:18:\"Left parenthesis (\";b:1;s:19:\"right parenthesis )\";b:1;s:15:\"Question mark ?\";b:1;s:11:\"Less than <\";b:1;s:14:\"Greater than >\";b:1;s:12:\"Back slash \\\";b:1;s:6:\"Remove\";b:1;s:20:\"Replace by separator\";b:1;s:26:\"No action (do not replace)\";b:1;s:18:\"Blog path settings\";b:1;s:27:\"Pattern for blog page paths\";b:1;s:16:\"blogs/[user-raw]\";b:1;s:11:\"User\'s name\";b:1;s:49:\"User\'s unfiltered name. WARNING - raw user input.\";b:1;s:9:\"User\'s ID\";b:1;s:20:\"User\'s email address\";b:1;s:24:\"User\'s registration date\";b:1;s:30:\"Days since the user registered\";b:1;s:22:\"User\'s last login date\";b:1;s:32:\"Days since the user\'s last login\";b:1;s:39:\"The current date in the user\'s timezone\";b:1;s:35:\"The URL of the user\'s profile page.\";b:1;s:40:\"The URL the user\'s account editing page.\";b:1;s:41:\"The name of the currently logged in user.\";b:1;s:44:\"The user ID of the currently logged in user.\";b:1;s:50:\"The email address of the currently logged in user.\";b:1;s:38:\"The url of the current Drupal website.\";b:1;s:39:\"The name of the current Drupal website.\";b:1;s:41:\"The slogan of the current Drupal website.\";b:1;s:57:\"The contact email address for the current Drupal website.\";b:1;s:38:\"The current date on the site\'s server.\";b:1;s:6:\"[user]\";b:1;s:10:\"[user-raw]\";b:1;s:5:\"[uid]\";b:1;s:6:\"[mail]\";b:1;s:10:\"[reg-date]\";b:1;s:11:\"[reg-since]\";b:1;s:10:\"[log-date]\";b:1;s:11:\"[log-since]\";b:1;s:12:\"[date-in-tz]\";b:1;s:13:\"[account-url]\";b:1;s:14:\"[account-edit]\";b:1;s:52:\"Bulk generate aliases for blogs that are not aliased\";b:1;s:18:\"Node path settings\";b:1;s:74:\"Default path pattern (applies to all node types with blank patterns below)\";b:1;s:19:\"content/[title-raw]\";b:1;s:52:\"Bulk generate aliases for nodes that are not aliased\";b:1;s:7:\"Node ID\";b:1;s:9:\"Node type\";b:1;s:33:\"Node type (user-friendly version)\";b:1;s:10:\"Node title\";b:1;s:48:\"Unfiltered node title. WARNING - raw user input.\";b:1;s:21:\"Node author\'s user id\";b:1;s:23:\"Node author\'s user name\";b:1;s:50:\"Node author\'s user name. WARNING - raw user input.\";b:1;s:25:\"Name of top taxonomy term\";b:1;s:63:\"Unfiltered name of top taxonomy term. WARNING - raw user input.\";b:1;s:23:\"ID of top taxonomy term\";b:1;s:29:\"Name of top term\'s vocabulary\";b:1;s:67:\"Unfiltered name of top term\'s vocabulary. WARNING - raw user input.\";b:1;s:27:\"ID of top term\'s vocabulary\";b:1;s:31:\"Node creation year (four digit)\";b:1;s:30:\"Node creation year (two digit)\";b:1;s:31:\"Node creation month (full word)\";b:1;s:33:\"Node creation month (abbreviated)\";b:1;s:44:\"Node creation month (two digit, zero padded)\";b:1;s:38:\"Node creation month (one or two digit)\";b:1;s:30:\"Node creation week (two digit)\";b:1;s:33:\"Node creation date (day of month)\";b:1;s:29:\"Node creation day (full word)\";b:1;s:32:\"Node creation day (abbreviation)\";b:1;s:42:\"Node creation day (two digit, zero-padded)\";b:1;s:36:\"Node creation day (one or two digit)\";b:1;s:41:\"The name of the menu the node belongs to.\";b:1;s:60:\"As [term], but including its supercategories separated by /.\";b:1;s:23:\"URL alias for the term.\";b:1;s:5:\"[nid]\";b:1;s:6:\"[type]\";b:1;s:11:\"[type-name]\";b:1;s:7:\"[title]\";b:1;s:11:\"[title-raw]\";b:1;s:12:\"[author-uid]\";b:1;s:13:\"[author-name]\";b:1;s:17:\"[author-name-raw]\";b:1;s:6:\"[term]\";b:1;s:10:\"[term-raw]\";b:1;s:9:\"[term-id]\";b:1;s:7:\"[vocab]\";b:1;s:11:\"[vocab-raw]\";b:1;s:10:\"[vocab-id]\";b:1;s:6:\"[yyyy]\";b:1;s:4:\"[yy]\";b:1;s:7:\"[month]\";b:1;s:5:\"[mon]\";b:1;s:4:\"[mm]\";b:1;s:3:\"[m]\";b:1;s:4:\"[ww]\";b:1;s:6:\"[date]\";b:1;s:5:\"[day]\";b:1;s:5:\"[ddd]\";b:1;s:4:\"[dd]\";b:1;s:3:\"[d]\";b:1;s:10:\"[mod-????]\";b:1;s:6:\"[menu]\";b:1;s:10:\"[menupath]\";b:1;s:14:\"[menupath-raw]\";b:1;s:10:\"[termpath]\";b:1;s:14:\"[termpath-raw]\";b:1;s:11:\"[termalias]\";b:1;s:32:\"Pattern for all @node_type paths\";b:1;s:22:\"Category path settings\";b:1;s:34:\"category/[vocab-raw]/[catpath-raw]\";b:1;s:50:\"The id number of the category\'s parent vocabulary.\";b:1;s:57:\"The vocabulary that the page\'s first category belongs to.\";b:1;s:25:\"The name of the category.\";b:1;s:30:\"The id number of the category.\";b:1;s:62:\"The unfiltered name of the category. WARNING - raw user input.\";b:1;s:59:\"As [cat], but including its supercategories separated by /.\";b:1;s:27:\"URL alias for the category.\";b:1;s:5:\"[vid]\";b:1;s:5:\"[cat]\";b:1;s:5:\"[tid]\";b:1;s:9:\"[cat-raw]\";b:1;s:9:\"[catpath]\";b:1;s:13:\"[catpath-raw]\";b:1;s:10:\"[catalias]\";b:1;s:57:\"Bulk generate aliases for categories that are not aliased\";b:1;s:18:\"User path settings\";b:1;s:35:\"Pattern for user account page paths\";b:1;s:16:\"users/[user-raw]\";b:1;s:52:\"Bulk generate aliases for users that are not aliased\";b:1;s:19:\"Create feed aliases\";b:1;s:36:\"Also generate aliases for RSS feeds.\";b:1;s:16:\"General Settings\";b:1;s:38:\"Use style for term and subterm display\";b:1;s:14:\"Show term info\";b:1;s:66:\"Show additional information about current term (from description).\";b:1;s:17:\"Show subterm info\";b:1;s:60:\"Show listings of subterms (sub-categories) for current term.\";b:1;s:19:\"Show nodes in block\";b:1;s:4:\"None\";b:1;s:6:\"Sticky\";b:1;s:8:\"Promoted\";b:1;s:3:\"All\";b:1;s:53:\"What nodes do you wish to display in taxonomy blocks?\";b:1;s:15:\"Aggiungi blocco\";b:1;s:23:\"impostazioni telematics\";b:1;s:20:\"impostazioni garland\";b:1;s:21:\"impostazioni minnelli\";b:1;s:58:\"This language will be set for all terms in this vocabulary\";b:1;s:10:\"vocabulary\";b:1;s:28:\"Saved format data for !type.\";b:1;s:29:\"Taxonomy: Terms for @voc-name\";b:1;s:17:\"- None selected -\";b:1;s:16:\"Taxonomy context\";b:1;s:23:\"Display taxonomy inline\";b:1;s:42:\"Display taxonomy information in node body.\";b:1;s:24:\"Show taxonomy breadcrumb\";b:1;s:48:\"Display a breadcrumb with full taxonomy context.\";b:1;s:11:\"Native name\";b:1;s:3:\"RTL\";b:1;s:33:\"Pattern for all %vocab-name paths\";b:1;s:14:\"Profilo utente\";b:1;s:6:\"Mostra\";b:1;s:8:\"Modifica\";b:1;s:12:\"TFF Settings\";b:1;s:14:\"content blocks\";b:1;s:61:\"Base CAPTCHA module for adding challenges to arbitrary forms.\";b:1;s:32:\"Provides an image based CAPTCHA.\";b:1;s:51:\"Updates Drupal to use the latest version of JQuery.\";b:1;s:37:\"Provides a simple text based CAPTCHA.\";b:1;s:49:\"Enables the creation of forms and questionnaires.\";b:1;s:12:\"Spam control\";b:1;s:14:\"User Interface\";b:1;s:52:\"Webform module installed module tables successfully.\";b:1;s:7:\"CAPTCHA\";b:1;s:43:\"Administer how and where CAPTCHAs are used.\";b:1;s:8:\"Examples\";b:1;s:59:\"An overview of the available challenge types with examples.\";b:1;s:12:\"Text CAPTCHA\";b:1;s:7:\"captcha\";b:1;s:12:\"text_captcha\";b:1;s:7:\"webform\";b:1;s:7:\"Webform\";b:1;s:8:\"Webforms\";b:1;s:54:\"View and edit all the available webforms on your site.\";b:1;s:46:\"Global configuration of webform functionality.\";b:1;s:21:\"Multilingual settings\";b:1;s:15:\"Automatic alias\";b:1;s:4:\"page\";b:1;s:7:\"Options\";b:1;s:14:\"Not translated\";b:1;s:18:\"create translation\";b:1;s:11:\"select node\";b:1;s:20:\"Current translations\";b:1;s:56:\"Language cannot be changed while creating a translation.\";b:1;s:25:\"Language and translations\";b:1;s:0:\"\";b:1;s:41:\"Already @counter blocked form submissions\";b:1;s:18:\"Please copy JQuery\";b:1;s:14:\"Copy jquery.js\";b:1;s:23:\"Context for !vocabulary\";b:1;s:14:\"Quick contacts\";b:1;s:15:\"Home page video\";b:1;s:62:\"Bringing you in Full Control of your Telematic Communications!\";s:54:\"Affermiamo il nostro diritto ad una Telematica Sicura!\";s:22:\"Type your message here\";s:27:\"Scrivi qui il tuo messaggio\";s:12:\"skip CAPTCHA\";b:1;s:31:\"Please enter your email address\";b:1;s:2:\"or\";b:1;s:4:\"Send\";s:5:\"Invia\";s:18:\"Crea nuovo profilo\";b:1;s:23:\"Richiedi nuova password\";b:1;s:50:\"Manages configuration of questions for a FAQ page.\";b:1;s:18:\"Home page settings\";b:1;s:41:\"EMBED/OBJECT HTML for the home page video\";b:1;s:27:\"Quick Contact form settings\";b:1;s:33:\"Quick contact footer informations\";b:1;s:17:\"Thank you message\";b:1;s:9:\"Recipient\";b:1;s:66:\"This is the email address where the contact text will be headed to\";b:1;s:37:\"This is the subject of the sent email\";b:1;s:22:\"Max allowed characters\";b:1;s:10:\"Thank you!\";s:68:\"Grazie per averci contattato! Riceverai una risposta il più presto.\";s:8:\"Override\";b:1;s:5:\"Clone\";b:1;s:9:\"List View\";b:1;s:10:\"Table View\";b:1;s:11:\"Teaser List\";b:1;s:10:\"Full Nodes\";b:1;s:9:\"%time ago\";b:1;s:7:\"Esporta\";b:1;s:23:\"Remove from translation\";b:1;s:57:\"This will just unlink the node from this translation set.\";b:1;s:4:\"term\";b:1;s:17:\"Lista partecipata\";b:1;s:17:\"View this section\";b:1;s:11:\"Descrizione\";b:1;s:16:\"Edit this !type.\";b:1;s:7:\"Notizie\";b:1;s:15:\"Delete Selected\";b:1;s:4:\"Done\";b:1;s:16:\"Webform Settings\";b:1;s:47:\"Text to be shown as teaser and before the form.\";b:1;s:36:\"Confirmation message or redirect URL\";b:1;s:10:\"Components\";b:1;s:5:\"email\";b:1;s:9:\"textfield\";b:1;s:6:\"hidden\";b:1;s:8:\"textarea\";b:1;s:4:\"time\";b:1;s:8:\"fieldset\";b:1;s:6:\"markup\";b:1;s:6:\"select\";b:1;s:9:\"pagebreak\";b:1;s:19:\"Add a new component\";b:1;s:13:\"Mail Settings\";b:1;s:17:\"E-mail to address\";b:1;s:72:\"Form submissions will be e-mailed to this address. Leave blank for none.\";b:1;s:22:\"Form submission from: \";b:1;s:6:\"$title\";b:1;s:16:\"E-mail from name\";b:1;s:19:\"E-mail from address\";b:1;s:14:\"E-mail subject\";b:1;s:17:\"Advanced Settings\";b:1;s:9:\"Limit to \";b:1;s:13:\"submission(s)\";b:1;s:4:\"ever\";b:1;s:10:\"every hour\";b:1;s:9:\"every day\";b:1;s:10:\"every week\";b:1;s:20:\"Redirect POST Values\";b:1;s:37:\"No Components, add a component below.\";b:1;s:9:\"Mandatory\";b:1;s:40:\"Add CAPTCHA adminstration links to forms\";b:1;s:23:\"Challenge type per form\";b:1;s:21:\"Challenge description\";b:1;s:41:\"For language %lang_name (code %lang_code)\";b:1;s:11:\"Persistence\";b:1;s:23:\"Always add a challenge.\";b:1;s:19:\"Log wrong responses\";b:1;s:61:\"Report information about wrong responses to the !watchdoglog.\";b:1;s:23:\"Challenge type (module)\";b:1;s:53:\"CAPTCHA is a trademark of Carnegie Mellon University.\";b:1;s:34:\"Kind of words to use in the phrase\";b:1;s:31:\"Generate nonsense random words.\";b:1;s:23:\"Use user defined words.\";b:1;s:18:\"User defined words\";b:1;s:55:\"Enter a bunch of space separated words (at least @min).\";b:1;s:29:\"Number of words in the phrase\";b:1;s:30:\"And translation conditions are\";b:1;s:15:\"source language\";b:1;s:13:\"source status\";b:1;s:33:\"Source content (to be translated)\";b:1;s:23:\"Translation in progress\";b:1;s:18:\"Translated content\";b:1;s:38:\"Source updated (to update translation)\";b:1;s:20:\"translation language\";b:1;s:18:\"translation status\";b:1;s:18:\"Translation status\";b:1;s:4:\"Save\";b:1;s:15:\"new translation\";b:1;s:42:\"<strong>%a</strong> is <strong>%b</strong>\";b:1;s:61:\"<em>and</em> where <strong>%a</strong> is <strong>%b</strong>\";b:1;s:22:\"Edit term translations\";b:1;s:17:\"Lista Partecipata\";b:1;s:4:\"News\";b:1;s:15:\"Active Programs\";s:16:\"Programmi Attivi\";s:14:\"Draft Programs\";s:18:\"Programmi Prossimi\";s:17:\"Inactive Programs\";s:18:\"Programmi Inattivi\";s:14:\"Contact us now\";s:17:\"Contattaci subito\";s:25:\"Type your message here...\";s:30:\"Scrivi qui il tuo messaggio...\";s:9:\"Chi Siamo\";b:1;s:9:\"Revisioni\";b:1;s:26:\"TinyMCE rich-text settings\";b:1;s:27:\"administer CAPTCHA settings\";b:1;s:13:\"Quick contact\";s:17:\"Contattaci subito\";s:66:\"The workflow module has successfully added tables to the database.\";b:1;s:11:\"TFF Project\";b:1;s:13:\"A TFF Project\";b:1;s:8:\"workflow\";b:1;s:24:\"Moderate submitted posts\";b:1;s:13:\"Edit workflow\";b:1;s:12:\"Add workflow\";b:1;s:9:\"Add state\";b:1;s:12:\"Delete State\";b:1;s:15:\"Delete workflow\";b:1;s:16:\"Workflow actions\";b:1;s:15:\"Workflow: state\";b:1;s:51:\"Include only nodes in the selected workflow states.\";b:1;s:30:\"Order nodes by workflow state.\";b:1;s:39:\"Display the workflow state of the node.\";b:1;s:17:\"Workflow: comment\";b:1;s:19:\"administer tff site\";b:1;s:8:\"politica\";b:1;s:3:\"web\";b:1;s:22:\"access webform results\";b:1;s:21:\"clear webform results\";b:1;s:15:\"create webforms\";b:1;s:17:\"edit own webforms\";b:1;s:13:\"edit webforms\";b:1;s:33:\"use PHP for additional processing\";b:1;s:19:\"administer pathauto\";b:1;s:19:\"Ripristina password\";b:1;s:6:\"Utente\";b:1;s:5:\"image\";b:1;s:5:\"Image\";b:1;s:22:\"Image module settings.\";b:1;s:20:\"Image: Display Image\";b:1;s:15:\"Image with link\";b:1;s:13:\"JQuery Update\";b:1;s:51:\"The current installed version of JQuery is !version\";b:1;s:19:\"Installed correctly\";b:1;s:10:\"img_assist\";b:1;s:12:\"Image Assist\";b:1;s:19:\"Image Assist Header\";b:1;s:23:\"Image Assist Thumbnails\";b:1;s:19:\"Image Assist Upload\";b:1;s:23:\"Image Assist Properties\";b:1;s:11:\"Popup Image\";b:1;s:15:\"Insert Callback\";b:1;s:12:\"Image assist\";b:1;s:44:\"Change settings for the Image assist module.\";b:1;s:11:\"Log recenti\";b:1;s:38:\"Errori \'accesso negato\' più frequenti\";b:1;s:42:\"Errori \'pagina non trovata\' più frequenti\";b:1;s:46:\"Espressioni di ricerca maggiormente utilizzate\";b:1;s:8:\"Rapporto\";b:1;s:13:\"Inline images\";b:1;s:33:\"Images can be added to this post.\";b:1;s:19:\"Aggregatore notizie\";b:1;s:9:\"Add image\";b:1;s:8:\"Original\";b:1;s:9:\"Thumbnail\";b:1;s:15:\"Browse Images: \";b:1;s:9:\"My Images\";b:1;s:10:\"All Images\";b:1;s:11:\"a new image\";b:1;s:47:\"Click \"Browse...\" to select an image to upload.\";b:1;s:8:\"Upload: \";b:1;s:45:\"Fill in the form below to upload a new image.\";b:1;s:10:\"Start Over\";b:1;s:10:\"Properties\";b:1;s:16:\"Title (optional)\";b:1;s:22:\"Description (optional)\";b:1;s:41:\"Size: (orig @widthx@height, max @maxsize)\";b:1;s:9:\"Alignment\";b:1;s:4:\"Link\";b:1;s:10:\"Not a link\";b:1;s:18:\"Link to image page\";b:1;s:20:\"Open in popup window\";b:1;s:9:\"Go to URL\";b:1;s:11:\"Insert mode\";b:1;s:10:\"Filter Tag\";b:1;s:9:\"HTML Code\";b:1;s:6:\"Insert\";b:1;s:12:\"Properties: \";b:1;s:34:\"Change how the image is displayed.\";b:1;s:44:\"Show the first node instead of the full list\";b:1;s:8:\"Sorgenti\";b:1;s:8:\"Italiano\";b:1;s:9:\"Categorie\";b:1;s:11:\"Categorizza\";b:1;s:9:\"Configura\";b:1;s:12:\"Latest image\";b:1;s:12:\"Random image\";b:1;s:15:\"Image reference\";b:1;s:49:\"Allows uploading, resizing and viewing of images.\";b:1;s:60:\"Allows easy attaching of image nodes to other content types.\";b:1;s:69:\"Allows sorting and displaying of image galleries based on categories.\";b:1;s:55:\"Adds advanced options to the ImageMagick image toolkit.\";b:1;s:71:\"Allows batches of images to be imported from a directory on the server.\";b:1;s:13:\"create images\";b:1;s:11:\"edit images\";b:1;s:15:\"edit own images\";b:1;s:20:\"view original images\";b:1;s:23:\"access advanced options\";b:1;s:17:\"access all images\";b:1;s:17:\"access img_assist\";b:1;s:17:\"use original size\";b:1;s:24:\"Rebuild image thumbnails\";b:1;s:20:\"Profile: @field-name\";b:1;s:36:\"Other types based profile field help\";b:1;s:13:\"Edit Selected\";b:1;s:23:\"Add new %type component\";b:1;s:13:\"Field Details\";b:1;s:9:\"Field Key\";b:1;s:5:\"Label\";b:1;s:70:\"This is used as a descriptive label when displaying this form element.\";b:1;s:61:\"Available variables are: %username, %useremail, %site, %date.\";b:1;s:49:\"Check this option if the user must enter a value.\";b:1;s:13:\"Default value\";b:1;s:31:\"The default value of the field.\";b:1;s:5:\"Width\";b:1;s:23:\"Width of the textfield.\";b:1;s:9:\"Maxlength\";b:1;s:27:\"Maxlength of the textfield.\";b:1;s:4:\"Root\";b:1;s:15:\"Parent Fieldset\";b:1;s:21:\"User email as default\";b:1;s:27:\"CC submission to this email\";b:1;s:6:\"Height\";b:1;s:24:\"Height of the textfield.\";b:1;s:11:\"Submissions\";b:1;s:8:\"Analysis\";b:1;s:8:\"Download\";b:1;s:5:\"Clear\";b:1;s:9:\"Risultati\";b:1;s:29:\"Captchas are always mandatory\";b:1;s:1:\"#\";b:1;s:9:\"Submitted\";b:1;s:10:\"IP Address\";b:1;s:7:\"Tabella\";b:1;s:24:\"!name field is required.\";b:1;s:53:\"Field deleted, form must be submitted to save changes\";b:1;s:32:\"The CAPTCHA settings were saved.\";b:1;s:43:\"Place a challenge here for untrusted users.\";b:1;s:33:\"Select the challenge for @form_id\";b:1;s:23:\"Saved CAPTCHA settings.\";b:1;s:19:\"edit challenge type\";b:1;s:17:\"disable challenge\";b:1;s:31:\"edit general challenge settings\";b:1;s:5:\"first\";s:5:\"prima\";s:6:\"second\";s:7:\"seconda\";s:5:\"third\";s:5:\"terza\";s:6:\"fourth\";s:6:\"quarta\";s:5:\"fifth\";s:6:\"quinta\";s:5:\"sixth\";s:5:\"sesta\";s:7:\"seventh\";b:1;s:6:\"eighth\";b:1;s:5:\"ninth\";b:1;s:5:\"tenth\";b:1;s:45:\"What is the @nth word in the phrase \"@words\"?\";s:45:\"Quale è la @nth parola della frase \"@words\"?\";s:20:\"Impostazioni account\";b:1;s:8:\"Contatti\";b:1;s:15:\"Dati anagrafici\";b:1;s:17:\"lista partecipata\";b:1;s:8:\"Skype Us\";b:1;s:64:\"This will display all options of the profile field %field-name. \";b:1;s:44:\"This allows you to sort by selection options\";b:1;s:34:\"Selection based profile field help\";b:1;s:11:\"i18nprofile\";b:1;s:3:\"add\";b:1;s:6:\"Fields\";b:1;s:12:\"Source field\";b:1;s:26:\"%language_name translation\";b:1;s:39:\"The field translation has been created.\";b:1;s:7:\"Elimina\";b:1;s:28:\"Progetto Democrazia Continua\";b:1;s:35:\"Term translations have been updated\";b:1;s:51:\"Telematics Democracy & Democratic Global Governance\";b:1;s:25:\"World Citizen Summer Camp\";b:1;s:31:\"Progetto Telematica Trasparente\";b:1;s:42:\"World Constituent Assembly 2020 Conference\";b:1;s:32:\"Definizione di Telematica Libera\";b:1;s:35:\"Telematica e Diritti Costituzionali\";b:1;s:9:\"Do2Gether\";b:1;s:39:\"Portale ParTecs per Comunità Politiche\";b:1;s:5:\"Cerca\";b:1;s:9:\"Contenuto\";b:1;s:6:\"Utenti\";b:1;s:49:\"Allows visitors to view content filtered by date.\";b:1;s:61:\"Tagadelic makes weighted tag clouds from your taxonomy terms.\";b:1;s:7:\"archive\";b:1;s:9:\"tagadelic\";b:1;s:19:\"Browse the archives\";b:1;s:16:\"Archive Settings\";b:1;s:52:\"Configure node types available for archive browsing.\";b:1;s:23:\"Tagadelic configuration\";b:1;s:4:\"Tags\";b:1;s:16:\"Archive calendar\";b:1;s:12:\"tags in @voc\";b:1;s:25:\"tags for the current post\";b:1;s:8:\"Archives\";s:7:\"Archivi\";s:5:\"older\";s:4:\"più\";s:35:\"What nodes are available as filters\";b:1;s:7:\"Archive\";s:8:\"Archivio\";s:52:\"There\'s currently nothing in the archives to browse.\";b:1;s:8:\"TFF Blog\";b:1;s:10:\"admin_menu\";b:1;s:11:\"Run updates\";b:1;s:10:\"Drupal.org\";b:1;s:18:\"Drupal issue queue\";b:1;s:18:\"@title issue queue\";b:1;s:12:\"Logout @name\";b:1;s:10:\"Add !title\";b:1;s:39:\"Current anonymous / authenticated users\";b:1;s:19:\"!date, by !username\";b:1;s:12:\"Blog archive\";s:13:\"Archivio blog\";s:20:\"Manage your projects\";b:1;s:33:\"Here you can manage your project.\";b:1;s:19:\"Administer projects\";b:1;s:38:\"Administrators\' view of all projects.\";b:1;s:12:\"Project blog\";b:1;s:20:\"Manage project pages\";b:1;s:22:\"Manage project members\";b:1;s:42:\"Tff module for creating projects\'infonodes\";b:1;s:25:\"Tff project legacy module\";b:1;s:30:\"Deleted format data for !type.\";b:1;s:44:\"Tff module for creating projects\' info nodes\";b:1;s:28:\"Continuous Democracy Project\";b:1;s:30:\"Transparent Telematics Project\";b:1;s:26:\"Free Telematics Definition\";b:1;s:34:\"Telematics & Constitutional Rights\";b:1;s:9:\"Do2gether\";b:1;s:34:\"ParTecs Political Community Portal\";b:1;s:67:\"Markup allows you to enter custom HTML or PHP logic into your form.\";b:1;s:26:\"access administration menu\";b:1;s:20:\"display drupal links\";b:1;s:11:\"Empty cache\";b:1;s:47:\"The profile field translation has been updated.\";b:1;s:10:\"Simpletest\";b:1;s:10:\"Add member\";b:1;s:5:\"Leave\";b:1;s:19:\"Democrazia Continua\";b:1;s:5:\"Intro\";b:1;s:29:\"Migliori Pratiche di E-Voting\";b:1;s:19:\"Definizione Attuale\";b:1;s:10:\"v0.7 Alpha\";b:1;s:11:\"v1.0 Design\";b:1;s:10:\"democrazia\";b:1;s:17:\"Full blog archive\";s:13:\"Archivio blog\";s:12:\"Draft2Gether\";b:1;s:17:\"Migliori Pratiche\";b:1;s:17:\"Peggiori Pratiche\";b:1;s:11:\"Rule2Gether\";b:1;s:9:\"v1.0 Beta\";b:1;s:20:\"Continuous Democracy\";b:1;s:23:\"E-Voting Best Practices\";b:1;s:14:\"Best Practices\";b:1;s:15:\"Worst Practices\";b:1;s:26:\"User Verifiable Telematics\";b:1;s:18:\"Current Definition\";b:1;s:72:\"Allows the creation and assignment of arbitrary workflows to node types.\";b:1;s:51:\"Content access control based on workflows and roles\";b:1;s:49:\"Fire workflow_ng events on workflow state changes\";b:1;s:53:\"Display the most recent workflow comment of the node.\";b:1;s:71:\"The work flow argument allows users to filter a view by workflow state.\";b:1;s:19:\"administer workflow\";b:1;s:29:\"schedule workflow transitions\";b:1;s:19:\"administer projects\";b:1;s:15:\"manage projects\";b:1;s:18:\"volunteer projects\";b:1;s:18:\"edit projects info\";b:1;s:27:\"Password field is required.\";b:1;s:16:\"Pending Projects\";b:1;s:21:\"Projects manager menu\";b:1;s:19:\"Projects admin menu\";b:1;s:23:\"Projects administration\";b:1;s:11:\"New project\";b:1;s:13:\"Projects list\";b:1;s:44:\"Each node type may have a separate workflow:\";b:1;s:21:\"Save Workflow Mapping\";b:1;s:9:\"Node Type\";b:1;s:13:\"Workflow Name\";b:1;s:12:\"Add Workflow\";b:1;s:10:\"(creation)\";b:1;s:22:\"Created workflow %name\";b:1;s:7:\"Actions\";b:1;s:5:\"State\";b:1;s:37:\"Add a new state to workflow %workflow\";b:1;s:10:\"State name\";b:1;s:28:\"Created workflow state %name\";b:1;s:37:\"The workflow state %name was created.\";b:1;s:10:\"Pubblicato\";b:1;s:31:\"The workflow mapping was saved.\";b:1;s:24:\"Workflow tab permissions\";b:1;s:6:\"author\";b:1;s:38:\"Roles who can view posts in this state\";b:1;s:38:\"Roles who can edit posts in this state\";b:1;s:40:\"Roles who can delete posts in this state\";b:1;s:19:\"Edit workflow %name\";b:1;s:10:\"From / To \";b:1;s:31:\"%role may do these transitions:\";b:1;s:25:\"The workflow was updated.\";b:1;s:36:\"Workflow access permissions updated.\";b:1;s:17:\"Summary / Tagline\";b:1;s:51:\"EMBED/OBJECT/PICTURE HTML for the project home page\";b:1;s:21:\"Contacts name/address\";b:1;s:16:\"tff_project_info\";b:1;s:5:\"Draft\";b:1;s:8:\"Inactive\";b:1;s:7:\"Pending\";b:1;s:9:\"All pages\";b:1;s:11:\"All members\";b:1;s:13:\"Save projects\";b:1;s:41:\"The projects\' settings have been updated.\";b:1;s:14:\"@project pages\";b:1;s:8:\"Managers\";b:1;s:10:\"Volunteers\";b:1;s:16:\"@project members\";b:1;s:29:\"Add this @role to the project\";b:1;s:34:\"User has been added to the project\";b:1;s:4:\"Role\";b:1;s:9:\"Operation\";b:1;s:11:\"A blog post\";b:1;s:6:\"A page\";b:1;s:2:\"Go\";b:1;s:7:\"Members\";b:1;s:32:\"Project this document belongs to\";b:1;s:45:\"State of @type %node_title set to @state_name\";b:1;s:37:\"A comment to put in the workflow log.\";b:1;s:21:\"Current state: @state\";b:1;s:15:\"Change %s state\";b:1;s:9:\"Old State\";b:1;s:9:\"New State\";b:1;s:2:\"By\";b:1;s:16:\"Workflow History\";b:1;s:25:\"<em>@project</em> updates\";b:1;s:32:\"Project @project has been purged\";b:1;s:38:\"User has been removed from the project\";b:1;s:10:\"No options\";b:1;s:32:\"Select translation for %language\";b:1;s:15:\"Search for node\";b:1;s:22:\"Enter node id or title\";b:1;s:23:\"Or select from the list\";b:1;s:48:\"The content fields table %name has been created.\";b:1;s:13:\"optionwidgets\";b:1;s:27:\"node reference autocomplete\";b:1;s:8:\"<Create>\";b:1;s:12:\"Content type\";b:1;s:11:\"Import data\";b:1;s:59:\"Paste the text created by a content export into this field.\";b:1;s:8:\"<create>\";b:1;s:16:\"Create new field\";b:1;s:10:\"Field type\";b:1;s:12:\"Create field\";b:1;s:21:\"Created field %label.\";b:1;s:15:\"Widget settings\";b:1;s:6:\"Widget\";b:1;s:4:\"Rows\";b:1;s:73:\"Instructions to present to the user below this field on the editing form.\";b:1;s:10:\"Voce menù\";b:1;s:8:\"Php code\";b:1;s:13:\"Data settings\";b:1;s:15:\"Multiple values\";b:1;s:10:\"Plain text\";b:1;s:41:\"Filtered text (user selects input format)\";b:1;s:15:\"Text processing\";b:1;s:14:\"Maximum length\";b:1;s:19:\"Allowed values list\";b:1;s:19:\"Save field settings\";b:1;s:16:\"Display in group\";b:1;s:8:\"No group\";b:1;s:73:\"Select a group, in which the field will be displayed on the editing form.\";b:1;s:19:\"Saved field %field.\";b:1;s:6:\"Ordine\";b:1;s:7:\"Minimum\";b:1;s:7:\"Maximum\";b:1;s:6:\"Prefix\";b:1;s:6:\"Suffix\";b:1;s:13:\"Manage fields\";b:1;s:14:\"Display fields\";b:1;s:9:\"Add group\";b:1;s:7:\"Trimmed\";b:1;s:21:\"Group multiple values\";b:1;s:28:\"Do not group multiple values\";b:1;i:9999;b:1;s:5:\"9,999\";b:1;s:5:\"9.999\";b:1;s:5:\"9 999\";b:1;s:11:\"unformatted\";b:1;s:66:\"Il titolo che comparirà nei menù laterali di accesso alle pagine\";b:1;s:53:\"There are no groups configured for this content type.\";b:1;s:4:\"body\";b:1;s:6:\"remove\";b:1;s:5:\"Group\";b:1;s:8:\"<Hidden>\";b:1;s:5:\"Above\";b:1;s:6:\"Inline\";b:1;s:4:\"Full\";b:1;s:5:\"Field\";b:1;s:30:\"Your settings have been saved.\";b:1;s:20:\"by weight, ascending\";b:1;s:21:\"by weight, descending\";b:1;s:19:\"by title, ascending\";b:1;s:20:\"by title, descending\";b:1;s:6:\"random\";b:1;s:20:\"Tagadelic sort order\";b:1;s:62:\"Determines the sort order of the tags on the freetagging page.\";b:1;s:27:\"Amount of tags on the pages\";b:1;s:16:\"Number of levels\";b:1;s:19:\"Le Nostre Politiche\";b:1;s:19:\"the latest \'s posts\";b:1;s:15:\"blog di giovani\";b:1;s:32:\"Suggerimenti per la composizione\";b:1;s:26:\"Basta Casta. Siamo Liberi!\";b:1;s:13:\"blog di admin\";b:1;s:21:\"Raw, unfiltered text.\";b:1;s:28:\"Formatted and filtered text.\";b:1;s:17:\"Raw number value.\";b:1;s:23:\"Formatted number value.\";b:1;s:15:\"[workflow-name]\";b:1;s:36:\"Name of workflow appied to this node\";b:1;s:29:\"[workflow-current-state-name]\";b:1;s:24:\"Current state of content\";b:1;s:25:\"[workflow-old-state-name]\";b:1;s:20:\"Old state of content\";b:1;s:33:\"[workflow-current-state-date-iso]\";b:1;s:31:\"Date of last state change (ISO)\";b:1;s:36:\"[workflow-current-state-date-tstamp]\";b:1;s:37:\"Date of last state change (timestamp)\";b:1;s:39:\"[workflow-current-state-date-formatted]\";b:1;s:51:\"Date of last state change (formated - M d, Y h:i:s)\";b:1;s:43:\"[workflow-current-state-updating-user-name]\";b:1;s:30:\"Username of last state changer\";b:1;s:42:\"[workflow-current-state-updating-user-uid]\";b:1;s:25:\"uid of last state changer\";b:1;s:43:\"[workflow-current-state-updating-user-mail]\";b:1;s:27:\"email of last state changer\";b:1;s:34:\"[workflow-current-state-log-entry]\";b:1;s:25:\"Last workflow comment log\";b:1;s:23:\"[field_short_title-raw]\";b:1;s:29:\"[field_short_title-formatted]\";b:1;s:18:\"[field_weight-raw]\";b:1;s:24:\"[field_weight-formatted]\";b:1;s:61:\"Bulk generation of nodes completed, @count aliases generated.\";b:1;s:15:\"Access settings\";b:1;s:29:\"Display Image assist on paths\";b:1;s:17:\"on specific paths\";b:1;s:21:\"not on specific paths\";b:1;s:9:\"all paths\";b:1;s:34:\"Display Image assist on text areas\";b:1;s:51:\"Show on every textarea except the listed textareas.\";b:1;s:34:\"Show on only the listed textareas.\";b:1;s:22:\"Show on all textareas.\";b:1;s:10:\"Text areas\";b:1;s:19:\"Textarea image link\";b:1;s:9:\"Show icon\";b:1;s:14:\"Show text link\";b:1;s:18:\"Do not show a link\";b:1;s:74:\"Choose what to show under the textareas for which Image assist is enabled.\";b:1;s:47:\"Select the vocabularies to use for Image assist\";b:1;s:14:\"Image settings\";b:1;s:37:\"Maximum number of thumbnails per page\";b:1;s:33:\"Maximum inline image size allowed\";b:1;s:10:\"Popup size\";b:1;s:47:\"Select the size of the image that is popped up.\";b:1;s:30:\"Default size for inline images\";b:1;s:60:\"Select a derivative to be used by default for inline images.\";b:1;s:29:\"Creation of image derivatives\";b:1;s:72:\"Allow users with %access permission to create custom size inline images.\";b:1;s:52:\"Allow all users to create custom size inline images.\";b:1;s:16:\"Other Properties\";b:1;s:21:\"Default link behavior\";b:1;s:11:\"Default URL\";b:1;s:71:\"The default URL is used when Go to URL is choosen as the link behavior.\";b:1;s:19:\"Default insert mode\";b:1;s:19:\"Preload image title\";b:1;s:25:\"Preload image description\";b:1;s:16:\"Display settings\";b:1;s:62:\"Include img_assist.css on all pages for styling inline images?\";b:1;s:3:\"yes\";b:1;s:2:\"no\";b:1;s:10:\"File paths\";b:1;s:18:\"Default image path\";b:1;s:19:\"Maximum upload size\";b:1;s:11:\"Image sizes\";b:1;s:6:\"Hidden\";b:1;s:11:\"Same window\";b:1;s:10:\"New window\";b:1;s:46:\"Derivative images were regenerated for %title.\";b:1;s:12:\"blog di rufo\";b:1;s:11:\"TFF PROJECT\";b:1;s:24:\"Choose Aliases to Delete\";b:1;s:11:\"all aliases\";b:1;s:69:\"Delete all aliases. Number of aliases which will be deleted: %count.\";b:1;s:5:\"users\";b:1;s:22:\"vocabularies and terms\";b:1;s:10:\"user blogs\";b:1;s:13:\"user trackers\";b:1;s:19:\"Delete aliases now!\";b:1;s:43:\"All of your path aliases have been deleted.\";b:1;s:16:\"[tff_project_id]\";b:1;s:22:\"Node id of the project\";b:1;s:66:\"Bulk generation of user blogs completed, @count aliases generated.\";b:1;s:61:\"Bulk generation of users completed, @count aliases generated.\";b:1;s:8:\"Schedule\";b:1;s:11:\"Immediately\";b:1;s:29:\"Schedule for state change at:\";b:1;s:19:\"Go back to the form\";b:1;s:17:\"Tipi di contenuto\";b:1;s:26:\"Aggiungi tipo di contenuto\";b:1;s:7:\"Importa\";b:1;s:34:\"Select the content type to export.\";b:1;s:55:\"The menu item %title has been added with node language.\";b:1;s:29:\"Migliori pratiche di E-Voting\";b:1;s:57:\"The menu item %title has been updated with node language.\";b:1;s:12:\"Project Page\";b:1;s:56:\"Bulk generation of nodes completed, one alias generated.\";b:1;s:19:\"Pagina Statica Sito\";b:1;s:9:\"site_page\";b:1;s:6:\"tff qc\";b:1;s:10:\"Moderation\";s:11:\"Moderazione\";s:12:\"WebYES! (en)\";b:1;s:35:\"Electronic Frontier Foundation Blog\";b:1;s:24:\"Free Software Foundation\";b:1;s:10:\"FSF Europe\";b:1;s:24:\"create site_page content\";b:1;s:26:\"edit own site_page content\";b:1;s:22:\"edit site_page content\";b:1;s:16:\"Administer views\";b:1;s:44:\"<p>No views have currently been defined.</p>\";b:1;s:12:\"No Page View\";b:1;s:6:\"Enable\";b:1;s:12:\"Default view\";b:1;s:8:\"Provides\";b:1;s:13:\"Default Views\";b:1;s:33:\"Free Hardware Foundation (Italia)\";b:1;s:46:\"Electronic Frontier Foundation Alerts & Action\";b:1;s:12:\"WebYES! (it)\";b:1;s:17:\"Punto Informatico\";b:1;s:20:\"Lawrence Lessig Blog\";b:1;s:45:\"Electronic Frontier Foundation Press Releases\";b:1;s:8:\"About Us\";b:1;s:72:\"Adds Google Analytics javascript tracking code to all your site\'s pages.\";b:1;s:15:\"googleanalytics\";b:1;s:16:\"Google Analytics\";b:1;s:26:\"Analytics Account Settings\";b:1;s:7:\"User ID\";b:1;s:23:\"Legacy Google Analytics\";b:1;s:18:\"User Role Tracking\";b:1;s:14:\"Admin (user 1)\";b:1;s:17:\"User Segmentation\";b:1;s:10:\"User Roles\";b:1;s:24:\"File Extensions To Track\";b:1;s:8:\"Advanced\";b:1;s:46:\"You can add custom Google Analytics code here.\";b:1;s:32:\"Cache tracking code file locally\";b:1;s:24:\"Do Track Internal Search\";b:1;s:15:\"JavaScript Code\";b:1;s:6:\"survey\";s:7:\"ricerca\";s:9:\"more tags\";s:10:\"altre tags\";s:12:\"Tags to show\";b:1;s:41:\"The number of tags to show in this block.\";b:1;s:45:\"FLOSS Media Center Comparison Chart Published\";b:1;s:4:\"demo\";b:1;s:5:\"event\";s:6:\"evento\";s:5:\"floss\";b:1;s:11:\"freedom box\";b:1;s:12:\"media center\";b:1;s:6:\"report\";s:8:\"rapporto\";s:5:\"video\";b:1;s:3:\"rss\";b:1;s:7:\"contest\";s:8:\"concorso\";s:9:\"copyright\";b:1;s:16:\"creative commons\";b:1;s:7:\"license\";s:7:\"licenza\";s:61:\"Putting you in Full Control of your Telematic Communications!\";s:54:\"Affermiamo il nostro diritto ad una Telematica Sicura!\";s:43:\"Add images to your posts with Image assist.\";b:1;s:23:\"Revealing Errors (Mako)\";b:1;s:13:\"Copyrighteous\";b:1;s:42:\"Lo Stato Attuale dei Software Media Center\";b:1;s:31:\"Free Hardware Foundation Italia\";b:1;s:29:\"Eletronic Frontier Foundation\";b:1;s:19:\"Blog items per page\";b:1;s:47:\"The maximum number of items displayed per page.\";b:1;s:27:\"Project blog items per page\";b:1;s:9:\"democracy\";s:10:\"democrazia\";s:11:\"e-democracy\";b:1;s:3:\"law\";s:7:\"diritto\";s:8:\"politics\";s:8:\"politica\";s:10:\"telematics\";s:10:\"telematica\";s:3:\"USA\";b:1;s:3:\"ads\";s:11:\"pubblicità\";s:8:\"e-voting\";b:1;s:5:\"media\";b:1;s:6:\"policy\";b:1;s:6:\"web tv\";b:1;s:4:\"rome\";s:4:\"roma\";s:37:\"Media Center Surveys closed yesterday\";b:1;s:4:\"iptv\";b:1;s:8:\"sapienza\";b:1;s:37:\"FLOSS Survey will close September 2nd\";b:1;s:16:\"Manage Revisions\";b:1;s:35:\"Here you can manage node revisions.\";b:1;s:13:\"Project event\";b:1;s:21:\"Project press release\";b:1;s:21:\"Get Updates Via Email\";s:23:\"Aggiornamenti Via Email\";s:38:\"Public subscription mailing list form.\";b:1;s:69:\"Provides an API for modules to trigger and respond to Drupal actions.\";b:1;s:62:\"A story-like node that implements the event API automatically.\";b:1;s:44:\"Calendaring API, calendar display and export\";b:1;s:34:\"Allows creation of all-day events.\";b:1;s:63:\"Views-enables the event fields and creates default event views.\";b:1;s:37:\"The HTML to text facility of Drupal 6\";b:1;s:37:\"Allows admin to manage node revision.\";b:1;s:5:\"Event\";b:1;s:14:\"MailmanManager\";b:1;s:15:\"mailman_manager\";b:1;s:13:\"Mailing Lists\";b:1;s:7:\"Add New\";b:1;s:30:\"Add new Mailman mailing lists.\";b:1;s:17:\"Edit Mailing list\";b:1;s:19:\"Delete Mailing list\";b:1;s:22:\"access mailman_manager\";b:1;s:26:\"administer mailman_manager\";b:1;s:6:\"Source\";s:5:\"Fonte\";s:13:\"Press Release\";b:1;s:31:\"the author of the press release\";b:1;s:17:\"Aggiungi un campo\";b:1;s:21:\"Updated field groups.\";b:1;s:22:\"Updated field weights.\";b:1;s:28:\"create press_release content\";b:1;s:30:\"edit own press_release content\";b:1;s:26:\"edit press_release content\";b:1;s:18:\"[field_source-raw]\";b:1;s:24:\"[field_source-formatted]\";b:1;s:18:\"[field_author-raw]\";b:1;s:24:\"[field_author-formatted]\";b:1;s:13:\"event_all_day\";b:1;s:11:\"event_views\";b:1;s:22:\"Filter by content type\";b:1;s:18:\"Filter by taxonomy\";b:1;s:14:\"Event rss feed\";b:1;s:14:\"Event dst view\";b:1;s:15:\"Event ical feed\";b:1;s:36:\"Set up how your site handles events.\";b:1;s:17:\"Timezone handling\";b:1;s:55:\"Change how timezone information is saved and displayed.\";b:1;s:14:\"Event overview\";b:1;s:50:\"Change how event summary information is displayed.\";b:1;s:3:\"now\";b:1;s:17:\"Event: Start Time\";b:1;s:15:\"Event: End Time\";b:1;s:15:\"Event: Timezone\";b:1;s:17:\"Event: Start Date\";b:1;s:15:\"Event: End Date\";b:1;s:17:\"Event: Start Year\";b:1;s:69:\"Filter by year. Use the option to select the date field to filter on.\";b:1;s:18:\"Event: Start Month\";b:1;s:70:\"Filter by month. Use the option to select the date field to filter on.\";b:1;s:16:\"Event: Start Day\";b:1;s:68:\"Filter by day. Use the option to select the date field to filter on.\";b:1;s:11:\"Event: Type\";b:1;s:12:\"event_select\";b:1;s:48:\"Events list filtered by drop-down date selector.\";b:1;s:10:\"event list\";b:1;s:11:\"Start Time:\";b:1;s:9:\"End Time:\";b:1;s:11:\"Start Year:\";b:1;s:12:\"Start Month:\";b:1;s:10:\"Start Day:\";b:1;s:8:\"event_js\";b:1;s:41:\"Events list filtered by js date selector.\";b:1;s:10:\"Start Date\";b:1;s:8:\"End Date\";b:1;s:10:\"event_date\";b:1;s:38:\"Events list filtered by url arguments.\";b:1;s:4:\"Year\";b:1;s:5:\"Month\";b:1;s:3:\"Day\";b:1;s:32:\"Filter by the event year (YYYY).\";b:1;s:17:\"Event: Start Week\";b:1;s:13:\"create events\";b:1;s:15:\"edit own events\";b:1;s:14:\" %type archive\";b:1;s:9:\"with tags\";s:8:\"con tags\";s:26:\"Upcoming event block limit\";b:1;s:16:\"Default overview\";b:1;s:4:\"Week\";b:1;s:25:\"Table view default period\";b:1;s:4:\"here\";b:1;s:24:\"Taxonomy filter controls\";b:1;s:46:\"Show taxonomy filter control on calendar views\";b:1;s:72:\"Only show taxonomy filter control when taxonomy filter view is requested\";b:1;s:34:\"Never show taxonomy filter control\";b:1;s:28:\"Content type filter controls\";b:1;s:50:\"Show content type filter control on calendar views\";b:1;s:38:\"Never show content type filter control\";b:1;s:62:\"To unsubscribe, type in your email and uncheck unwanted boxes.\";s:138:\"Per annullare l\'iscrizione, inserisci la tua e-mail e deseleziona le caselle corrispondenti agli aggiornamenti che non vuoi più ricevere.\";s:9:\"Frequency\";s:7:\"Cadenza\";s:9:\"Subscribe\";s:9:\"Iscriviti\";s:22:\"Show in event calendar\";b:1;s:9:\"All views\";b:1;s:27:\"Only in views for this type\";b:1;s:10:\"Field name\";b:1;s:7:\"Used in\";b:1;s:5:\"devel\";b:1;s:37:\"Rebuild node_comment_statistics table\";b:1;s:16:\"Database queries\";b:1;s:22:\"Empty database queries\";b:1;s:18:\"function reference\";b:1;s:17:\"Reinstall modules\";b:1;s:11:\"Reset menus\";b:1;s:15:\"Variable editor\";b:1;s:14:\"Session viewer\";b:1;s:11:\"Switch user\";b:1;s:5:\"Devel\";b:1;s:8:\"Dev load\";b:1;s:11:\"Dev queries\";b:1;s:9:\"Dev items\";b:1;s:26:\"This user can switch back.\";b:1;s:49:\"Caution: this user will be unable to switch back.\";b:1;s:18:\"Add existing field\";b:1;s:7:\"actions\";b:1;s:41:\"Manage the actions defined for your site.\";b:1;s:16:\"Configure action\";b:1;s:13:\"Delete action\";b:1;s:2:\"ID\";b:1;s:15:\"Request Address\";b:1;s:20:\"Add new mailing list\";b:1;s:32:\"The place where event take place\";b:1;s:7:\"All day\";b:1;s:10:\"Start date\";b:1;s:1:\"H\";b:1;s:8:\"End date\";b:1;s:18:\"Africa/Addis_Ababa\";b:1;s:14:\"Africa/Algiers\";b:1;s:13:\"Africa/Asmera\";b:1;s:13:\"Africa/Bangui\";b:1;s:15:\"Africa/Blantyre\";b:1;s:18:\"Africa/Brazzaville\";b:1;s:16:\"Africa/Bujumbura\";b:1;s:12:\"Africa/Cairo\";b:1;s:12:\"Africa/Ceuta\";b:1;s:20:\"Africa/Dar_es_Salaam\";b:1;s:15:\"Africa/Djibouti\";b:1;s:13:\"Africa/Douala\";b:1;s:15:\"Africa/Gaborone\";b:1;s:13:\"Africa/Harare\";b:1;s:19:\"Africa/Johannesburg\";b:1;s:14:\"Africa/Kampala\";b:1;s:15:\"Africa/Khartoum\";b:1;s:13:\"Africa/Kigali\";b:1;s:15:\"Africa/Kinshasa\";b:1;s:12:\"Africa/Lagos\";b:1;s:17:\"Africa/Libreville\";b:1;s:13:\"Africa/Luanda\";b:1;s:17:\"Africa/Lubumbashi\";b:1;s:13:\"Africa/Lusaka\";b:1;s:13:\"Africa/Malabo\";b:1;s:13:\"Africa/Maputo\";b:1;s:13:\"Africa/Maseru\";b:1;s:14:\"Africa/Mbabane\";b:1;s:16:\"Africa/Mogadishu\";b:1;s:14:\"Africa/Nairobi\";b:1;s:15:\"Africa/Ndjamena\";b:1;s:13:\"Africa/Niamey\";b:1;s:17:\"Africa/Porto-Novo\";b:1;s:14:\"Africa/Tripoli\";b:1;s:12:\"Africa/Tunis\";b:1;s:15:\"Africa/Windhoek\";b:1;s:12:\"America/Adak\";b:1;s:17:\"America/Anchorage\";b:1;s:16:\"America/Anguilla\";b:1;s:15:\"America/Antigua\";b:1;s:17:\"America/Araguaina\";b:1;s:13:\"America/Aruba\";b:1;s:16:\"America/Asuncion\";b:1;s:12:\"America/Atka\";b:1;s:16:\"America/Barbados\";b:1;s:13:\"America/Belem\";b:1;s:14:\"America/Belize\";b:1;s:17:\"America/Boa_Vista\";b:1;s:14:\"America/Bogota\";b:1;s:13:\"America/Boise\";b:1;s:20:\"America/Buenos_Aires\";b:1;s:21:\"America/Cambridge_Bay\";b:1;s:14:\"America/Cancun\";b:1;s:15:\"America/Caracas\";b:1;s:17:\"America/Catamarca\";b:1;s:15:\"America/Cayenne\";b:1;s:14:\"America/Cayman\";b:1;s:15:\"America/Chicago\";b:1;s:17:\"America/Chihuahua\";b:1;s:15:\"America/Cordoba\";b:1;s:18:\"America/Costa_Rica\";b:1;s:14:\"America/Cuiaba\";b:1;s:15:\"America/Curacao\";b:1;s:14:\"America/Dawson\";b:1;s:20:\"America/Dawson_Creek\";b:1;s:14:\"America/Denver\";b:1;s:15:\"America/Detroit\";b:1;s:16:\"America/Dominica\";b:1;s:16:\"America/Edmonton\";b:1;s:16:\"America/Eirunepe\";b:1;s:19:\"America/El_Salvador\";b:1;s:16:\"America/Ensenada\";b:1;s:18:\"America/Fort_Wayne\";b:1;s:17:\"America/Fortaleza\";b:1;s:17:\"America/Glace_Bay\";b:1;s:15:\"America/Godthab\";b:1;s:17:\"America/Goose_Bay\";b:1;s:18:\"America/Grand_Turk\";b:1;s:15:\"America/Grenada\";b:1;s:18:\"America/Guadeloupe\";b:1;s:17:\"America/Guatemala\";b:1;s:17:\"America/Guayaquil\";b:1;s:14:\"America/Guyana\";b:1;s:15:\"America/Halifax\";b:1;s:14:\"America/Havana\";b:1;s:18:\"America/Hermosillo\";b:1;s:28:\"America/Indiana/Indianapolis\";b:1;s:20:\"America/Indiana/Knox\";b:1;s:23:\"America/Indiana/Marengo\";b:1;s:21:\"America/Indiana/Vevay\";b:1;s:20:\"America/Indianapolis\";b:1;s:14:\"America/Inuvik\";b:1;s:15:\"America/Iqaluit\";b:1;s:15:\"America/Jamaica\";b:1;s:13:\"America/Jujuy\";b:1;s:14:\"America/Juneau\";b:1;s:27:\"America/Kentucky/Louisville\";b:1;s:27:\"America/Kentucky/Monticello\";b:1;s:15:\"America/Knox_IN\";b:1;s:14:\"America/La_Paz\";b:1;s:12:\"America/Lima\";b:1;s:19:\"America/Los_Angeles\";b:1;s:18:\"America/Louisville\";b:1;s:14:\"America/Maceio\";b:1;s:15:\"America/Managua\";b:1;s:14:\"America/Manaus\";b:1;s:18:\"America/Martinique\";b:1;s:16:\"America/Mazatlan\";b:1;s:15:\"America/Mendoza\";b:1;s:17:\"America/Menominee\";b:1;s:14:\"America/Merida\";b:1;s:19:\"America/Mexico_City\";b:1;s:16:\"America/Miquelon\";b:1;s:17:\"America/Monterrey\";b:1;s:18:\"America/Montevideo\";b:1;s:16:\"America/Montreal\";b:1;s:18:\"America/Montserrat\";b:1;s:14:\"America/Nassau\";b:1;s:16:\"America/New_York\";b:1;s:15:\"America/Nipigon\";b:1;s:12:\"America/Nome\";b:1;s:15:\"America/Noronha\";b:1;s:14:\"America/Panama\";b:1;s:19:\"America/Pangnirtung\";b:1;s:18:\"America/Paramaribo\";b:1;s:15:\"America/Phoenix\";b:1;s:22:\"America/Port-au-Prince\";b:1;s:21:\"America/Port_of_Spain\";b:1;s:18:\"America/Porto_Acre\";b:1;s:19:\"America/Porto_Velho\";b:1;s:19:\"America/Puerto_Rico\";b:1;s:19:\"America/Rainy_River\";b:1;s:20:\"America/Rankin_Inlet\";b:1;s:14:\"America/Recife\";b:1;s:14:\"America/Regina\";b:1;s:18:\"America/Rio_Branco\";b:1;s:15:\"America/Rosario\";b:1;s:16:\"America/Santiago\";b:1;s:21:\"America/Santo_Domingo\";b:1;s:17:\"America/Sao_Paulo\";b:1;s:20:\"America/Scoresbysund\";b:1;s:16:\"America/Shiprock\";b:1;s:16:\"America/St_Johns\";b:1;s:16:\"America/St_Kitts\";b:1;s:16:\"America/St_Lucia\";b:1;s:17:\"America/St_Thomas\";b:1;s:18:\"America/St_Vincent\";b:1;s:21:\"America/Swift_Current\";b:1;s:19:\"America/Tegucigalpa\";b:1;s:13:\"America/Thule\";b:1;s:19:\"America/Thunder_Bay\";b:1;s:15:\"America/Tijuana\";b:1;s:15:\"America/Tortola\";b:1;s:17:\"America/Vancouver\";b:1;s:14:\"America/Virgin\";b:1;s:18:\"America/Whitehorse\";b:1;s:16:\"America/Winnipeg\";b:1;s:15:\"America/Yakutat\";b:1;s:19:\"America/Yellowknife\";b:1;s:16:\"Antarctica/Casey\";b:1;s:16:\"Antarctica/Davis\";b:1;s:25:\"Antarctica/DumontDUrville\";b:1;s:17:\"Antarctica/Mawson\";b:1;s:18:\"Antarctica/McMurdo\";b:1;s:17:\"Antarctica/Palmer\";b:1;s:21:\"Antarctica/South_Pole\";b:1;s:16:\"Antarctica/Syowa\";b:1;s:17:\"Antarctica/Vostok\";b:1;s:19:\"Arctic/Longyearbyen\";b:1;s:9:\"Asia/Aden\";b:1;s:11:\"Asia/Almaty\";b:1;s:10:\"Asia/Amman\";b:1;s:11:\"Asia/Anadyr\";b:1;s:10:\"Asia/Aqtau\";b:1;s:11:\"Asia/Aqtobe\";b:1;s:13:\"Asia/Ashgabat\";b:1;s:14:\"Asia/Ashkhabad\";b:1;s:12:\"Asia/Baghdad\";b:1;s:12:\"Asia/Bahrain\";b:1;s:9:\"Asia/Baku\";b:1;s:12:\"Asia/Bangkok\";b:1;s:11:\"Asia/Beirut\";b:1;s:12:\"Asia/Bishkek\";b:1;s:11:\"Asia/Brunei\";b:1;s:13:\"Asia/Calcutta\";b:1;s:14:\"Asia/Chungking\";b:1;s:12:\"Asia/Colombo\";b:1;s:10:\"Asia/Dacca\";b:1;s:13:\"Asia/Damascus\";b:1;s:10:\"Asia/Dhaka\";b:1;s:9:\"Asia/Dili\";b:1;s:10:\"Asia/Dubai\";b:1;s:13:\"Asia/Dushanbe\";b:1;s:9:\"Asia/Gaza\";b:1;s:11:\"Asia/Harbin\";b:1;s:14:\"Asia/Hong_Kong\";b:1;s:9:\"Asia/Hovd\";b:1;s:12:\"Asia/Irkutsk\";b:1;s:13:\"Asia/Istanbul\";b:1;s:12:\"Asia/Jakarta\";b:1;s:13:\"Asia/Jayapura\";b:1;s:14:\"Asia/Jerusalem\";b:1;s:10:\"Asia/Kabul\";b:1;s:14:\"Asia/Kamchatka\";b:1;s:12:\"Asia/Karachi\";b:1;s:12:\"Asia/Kashgar\";b:1;s:13:\"Asia/Katmandu\";b:1;s:16:\"Asia/Krasnoyarsk\";b:1;s:17:\"Asia/Kuala_Lumpur\";b:1;s:12:\"Asia/Kuching\";b:1;s:11:\"Asia/Kuwait\";b:1;s:10:\"Asia/Macao\";b:1;s:12:\"Asia/Magadan\";b:1;s:11:\"Asia/Manila\";b:1;s:11:\"Asia/Muscat\";b:1;s:12:\"Asia/Nicosia\";b:1;s:16:\"Asia/Novosibirsk\";b:1;s:9:\"Asia/Omsk\";b:1;s:15:\"Asia/Phnom_Penh\";b:1;s:14:\"Asia/Pyongyang\";b:1;s:10:\"Asia/Qatar\";b:1;s:12:\"Asia/Rangoon\";b:1;s:11:\"Asia/Riyadh\";b:1;s:13:\"Asia/Riyadh87\";b:1;s:13:\"Asia/Riyadh88\";b:1;s:13:\"Asia/Riyadh89\";b:1;s:11:\"Asia/Saigon\";b:1;s:14:\"Asia/Samarkand\";b:1;s:10:\"Asia/Seoul\";b:1;s:13:\"Asia/Shanghai\";b:1;s:14:\"Asia/Singapore\";b:1;s:11:\"Asia/Taipei\";b:1;s:13:\"Asia/Tashkent\";b:1;s:12:\"Asia/Tbilisi\";b:1;s:11:\"Asia/Tehran\";b:1;s:13:\"Asia/Tel_Aviv\";b:1;s:11:\"Asia/Thimbu\";b:1;s:12:\"Asia/Thimphu\";b:1;s:10:\"Asia/Tokyo\";b:1;s:18:\"Asia/Ujung_Pandang\";b:1;s:16:\"Asia/Ulaanbaatar\";b:1;s:15:\"Asia/Ulan_Bator\";b:1;s:11:\"Asia/Urumqi\";b:1;s:14:\"Asia/Vientiane\";b:1;s:16:\"Asia/Vladivostok\";b:1;s:12:\"Asia/Yakutsk\";b:1;s:18:\"Asia/Yekaterinburg\";b:1;s:12:\"Asia/Yerevan\";b:1;s:15:\"Atlantic/Azores\";b:1;s:16:\"Atlantic/Bermuda\";b:1;s:15:\"Atlantic/Canary\";b:1;s:19:\"Atlantic/Cape_Verde\";b:1;s:15:\"Atlantic/Faeroe\";b:1;s:18:\"Atlantic/Jan_Mayen\";b:1;s:16:\"Atlantic/Madeira\";b:1;s:22:\"Atlantic/South_Georgia\";b:1;s:16:\"Atlantic/Stanley\";b:1;s:13:\"Australia/ACT\";b:1;s:18:\"Australia/Adelaide\";b:1;s:18:\"Australia/Brisbane\";b:1;s:21:\"Australia/Broken_Hill\";b:1;s:18:\"Australia/Canberra\";b:1;s:16:\"Australia/Darwin\";b:1;s:16:\"Australia/Hobart\";b:1;s:13:\"Australia/LHI\";b:1;s:18:\"Australia/Lindeman\";b:1;s:19:\"Australia/Lord_Howe\";b:1;s:19:\"Australia/Melbourne\";b:1;s:13:\"Australia/NSW\";b:1;s:15:\"Australia/North\";b:1;s:15:\"Australia/Perth\";b:1;s:20:\"Australia/Queensland\";b:1;s:15:\"Australia/South\";b:1;s:16:\"Australia/Sydney\";b:1;s:18:\"Australia/Tasmania\";b:1;s:18:\"Australia/Victoria\";b:1;s:14:\"Australia/West\";b:1;s:20:\"Australia/Yancowinna\";b:1;s:11:\"Brazil/Acre\";b:1;s:16:\"Brazil/DeNoronha\";b:1;s:11:\"Brazil/East\";b:1;s:11:\"Brazil/West\";b:1;s:15:\"Canada/Atlantic\";b:1;s:14:\"Canada/Central\";b:1;s:27:\"Canada/Central-Saskatchewan\";b:1;s:14:\"Canada/Eastern\";b:1;s:15:\"Canada/Mountain\";b:1;s:19:\"Canada/Newfoundland\";b:1;s:14:\"Canada/Pacific\";b:1;s:19:\"Canada/Saskatchewan\";b:1;s:12:\"Canada/Yukon\";b:1;s:17:\"Chile/Continental\";b:1;s:18:\"Chile/EasterIsland\";b:1;s:4:\"Cuba\";b:1;s:3:\"EST\";b:1;s:5:\"Egypt\";b:1;s:4:\"Eire\";b:1;s:9:\"Etc/GMT-1\";b:1;s:10:\"Etc/GMT-10\";b:1;s:10:\"Etc/GMT-11\";b:1;s:10:\"Etc/GMT-12\";b:1;s:9:\"Etc/GMT-2\";b:1;s:9:\"Etc/GMT-3\";b:1;s:9:\"Etc/GMT-4\";b:1;s:9:\"Etc/GMT-5\";b:1;s:9:\"Etc/GMT-6\";b:1;s:9:\"Etc/GMT-7\";b:1;s:9:\"Etc/GMT-8\";b:1;s:9:\"Etc/GMT-9\";b:1;s:7:\"Etc/GMT\";b:1;s:9:\"Etc/GMT+1\";b:1;s:10:\"Etc/GMT+10\";b:1;s:10:\"Etc/GMT+11\";b:1;s:10:\"Etc/GMT+12\";b:1;s:10:\"Etc/GMT+13\";b:1;s:10:\"Etc/GMT+14\";b:1;s:9:\"Etc/GMT+2\";b:1;s:9:\"Etc/GMT+3\";b:1;s:9:\"Etc/GMT+4\";b:1;s:9:\"Etc/GMT+5\";b:1;s:9:\"Etc/GMT+6\";b:1;s:9:\"Etc/GMT+7\";b:1;s:9:\"Etc/GMT+8\";b:1;s:9:\"Etc/GMT+9\";b:1;s:16:\"Europe/Amsterdam\";b:1;s:14:\"Europe/Andorra\";b:1;s:13:\"Europe/Athens\";b:1;s:14:\"Europe/Belfast\";b:1;s:15:\"Europe/Belgrade\";b:1;s:13:\"Europe/Berlin\";b:1;s:17:\"Europe/Bratislava\";b:1;s:15:\"Europe/Brussels\";b:1;s:16:\"Europe/Bucharest\";b:1;s:15:\"Europe/Budapest\";b:1;s:15:\"Europe/Chisinau\";b:1;s:17:\"Europe/Copenhagen\";b:1;s:13:\"Europe/Dublin\";b:1;s:16:\"Europe/Gibraltar\";b:1;s:15:\"Europe/Helsinki\";b:1;s:15:\"Europe/Istanbul\";b:1;s:18:\"Europe/Kaliningrad\";b:1;s:11:\"Europe/Kiev\";b:1;s:13:\"Europe/Lisbon\";b:1;s:16:\"Europe/Ljubljana\";b:1;s:13:\"Europe/London\";b:1;s:17:\"Europe/Luxembourg\";b:1;s:13:\"Europe/Madrid\";b:1;s:12:\"Europe/Malta\";b:1;s:12:\"Europe/Minsk\";b:1;s:13:\"Europe/Monaco\";b:1;s:13:\"Europe/Moscow\";b:1;s:14:\"Europe/Nicosia\";b:1;s:11:\"Europe/Oslo\";b:1;s:12:\"Europe/Paris\";b:1;s:13:\"Europe/Prague\";b:1;s:11:\"Europe/Riga\";b:1;s:11:\"Europe/Rome\";b:1;s:13:\"Europe/Samara\";b:1;s:17:\"Europe/San_Marino\";b:1;s:15:\"Europe/Sarajevo\";b:1;s:17:\"Europe/Simferopol\";b:1;s:13:\"Europe/Skopje\";b:1;s:12:\"Europe/Sofia\";b:1;s:16:\"Europe/Stockholm\";b:1;s:14:\"Europe/Tallinn\";b:1;s:13:\"Europe/Tirane\";b:1;s:15:\"Europe/Tiraspol\";b:1;s:15:\"Europe/Uzhgorod\";b:1;s:12:\"Europe/Vaduz\";b:1;s:14:\"Europe/Vatican\";b:1;s:13:\"Europe/Vienna\";b:1;s:14:\"Europe/Vilnius\";b:1;s:13:\"Europe/Warsaw\";b:1;s:13:\"Europe/Zagreb\";b:1;s:17:\"Europe/Zaporozhye\";b:1;s:13:\"Europe/Zurich\";b:1;s:2:\"GB\";b:1;s:7:\"GB-Eire\";b:1;s:8:\"Hongkong\";b:1;s:19:\"Indian/Antananarivo\";b:1;s:13:\"Indian/Chagos\";b:1;s:16:\"Indian/Christmas\";b:1;s:12:\"Indian/Cocos\";b:1;s:13:\"Indian/Comoro\";b:1;s:16:\"Indian/Kerguelen\";b:1;s:11:\"Indian/Mahe\";b:1;s:15:\"Indian/Maldives\";b:1;s:16:\"Indian/Mauritius\";b:1;s:14:\"Indian/Mayotte\";b:1;s:14:\"Indian/Reunion\";b:1;s:4:\"Iran\";b:1;s:6:\"Israel\";b:1;s:7:\"Jamaica\";b:1;s:5:\"Japan\";b:1;s:9:\"Kwajalein\";b:1;s:5:\"Libya\";b:1;s:16:\"Mexico/BajaNorte\";b:1;s:14:\"Mexico/BajaSur\";b:1;s:14:\"Mexico/General\";b:1;s:16:\"Mideast/Riyadh87\";b:1;s:16:\"Mideast/Riyadh88\";b:1;s:16:\"Mideast/Riyadh89\";b:1;s:2:\"NZ\";b:1;s:12:\"Pacific/Apia\";b:1;s:16:\"Pacific/Auckland\";b:1;s:15:\"Pacific/Chatham\";b:1;s:14:\"Pacific/Easter\";b:1;s:13:\"Pacific/Efate\";b:1;s:17:\"Pacific/Enderbury\";b:1;s:15:\"Pacific/Fakaofo\";b:1;s:12:\"Pacific/Fiji\";b:1;s:16:\"Pacific/Funafuti\";b:1;s:17:\"Pacific/Galapagos\";b:1;s:15:\"Pacific/Gambier\";b:1;s:19:\"Pacific/Guadalcanal\";b:1;s:12:\"Pacific/Guam\";b:1;s:16:\"Pacific/Honolulu\";b:1;s:16:\"Pacific/Johnston\";b:1;s:18:\"Pacific/Kiritimati\";b:1;s:14:\"Pacific/Kosrae\";b:1;s:17:\"Pacific/Kwajalein\";b:1;s:14:\"Pacific/Majuro\";b:1;s:17:\"Pacific/Marquesas\";b:1;s:14:\"Pacific/Midway\";b:1;s:13:\"Pacific/Nauru\";b:1;s:12:\"Pacific/Niue\";b:1;s:15:\"Pacific/Norfolk\";b:1;s:14:\"Pacific/Noumea\";b:1;s:17:\"Pacific/Pago_Pago\";b:1;s:13:\"Pacific/Palau\";b:1;s:16:\"Pacific/Pitcairn\";b:1;s:14:\"Pacific/Ponape\";b:1;s:20:\"Pacific/Port_Moresby\";b:1;s:17:\"Pacific/Rarotonga\";b:1;s:14:\"Pacific/Saipan\";b:1;s:13:\"Pacific/Samoa\";b:1;s:14:\"Pacific/Tahiti\";b:1;s:14:\"Pacific/Tarawa\";b:1;s:17:\"Pacific/Tongatapu\";b:1;s:12:\"Pacific/Truk\";b:1;s:12:\"Pacific/Wake\";b:1;s:14:\"Pacific/Wallis\";b:1;s:11:\"Pacific/Yap\";b:1;s:6:\"Poland\";b:1;s:8:\"Portugal\";b:1;s:9:\"Singapore\";b:1;s:6:\"Turkey\";b:1;s:9:\"US/Alaska\";b:1;s:11:\"US/Aleutian\";b:1;s:10:\"US/Arizona\";b:1;s:10:\"US/Central\";b:1;s:15:\"US/East-Indiana\";b:1;s:10:\"US/Eastern\";b:1;s:9:\"US/Hawaii\";b:1;s:17:\"US/Indiana-Starke\";b:1;s:11:\"US/Michigan\";b:1;s:11:\"US/Mountain\";b:1;s:10:\"US/Pacific\";b:1;s:8:\"US/Samoa\";b:1;s:42:\"Pacific/French Polynesia-Marquesas Islands\";b:1;s:10:\"Event ical\";b:1;s:10:\"Dev render\";b:1;s:7:\"Start: \";s:7:\"Inizio:\";s:5:\"End: \";s:5:\"Fine:\";s:10:\"Timezone: \";b:1;s:8:\"Calendar\";b:1;s:10:\"Devel load\";b:1;s:15:\"A press release\";b:1;s:8:\"An event\";b:1;s:9:\"Quick add\";b:1;s:38:\"Allow to show the page in project menu\";b:1;s:5:\"Press\";b:1;s:10:\"conference\";s:8:\"convegno\";s:11:\"mediacenter\";b:1;s:20:\"the latest \'s events\";b:1;s:24:\"<em>@project</em> events\";b:1;s:30:\"Mailing List \'request\' address\";b:1;s:22:\"Commands are sent here\";b:1;s:28:\"Mailing List \'admin\' address\";b:1;s:33:\"(Optional. admin is used for BCC)\";b:1;s:34:\"Mailing list web address for users\";b:1;s:10:\"http://...\";b:1;s:22:\"Leave empty if hidden.\";b:1;s:42:\"Mailing list web archive address for users\";b:1;s:12:\"http://.... \";b:1;s:34:\"Indirizzo mailing list settimanale\";b:1;s:30:\"Indirizzo mailing list mensile\";b:1;s:34:\"Indirizzo mailing list trimestrale\";b:1;s:42:\"New Mailman list %name successfully stored\";b:1;s:25:\"The Popolobue TV - weekly\";s:26:\"Popolobue TV - settimanale\";s:26:\"The Popolobue TV - monthly\";s:22:\"Popolobue TV - mensile\";s:30:\"The Popolobue TV - tri-monthly\";s:25:\"Popolobue TV - trimensile\";s:21:\"Popolobue TV - weekly\";s:26:\"Popolobue TV - settimanale\";s:22:\"Popolobue TV - monthly\";s:22:\"Popolobue TV - mensile\";s:26:\"Popolobue TV - tri-monthly\";s:25:\"Popolobue TV - trimensile\";s:23:\"Aggiornamenti Via Email\";b:1;s:6:\"Weekly\";s:11:\"Settimanale\";s:7:\"Monthly\";s:7:\"Mensile\";s:11:\"Tri-monthly\";s:11:\"Trimestrale\";s:5:\"(all)\";b:1;s:31:\"Select event terms to filter by\";b:1;s:30:\"Select event type to filter by\";b:1;s:12:\"!month !year\";b:1;s:10:\"Month view\";b:1;s:9:\"Week view\";b:1;s:8:\"Day view\";b:1;s:10:\"Table view\";b:1;s:9:\"List view\";b:1;s:15:\"view this event\";b:1;s:16:\"Add to iCalendar\";b:1;s:35:\"Add this calendar to your iCalendar\";b:1;s:15:\"Events at %site\";b:1;s:27:\"!weekday !month !day, !year\";b:1;s:12:\"Full archive\";b:1;s:65:\"!startmonth !startdate, !startyear - !endmonth !enddate, !endyear\";b:1;s:13:\"%month / %day\";b:1;s:9:\"more info\";b:1;s:41:\"Show detailed information for this event.\";b:1;s:26:\"Week of !month !day, !year\";b:1;s:10:\"Mercoledì\";b:1;s:7:\"Ottobre\";b:1;s:27:\"%weekday %month %day, %year\";b:1;s:5:\"Start\";b:1;s:3:\"End\";b:1;s:23:\"La Freedom Box - weekly\";s:28:\"La Freedom Box - settimanale\";s:24:\"La Freedom Box - monthly\";s:24:\"La Freedom Box - mensile\";s:28:\"La Freedom Box - tri-monthly\";s:27:\"La Freedom Box - trimensile\";s:24:\"The Freedom Box - weekly\";s:28:\"La Freedom Box - settimanale\";s:25:\"The Freedom Box - monthly\";s:24:\"La Freedom Box - mensile\";s:29:\"The Freedom Box - tri-monthly\";s:27:\"La Freedom Box - trimensile\";s:33:\"Nothing to be done for #listname.\";s:31:\"Nessuna iscrizione a #listname.\";s:14:\"Localizzazione\";b:1;s:15:\"Gestisci lingue\";b:1;s:17:\"Gestisci stringhe\";b:1;s:53:\"This email address is already subscribed to #listname\";b:1;s:18:\"administer actions\";b:1;s:24:\"access devel information\";b:1;s:16:\"execute php code\";b:1;s:12:\"switch users\";b:1;s:66:\"The following email address will be subscribed to the email lists:\";b:1;s:49:\"Subscribe for digest (receive emails in a bundle)\";b:1;s:40:\"Subscribe for all Mail (normal delivery)\";b:1;s:25:\"Change your subscription:\";b:1;s:33:\"Password for %listname (optional)\";b:1;s:64:\"Your current email address is not subscribed to %status list(s).\";b:1;s:67:\"New subscription to list %lid for user %uid completed successfully.\";b:1;s:49:\"Your mailing list subscriptions have been updated\";b:1;s:11:\"Unsubscribe\";b:1;s:38:\"No mail (temporarily disable delivery)\";b:1;s:13:\"Mail password\";b:1;s:33:\"Media Center Report: revision 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Updated: 1 year 5 days ago

EFF to Supreme Court: Clean Up the Software Patent Mess

Thu, 27/02/2014 - 23:01
‘Abstract Ideas’ Patents Hurt Technology Industry

San Francisco - The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) along with Professor Pamela Samuelson of the University of California, Berkeley, urged the U.S. Supreme Court today to clean up the legal mess that is software patent law, reining in overbroad patents that are impermissibly abstract.

In front of the court is Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank, a long running case about a computer system that helps with closing financial transactions by avoiding settlement risk. In its amicus brief filed today, EFF argues that allowing a patent on this system goes against previous Supreme Court rulings that ideas like these are "abstract" and aren't legally patentable.

"It wouldn't make sense to patent simple ideas like ways of running a business or prioritizing a to-do list," said EFF Senior Staff Attorney Julie Samuels, who also holds the Mark Cuban Chair to Eliminate Stupid Patents. "That's basically what's under consideration here, with the small addition of a step that essentially implements it on a computer. Of course, since basically everything we do today is on the computer, letting patents like this exist shuts down entire business models."

The data on the U.S. technology industry bear this out. Since software patents have boomed, we've seen no corresponding boom in software growth and innovation; to the contrary, that growth maintained the steady pace that existed long before the advent of software patents. Instead, along with software patents, we've seen the rise of patent trolls – companies that don't make or sell anything, but shake down true creators through the loopholes in the law.

"In this case, the Supreme Court has the opportunity to implement a sensible system, limiting these broad and vague claims that do nothing besides fuel lawsuits," said Samuels. "A clear ruling here would limit one of the patent troll's favorite weapons—broad and vague software patents—and keep our innovation economy safe."

For the full amicus brief:

For more on abstract software patents:


Julie Samuels
   Staff Attorney and The Mark Cuban Chair to Eliminate Stupid Patents
   Electronic Frontier Foundation

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Senators Take Aim at Patent Troll Demand Letter Abuses

Thu, 27/02/2014 - 21:08

We've made considerable progress in our fight against patent trolls. The House, you may remember, resoundingly passed the Innovation Act last year. The President has since said he would sign it, and make a strong statement in support of reform in this year's State of the Union address. Now, we await on the Senate to act (speaking of which, have you signed our letter urging such action?).

Even with this progress, however, we've long worried about the demand letter problem. Last year, when we launched our demand letter database Trolling Effects, we wrote:

The letters demanding these payments are often evasive, failing to include details about the patents, who owns those patents, and the products or services that allegedly infringe. They fail to give recipients the information to make rational decisions, such as whether they should pay the troll, ignore the letter, or go to court to fight it. Just hiring a lawyer to ascertain that seemingly simple information can easily cost well into the tens of thousands of dollars.

The letters raise even more fundamental concerns, too. Because they happen before a legal complaint is ever filed, they are not part of the public record. And once a settlement or license is signed, it will likely include a non-disclosure provision, prohibiting the letter's recipient from talking publicly about its contents. This means that the scope of the problem is often underreported, making it harder for policymakers to understand the true scale of the patent troll problem.

Today, we are one step closer to having a real solution to this problem. Senators McCaskill (D-Mo.) and Rockefeller (D-W.V.) introduced the Transparency in Assertion of Patents Act, an important piece of legislation that would really protect consumers and small businesses by curbing the patent demand letter problem.

The bill would:

  • Require that demand letters contain certain basic information, such as a description of the patent at issue, a description of the product or service that allegedly infringes it, the names and contact information for the patent's owners, and disclosures of ongoing reexaminations or litigations involving that patent.
  • Define as an illegal unfair or deceptive practice certain egregious behaviors, such as sending letters threatening litigation without a real intent to file litigation or sending letters that lack a reasonable basis in the law.
  • Explicitly give state attorneys general the power to to target similar bad behavior in their own states.
  • Allow the Federal Trade Commision to enforce these rules by levying penalties of $16,000 per each violation.

Making this bill law would go a long way toward stoppnig some of the worst demand-letter abuses. We applaud Sens. McCaskill and Rockerfeller and look forward to supporting this piece of legislation as it works its way through the Senate.

Related Issues: PatentsPatent Trolls
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Lawrence Lessig Settles Fair Use Lawsuit Over Phoenix Music Snippets

Thu, 27/02/2014 - 21:00
Liberation Music Will Fix Its Copyright Policies and Pay Compensation

San Francisco - Prof. Lawrence Lessig has settled his lawsuit against an Australian record label over the use of clips of a popular song by the band Phoenix in a lecture that was later posted online. Liberation Music, which represents Phoenix in New Zealand, claimed the clips infringed copyright, demanded YouTube take down the lecture, and then threatened to sue Lessig. Represented by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and Jones Day, Lessig fought back, asserting his fair use rights in court.

"Too often, copyright is used as an excuse to silence legitimate speech," said Lessig, who serves as the Roy L. Furman Professor of Law and Leadership at Harvard Law School and director of the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard University. "I've been fighting against that kind of abuse for many years, and I knew I had to stand up for fair use here as well. Hopefully this lawsuit and this settlement will send a message to copyright owners to adopt fair takedown practices—or face the consequences."

The settlement requires Liberation Music to pay Lessig for the harm it caused. The amount is confidential under the terms of the settlement, but it will be dedicated to supporting EFF's work on open access, a cause of special importance to Lessig's friend, Aaron Swartz, a technologist and activist who took his own life in early 2013. The parties also worked together to improve Liberation Music's methodology for compliance with the requirements of the DMCA in the United States. Going forward, Liberation Music will adopt new policies that respect fair use.

Neither party concedes the claims or defenses of the other. Liberation Music included this statement in the settlement agreement:

"Liberation Music is pleased to amicably resolve its dispute with Professor Lessig. Liberation Music agrees that Professor Lessig's use of the Phoenix song 'Lisztomania' was both fair use under US law and fair dealing under Australian law. Liberation Music will amend its copyright and YouTube policy to ensure that mistakes like this will not happen again. Liberation Music is committed to a new copyright policy that protects its valid copyright interests and respects fair use and dealing."

A co-founder of the nonprofit Creative Commons and author of numerous books on law and technology, Lessig has played a pivotal role in shaping the debate about copyright in the digital age. In June 2010, Lessig delivered a lecture titled "Open" at a Creative Commons conference in South Korea that included several short clips of amateur dance videos set to the song "Lisztomania" by the French band Phoenix. The lecture, which was later uploaded to YouTube, used the clips to highlight emerging styles of cultural communication on the Internet.

As a condition of the settlement, Liberation Music submitted a declaration explaining its takedown procedures. Liberation Music had allowed a single employee to use YouTube's automatic Content ID system to initiate the takedown process and then, when Lessig challenged the takedown, threaten a lawsuit. The employee, who did not have a legal background, did not actually review Lessig's video before issuing a threat of a lawsuit.

Liberation Music's new policy will still rely on YouTube's system, but it will ensure that no takedown notice is issued without human review, including fair use considerations. Liberation Music will also limit its copyright enforcement to jurisdictions where it actually owns or administers the copyright.

"This is the policy Liberation Music should have had from the beginning," EFF Intellectual Property Director Corynne McSherry said. "Too many content owners are issuing takedowns and manipulating content filters without respect for the rights of users. This fight may be over, but the battle continues until every content owner embraces best practices that protect fair use."

For more on this case:

About Prof. Lessig:

Lawrence Lessig is the Roy L. Furman Professor of Law and Leadership at Harvard Law School, director of the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard University and founder of Rootstrikers, a network of activists leading the fight against government corruption. He has authored numerous books, including The USA is Lesterland, Republic, Lost: How Money Corrupts Our Congress—and a Plan to Stop It, Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace, Free Culture, and Remix.


Corynne McSherry
   Intellectual Property Director
   Electronic Frontier Foundation

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Congress Must Update Email Privacy Law

Thu, 27/02/2014 - 19:58

It's time for Congress to follow the Sixth Circuit's lead and update one of the main online privacy laws—the Electronic Privacy Communications Act (ECPA). In the past, the Department of Justice has used the archaic law to obtain private online communications without obtaining a probable cause warrant as the Fourth Amendment requires. A bill co-sponsored by Reps. Kevin Yoder, Tom Graves, and Jared Polis—HR 1852, The Email Privacy Act—seeks to update ECPA by requiring a probable cause warrant whenever the government wants to access your online private messages.

The bill is slowly making its way through Congress, but we can speed it up. Tell your representative right now to cosponsor the bill. The bill ensures the government can't try to (ab)use ECPA in order to obtain our private online messages.

ECPA must be updated because the government has used the law to obtain private online messages—like personal email accounts or our social media messages—older than 180 days without a probable cause warrant. The government would have to obtain a warrant if those same messages were printed out on your desk. This difference shouldn't exist. By cosponsoring The Email Privacy Act, the government can no longer neglect the fact that Fourth Amendment protections do not whither with age.

Along with EFF, fifteen other privacy advocates and companies—like the Center for Democracy and Technology and DuckDuckGo—are spurring momentum to pass HR 1852. The bill would finally accomplish one of four goals of the Digital Due Process Coalition, a collection of tech companies, start-ups, privacy advocates, and think tanks working to update ECPA to ensure that laws continue to protect the rights of users as technologies advance and usage patterns evolve.

Updating ECPA is a common-sense move. Our freedom and constitutional protections do not expire with time. Tell your Rep. now to cosponsor HR 1852 and join us in demanding for long-overdue updates to our archaic electronic privacy laws.

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Show Your Support: Tell the Senate to Pass Patent Reform

Thu, 27/02/2014 - 17:45

The only thing standing in the way of patent reform is the United States Senate.

The House passed the Innovation Act in December with a bipartisan 325-91 vote. President Obama has said he'll sign the bill and asked Congress during his State of the Union to "pass a patent reform bill that allows our businesses to stay focused on innovation, not costly and needless litigation."

It's now up to the Senate to help put an end to costly, destructive patent troll litigation and threats. And they need to hear from you: you the inventor, you the entrepreneur, you the investor, and especially you the concerned individual.

Sign this letter urging the Senate to pass meaningful, comprehensive patent reform.

The most prominent bill in the Senate right now is Sen. Leahy's Patent Transparency and Improvements Act. The bill is a great first step, but it is by no means as comprehensive as the Innovation Act. (And both bills could be even stronger.) We're hoping the Senate factors in proposals to address patent quality (like in S. 866, Sen. Schumer's Patent Quality Improvement Act) as well as includes heightened pleading and fee-shifting language (like in S. 1013, Sen. Cornyn's Patent Abuse Reduction Act). All of these pieces together go a long way toward a patent reform bill that will help fix many of the system's problems.

As we continue to hear about case after case and demand letter after demand letter, it is obvious that innovative businesses and individuals are getting hit everyday—and just how necessary meaningful patent reform really is.

Let your voice be heard. Show the Senate your support for reform today. And stay tuned for more actions to come.

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Maryland Court Dismisses Landmark Case That Sought to Hold Cisco Responsible for Violating Human Rights

Thu, 27/02/2014 - 09:28

The Federal District Court in Maryland this week dismissed Du Daobin v. Cisco Systems, a case brought by Chinese dissidents alleging that Cisco knowingly customized, marketed, sold, and provided continued support and service for technologies as part of China's Golden Shield, a digital censorship and surveillance system used by the Chinese government to facilitate human rights abuses. EFF filed an amicus brief urging the court to let the case go forward and we also launched an activism campaign calling on Cisco to stand up for writer Du Daobin and human rights in China. We’re deeply disappointed by the court’s decision to dismiss the case.

While a tech company could not (and should not) be held accountable when governments misuse general use products for nefarious purposes, early evidence indicates that Cisco did much more. This included actively customizing, marketing and providing support for its monitoring and censorship technologies even as it knew that they would be used to identify, locate, and surveil Chinese democracy and religious freedom activists. The complaint also alleged that Cisco knew (as the State Department reports confirm) of China’s practice of unlawful detention, torture, and even killing of these activists. In EFF’s amicus brief, we argued that this initial evidence should be sufficient to allow the case to move forward.

The court decision was based mainly on issues not addressed by EFF in our amicus brief. Many of the issues we are most concerned with—namely, whether and how tech companies can be held to account for facilitating human rights violations—remain unresolved.

Are Corporations Really “People” Under the Law?

There have been a number of Supreme Court rulings that found corporations have similar Constitutional rights and protections as people. In particular, Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, decided in 2010, reaffirmed the First Amendment protections for corporations, associations, and labor unions.

But even as corporations are treated as "people" under the law in many ways, companies are often not being held to account for their actions the way a person would be. We saw a striking example of this when the Supreme Court let Chevron off the hook for its role in killing peaceful protesters in Nigeria under the Torture Victim Protection Act.

Largely Sidestepping the Issues of Corporate Accountability

In the Du v. Cisco case, the Federal District Court in Maryland largely side-stepped the specific issue of when corporations can be held to account for building special technologies that are customized for repressive governments for the explicit purpose of tracking activists who then face human rights abuses like torture. The court's rulings on other legal arguments, however, are troubling for those would like to see basic accountability for those building the tools of repression. 

The court first ruled that that the question of Cisco's involvement in human rights abuses in China was a "political question" that should not be addressed by the courts and pointed to the fact that the export laws and regulations allowed Cisco to export these technologies as somehow precluding a court from providing a remedy to those who are harmed by them. This is incorrect—nothing about the claims raised by the plaintiffs challenged the export decisions made by the executive branch or the export laws passed by the legislature.

Next, the court ruled that the "act of state" doctrine forbid it from ruling on whether China had abused the human rights of the plaintiffs. This doctrine states that, in general, one country should not sit judgment on another government’s official acts within its own territory. But "act of state" doctrine only applies to public, official policies of another country. Since the Chinese government has repeatedly denied that human rights abuses like the detention and torture that the plaintiffs suffered here are its official policies, the court was wrong to dismiss this case under "act of state" doctrine.

Overall, the court’s decision fails to take into account that the U.S. government on all levels, and especially the State Department, has openly and repeatedly criticized China for the very abuses at issue in this case.  Moreover, neither the U.S. nor the Chinese government objected to the case going forward, something that usually happens when a case has actual political or foreign policy implications. For example, the most recent State Department report on human rights in China discusses the abuse and detainment of political prisoners like the plaintiffs:

Numerous former prisoners and detainees reported that they were beaten, subjected to electric shock, forced to sit on stools for hours on end, deprived of sleep, and otherwise subjected to physical and psychological abuse. Although ordinary prisoners were subjects of abuse, political and religious dissidents were singled out for particularly harsh treatment.

With regard to Internet surveillance and censorship, the same report stated that,

The CCP continued to increase efforts to monitor Internet use, control content, restrict information, block access to foreign and domestic Web sites, encourage self-censorship, and punish those who ran afoul of political sensitivities.

The report also noted that “Official monitoring focused on such tools as social networking, microblogging, and video-sharing sites.”

Cisco’s Assistance to China

The court also determined that the plaintiffs had not sufficiently alleged that Cisco created the Golden Shield technologies with the purpose of facilitating the abuses and gave "practical assistance" to the officials in those abuses. The court said, "the technology Cisco has allegedly customized and sold to China to assist them with these purported human rights violations is inherently neutral technology that can clearly be used in a variety of non-offensive ways."

On this point, EFF strongly disagrees and it seems that the court is willfully ignoring the allegations of the complaint. The complaint alleges both Cisco’s role in creating technology and providing assistance in ways sufficient to support the case proceeding to the discovery phase, where the extent of Cisco's knowledge and assistance could have been determined. For example, in one of the documents submitted as evidence, a marketing presentation created by Cisco to describe the benefits of its technology to the Chinese government noted that one of the goals was to "Combat Falun Gong evil religion and other hostilities." It is difficult to imagine a more direct acknowledgement and promotion of the use of a product for repression.

The Role of Tech in Upholding Human Rights

Technologies are being created and customized with the explicit purpose of helping repressive regimes track down, detain, torture and murder people. It’s time for Western companies and American officials to stop pretending this isn’t true.

Earlier this month, John Kerry met with a group of Chinese bloggers who urged him to speak out against Internet monitoring and censorship in China. According to the New York Times, Mr. Kerry, "said he had not heard the charges that American companies had helped the Chinese authorities maintain control over Internet access, but promised to look into the matter."

The protestations of ignorance from American officials and corporations like Cisco ring false to us. But we're happy to provide information to the Secretary of State should he need it.

It’s time for companies and the government to acknowledge how technology is being customized for the abuse of human rights. Let’s stop ignoring the problems and work on policies to prevent and reverse this dangerous trend.  

To that end, EFF has developed "Know Your Customer" standards that can help companies avoid participating in human rights abuses. 

We don’t need to wait for the courts to get this right; forward-thinking companies can adopt these standards right away, and users of technology everywhere can call on companies with which they do business to adhere to these standards of respecting human rights. 

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Bad Facts, Really Bad Law: Court Orders Google to Censor Controversial Video Based on Spurious Copyright Claim

Thu, 27/02/2014 - 00:12

It's an old legal adage that bad facts lead to bad legal decisions, and today we've got a classic example in Garcia v. Googlethe "Innocence of Muslims" case. Based on a copyright claim that is dubious at best, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has ordered Google to take offline a video that is the center of public controversy. We can still talk about it, but we can't see what we are talking about. We're hard-pressed to think of a better example of copyright maximalism trumping free speech.

For those who haven't been following this, the case was brought by an actress, Cindy Lee Garcia, who was tricked into performing in a short anti-Islamic film (she was told the film was about something very different) and, as a result, found herself subject to death threats. Bad facts, right? Here's the bad law part: Garcia then filed a lawsuit against Google and several others, claiming the video infringed her copyright in her performance (approximately 5 seconds of a 13 minute video). Then she asked the court to require Google to take the video down. The district court wisely refused, noting that Garcia's copyright interest was unclear at best. Garcia appealed, and today the Ninth Circuit agreed with her, and ordered Google to take down all copies of the video and take reasonable steps to prevent further uploads. 

How is this decision wrong? First, the ruling blows past the First Amendment concerns with the time-worn observation that "the First Amendment does not protect copyright infringement." Of course it doesn't, but neither are copyright cases immune from the same balancing test that applies to any injunction. And the standards for this kind of injunction—a classic prior restraint—are particularly high. Indeed, as the Supreme Court has observed repeatedly, injunctions that shut down speech are particularly disfavored. Court after court has held that they should not be issued where, as here, the case is "doubtful" but only where the law and the facts clearly favor an injunction.  

Second, the merits of this case are indeed doubtful. Very doubtful. Garcia is claiming a copyright interest in her brief performance, a novel theory and one that doesn't work well here. After all, Garcia herself admits she had no creative control over the movie, but simply performed the lines given to her. There may be a context where an actor could assert some species of authorship, but this doesn't seem to be one of them. Movie makers of all kinds should be worried indeed.

There are other problems with the legal analysis, but the decision is equally if not more troubling for the signal it sends. Based on nothing more than a tenuous (at best) copyright claim, the court has ordered a service provider to censor a video that has been the subject of considerable debate and comment, with only the most cursory analysis of the speech harms it will cause. If Garcia had brought a claim under virtually any other theory, we expect the court would have taken more care. Unfortunately, it seems copyright exceptionalism has won the day. 

Files:  garcia_opinion_.pdf
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Fair Use Triumphs in the Munger Games

Wed, 26/02/2014 - 18:04

In a win for online fair use and the free speech it makes possible, a federal district court judge has ruled that using a campaign headshot as part of a critical, noncommercial blog post does not infringe copyright.

The case started back in April, when California Republican Party Vice Chairman Harmeet K. Dhillon sued an anonymous blogger over the use of a five year old headshot on "The Munger Games" website—a site dedicated to criticism of Charles Munger Jr., donor and current chairman of the Santa Clara County Republican Party, and his perceived political allies. The headshot was part of a post criticizing Dhillon and was originally used as part of her failed campaign for the California Assembly in 2008. Given that the use in question was obviously a lawful fair use, it appeared that the suit was motivated more by a desire to use the judicial process to unmask her critics than by any legitimate copyright concern. 

The defendants asked the court to dismiss the case as a matter of law early, before the parties were forced to waste further time and money defending the case. EFF submitted an amicus brief in support, explaining that it is particularly important to call a halt to such cases quickly, lest they be used as a club to punish free speech. While some fair uses cases can be muddy, the right outcome for this one was crystal clear.

Happily, the court agreed, though it did not use quite the procedure we urged. Running through the traditional fair use factors (purpose, nature of the work, amount used, and likelihood of market harm), the court noted that while the headshot was originally created for use in a campaign, the bloggers had used it as part of their criticism of Dhillon's political views—a "paradigmatic" fair use purpose. The court rejected out of hand as a "speculative assertion" Dhillon's contention that the bloggers might have had some commercial purpose. While the work was minimally creative and the bloggers used the entire work, they had to do so to accomplish their purpose. Finally, the court concluded that the Munger Games use of the shot had no impact on any licensing market for the work. The court properly rejected Dhillon's complaint that she had stopped using the photo herself due to the negative publicity:

The plaintiff’s argument that the defendant’s use of the headshot photo in connection with the article commenting on and criticizing her political views has altered the meaning or message of the original work is, in effect, a concession that the defendant’s use was transformative under the first factor of the fair use analysis. The plaintiff’s argument does not, however, establish that the defendant’s use had any impact upon the economic market for the headshot photo . . . .  

The plaintiff in this case should have known better than to waste the court’s time on such an outrageous claim. We're glad to see that Judge Illston took the wise step of dismissing the case now. But it's disappointing that she did not also choose to punish Dhillon for her misuse of the judicial process by requiring Dhillon to pay attorneys fees. Indeed, the case underscores the need for a strong federal anti-SLAPP law. It is likely no accident that Dhillon countered the criticism of her political views with a (federal) copyright infringement suit. Had she brought a similar state-law claim and lost, California's anti-SLAPP statute would likely have left her on the hook for attorney's fees. As long as federal causes of action are exempt from anti-SLAPP protections, plaintiffs will continue to be drawn to such strategies to carry out their transparently improper goals.

In the meantime, as the 2014 campaign season ramps up, let's hope our politicians take note: the best response to critical speech is still more speech, not bogus copyright claims. 

Related Issues: Fair Use and Intellectual Property: Defending the BalanceNo Downtime for Free SpeechRelated Cases: Dhillon v. Doe
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Security Experts Call on Tech Companies to Defend Against Surveillance

Wed, 26/02/2014 - 17:32

Open Letter to Tech Companies Includes 10 Principles to Protect Users From NSA Sabotage

In the past nine months, our trust in technology companies has been badly shaken. Today, in collaboration with prominent security researchers and technologists, EFF presents an open letter to technology companies, urging them to protect users from NSA backdoors and earn back the trust that has been lost.

From the Snowden revelations emerge stories of collusion between government spy agencies and the companies whose services are integral to our everyday lives. There have been disturbing allegations published by Reuters indicating that RSA, an influential information security firm, accepted a $10 million contract from NSA that included, among other items, an agreement to use what we now know to be an intentionally compromised random number generator as the default for its BSAFE cryptographic library.

A future where we cannot trust the very technologies meant to secure our communications is fundamentally unsustainable. It's time for technology companies to start helping users regain trust, with transparency and active opposition to illegal surveillance. Implementing the requisite changes in technical infrastructure and business practices may have short-term costs; however, the long-term cost of keeping users in perpetual fear of NSA sabotage is far greater.

How to Protect Your Users from NSA Backdoors: An Open Letter to Technology Companies

As security researchers, technologists, and digital rights advocates, we are deeply concerned about collaboration between government agencies and technology companies in undermining users' security. Among other examples, we are alarmed by recent allegations that RSA, Inc. accepted $10 million from NSA to keep a compromised algorithm in the default setting of a security product long after its faults were revealed. We believe that covert collusion with spy agencies poses a grave threat to users and must be mitigated with commitment to the following best practices to protect users from illegal surveillance:

  1. Provide public access to source code whenever possible, and adopt a reproducible build process so that others can verify the integrity of pre-compiled binaries. Both open and closed source software should be distributed with verifiable signatures from a trusted party and a path for users to verify that their copy of the software is functionally identical to every other copy (a property known as "binary transparency").
  2. Explain choices of cryptographic algorithms and parameters. Make best efforts to fix or discontinue the use of cryptographic libraries, algorithms, or primitives with known vulnerabilities and disclose to customers immediately when a vulnerability is discovered.
  3. Hold an open and productive dialogue with the security and privacy communities. This includes facilitating review and responding to productive criticism from researchers.
  4. Provide a clear and secure pathway for security researchers to report vulnerabilities. Fix security bugs promptly.
  5. Publish government request reports regularly (often these are called "Transparency Reports"). Include the most granular reporting allowed by law.
  6. Invest in secure UX engineering to make it as easy as possible for users to use the system securely and as hard as possible for users to use the system unsafely.
  7. Publicly oppose mass surveillance and all efforts to mandate the insertion of backdoors or intentional weaknesses into security tools.
  8. Fight in court any attempt by the government or any third party to compromise users’ security.
  9. Adopt a principle of discarding user data after it is no longer necessary for the operation of the business.
  10. Always protect data-in-transit with strong encryption in order to prevent dragnet surveillance. Follow best practices for setting up SSL/TLS on servers whenever applicable.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation in collaboration with*:

  • Stephen Checkoway, Assistant Research Professor, Department of Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University
  • Roger Dingledine, Project Leader, Tor Project
  • Brendan Eich, Founder, Mozilla
  • Matthew Green, Assistant Research Professor, Department of Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University
  • Nadia Heninger, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer and Information Science, University of Pennsylvania
  • Tanja Lange, Professor, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
  • Nick Mathewson, Chief Architect, Tor Project
  • Ruben Niederhagen, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
  • Eleanor Saitta, OpenITP / IMMI
  • Bruce Schneier, Security Technologist
  • Christopher Soghoian, Principal Technologist, Speech, Privacy and Technology Project, American Civil Liberties Union
  • Ashkan Soltani, Independent Researcher and Consultant
  • Jon A. Solworth, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Brian Warner, Tahoe-LAFS Project
  • Zooko Wilcox-O'Hearn, Founder and CEO, LeastAuthority.com

*Affiliations listed for identification purposes only.

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Three Months Later, Alaa Abd El Fattah Remains Imprisoned

Tue, 25/02/2014 - 20:43

Nearly three months since his arrest, the Egyptian blogger, software developer and activist Alaa Abd El Fattah remains imprisoned. Charged in December with organizing a demonstration to protest the failure of the draft constitution in legislating against military court martialing of civilians, Abd El Fattah is awaiting trial in prison.

In mid-January, a group of bloggers from across the Arab region came together in Amman for the fourth iteration of the Arabloggers conference, a community which Abd El Fattah had been a part of since its beginnings in 2008. It was at this gathering that we released a statement—along with more than 40 other organizations from around the world—calling for the release of Alaa Abd El Fattah and all those unjustly detained in Egypt.

It was also at this meeting that our friends at 7iber—a Jordanian media organization that also fights for digital rights—created the following video in solidarity with Alaa:

Privacy info. This embed will serve content from youtube-nocookie.com
var mytubes = new Array(1); mytubes[1] = '%3Ciframe src=%22//www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/iLbfcJgcnyc?autoplay=1%22 allowfullscreen=%22%22 frameborder=%220%22 height=%22369%22 width=%22650%22%3E%3C/iframe%3E'; Related Issues: Free SpeechBloggers Under FireInternational
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New Decision Shows How Businesses Can Challenge Warrantless Records Collection, Even if You Can't

Fri, 03/01/2014 - 20:22

Much of the debate over modern surveillance—including the NSA mass spying controversy—has centered around whether people can reasonably expect that records about their telephone and Internet activity can remain private when those records belong to someone else: the service providers. Courts have disagreed on whether the 1979 Supreme Court case Smith v. Maryland, which ruled people have no expectation of privacy in the phone numbers they dial, should be extended to cover newer, more invasive forms of technology. But a decision released on December 24th by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals looks at the issue from the point of view of businesses, providing a glimpse into how service providers and technology companies could challenge the government's unconstitutional surveillance.

In Patel v. City of Los Angeles, the Ninth Circuit found a city ordinance that required hotels and motels to turn over guest records without any judicial process violated the Fourth Amendment. The ordinance mandated hotels and motels keep a record for 90 days containing things like a guest's name and address, the make, model and license plate number of the guest's car, and the room number assigned and rate charged. The ordinance allowed police to inspect guest records without a search warrant or the hotel's consent at any time. The city believed that collecting the records would deter drug dealing and prostitution, as people would be less inclined to rent a room if police could get access to guest information at any time. Failure to turn the records over was a misdemeanor crime.

The court found that the hotels and motels had an expectation of privacy in their business records, even if those records didn't contain anything of great personal value to the hotel. This was true even if the users themselves didn't have an expectation of privacy in the records. Because the ordinance didn't have a mechanism to allow the hotels and motels to obtain judicial review of whether the demand was reasonable before applying criminal penalties for non-compliance, the Ninth Circuit ruled the ordinance violated the Fourth Amendment. This procedural requirement—obtaining judicial review—is important, so that companies aren't at the mercy of the "unbridled discretion" of officers in the field, who would be free to arbitrarily choose when, whom, and how frequently to inspect a particular business.  

This decision provides ammunition for companies to challenge receipt of other forms of surveillance requests, including National Security Letters which are issued without any oversight or judicial review and require the recipient to remain silent about the fact it even received a request.

More broadly, Patel shows yet again that the Fourth Amendment doesn't die once you turn information over to a business. If courts are going to reject user challenges to government demands for their data, then it's up to the companies to step up to safeguard not only the data entrusted to them by their users, but the data that presumably belong to the companies themselves. As major tech companies have called for NSA reform and have taken steps to implement technological protections to safeguard their users' data, this decision shows that they can also make legal challenges in court. While Yahoo! unsuccessfully challenged an order requiring it turn over data to the NSA under the PRISM program, the phone companies themselves have made no legal challenges to the NSA's bulk collection of phone records, which at least one judge has found to be unconstitutional. This must change so that the public can take advantage of the conveniences of new technologies without having to sacrifice privacy.

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2013 in Review: States Stepping Up Digital Privacy Protection

Fri, 03/01/2014 - 03:05

As the year draws to a close, EFF is looking back at the major trends influencing digital rights in 2013 and discussing where we are in the fight for free expression, innovation, fair use, and privacy. Click here to read other blog posts in this series.

As the outcry against NSA spying and electronic surveillance has grown, the need to protect privacy through legislation has never been higher. With law enforcement itching to use aggressive new surveillance techniques from drones to facial recognition to fight crime, privacy is often discarded by the wayside as collateral damage. Ideally it would be Congress that would take the lead in passing privacy legislation, creating uniform standards that protect privacy across the country. And while there were a number of Congressional proposals, none went anywhere in 2013. So while Congress continues to drag its feet, state courts and legislatures have stepped up to protect their citizens' electronic privacy.

This summer, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled, in a case that we filed an amicus brief in, that passengers in a car have an expectation of privacy to be free from persistent GPS location monitoring. Montana and Maine passed legislation that required police to obtain a search warrant before tracking any electronic device. And Texas passed a bill that requires state law enforcement obtain a search warrant before accessing electronic communications like emails from a service provider.

As states placed an emphasis on protecting privacy, we stepped up our efforts to get involved at the state level. We filed numerous amicus briefs in state courts across the country on a whole host of privacy issues. We argued to the Supreme Courts of Rhode Island and Washington that your text messages stored on someone else's cell phone were protected by the Fourth Amendment. We urged courts in Connecticut and Massachusetts to follow New Jersey's lead, and require police obtain a search warrant before getting cell phone tower information. We explained to the Texas high court that unlike a pair of pants, police can't search an arrestee's cell phone without a warrant. And again before the Massachusetts high court, we explained why the Fifth Amendment prohibited a suspect from being forced to decrypt a computer. We got involved in state legislation too, sponsoring an email privacy bill in California that passed the legislature, but was vetoed by Governor Jerry Brown. We also opposed a Massachusetts bill that aimed to expand the state's wiretapping statute.

Early indication suggests 2014 will see more states getting involved to pass privacy legislation. Wisconsin is considering a location privacy bill that would prohibit police tracking a cell phone without a search warrant. Lawmakers in Montana are planning to introduce an initiative to amend the state constitution to protect digital privacy. And we'll be there too, working to convince state courts and legislatures to make privacy conscious decisions, in addition to our federal work. Hopefully 2014 will be the year Congress catches up to the states. 

This article is part of our 2013 Year in Review series; read other articles about the fight for digital rights in 2013.

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2013 in Review: Positive Developments in the Fight to Open Access to Research

Fri, 03/01/2014 - 00:25

As the year draws to a close, EFF is looking back at the major trends influencing digital rights in 2013 and discussing where we are in the fight for free expression, innovation, fair use, and privacy. Click here to read other blog posts in this series.

2013 has been a hot year for the movement to democratize publicly funded research. Legislation was introduced in Congress, and the White House issued a directive in support of making the results of billions of dollars of taxpayer-funded research freely available online. Some universities have started their own open access initiatives, and three states have proposed good legislation—one of which, in Illinois, became law.

The traditional publishing industry is fighting back. They have offered their own "fixes" to the problem of closed access—most notably CHORUS, a journal article database controlled by the publishers themselves. Meanwhile, subscription prices continue to rise, forcing university libraries to pick and choose between journal subscriptions, and creating or reinforcing unnecessary barriers to cutting-edge research—much of which is publicly funded.

Two bills—one good, one bad—relating to open access were introduced in Congress this year. The good bill, the Fair Access to Science and Technology Research Act (FASTR), is step in the right direction. If passed, a great majority of federally funded research would be widely available no more than six months after it was originally published. We urge everyone to sign and share the petition in support of FASTR today.

The other bill that addresses open access this year, the FIRST Act of 2013, is bad news. The bill supposedly promotes open access, but the proponents’ idea of “open access” is absurd. The legislation proposes that research funded by taxpayers can live behind a paywall for up to three years. The public shouldn’t have to wait three years to access the results of the science we make possible.

Meanwhile, the White House has come out in favor of more robust public access policy, requiring federal agencies to create plans to ensure the public can read and analyze their work, without charge. We look forward to reading and commenting on what agencies submitted in response to this directive in 2014.

But the action isn’t all inside the Beltway. California, Illinois, and New York have all introduced promising state-level open access bills in 2013. Several universities are instituting their own open access initiatives. For example, the University of California system adopted a policy that will make academic research freely available in an open digital repository. And the University of Iowa has created a fund to help cover the costs of open access publishing.

To close the year, be sure to add your name to our growing list of supporters petitioning Congress to pass FASTR. And stay tuned as we continue to fight for the right to read, analyze, and build on top of the academic research that we–the public–bankroll with our tax dollars.

This article is part of our 2013 Year in Review series; read other articles about the fight for digital rights in 2013. Related Issues: Open Access
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2013 in Review: CDA 230 and Recurring Threats to Strong Online Speech Protections

Wed, 01/01/2014 - 07:44

As the year draws to a close, EFF is looking back at the major trends influencing digital rights in 2013 and discussing where we are in the fight for free expression, innovation, fair use, and privacy. Click here to read other blog posts in this series.

Our favorite online free speech law, Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (CDA 230), is under attack. The law ensures that online intermediaries are not liable for their users' actions, meaning that online speech platforms remain robust and widely available. While this law's importance is obvious—it allows for the very existence of everything from review sites to Wikipedia—a small but vocal number of law enforcement officials and policymakers, in the name of combating illegal and undesirable behavior, continue to push for sweeping legislative changes to state and federal law that would threaten to upend this bedrock protection.

This year was especially challenging on the legislative front. At the federal level, 47 state attorneys general asked Congress to amend CDA 230 by adding a carve-out for state criminal laws. Currently, there's an exemption for federal laws; a site must take action, for example, if a user posts child pornography or violates federal intellectual property laws. But in an attempt to crack down on legitimate concerns like child sex trafficking, the state AGs went too far with their proposal. They claim that in order to fix this problem, all state criminal law must be exempted as well, a proposal that would necessarily subject service providers across the country to a cumbersome and contradictory patchwork of 50 states' criminal laws—many of which are awful or absurd. Such a "fix"—that would effectively shift regulatory control of the Internet to 50 state governments—would unduly burden online services and threaten the very free speech CDA 230 was supposed to protect.

Specific state-level proposals, many that simply ignore CDA 230 altogether, have been similarly misguided. For example, after EFF last year successfully challenged a Washington State statute aimed at combating online child prostitution by improperly targeting speech platforms themselves (in conflict with CDA 230), New Jersey this year passed a virtually identical law... one that was itself successfully blocked by EFF. Similar proposals, however, continue to be entertained in legislatures around the country.

2013 also saw a number of serious efforts in the courts to chip away at the scope of CDA 230's protections—the most important one a high-profile case involving Sarah Jones, a teacher and cheerleader for the Cincinnati Bengals, and a gossip site called The Dirty. When a federal district court ruled that the operator of The Dirty was liable for defamatory content by its users—something CDA 230 was created to protect against—a broad range of companies, organizations, and individuals groups rallied to the site's aid, focusing not on the nature of the gossip site but on the wisdom of CDA 230's broad protections. Practically every major online service provider signed onto an amicus brief seeking the overturning of the district courts rulings, recognizing the dangerous precedent this case was setting. EFF, the ACLU, and other free speech advocates filed a similar brief of their own, underscoring the need to recognize and uphold strong intermediary protections in every case.

Challenges to strong intermediary protection look to continue into 2014. While advocates are right to highlight online abuses and shortcomings in protections for potential victims, efforts to chip away at the critical speech protections like CDA 230 are misguided and will continue to be actively opposed by EFF.

This article is part of our 2013 Year in Review series; read other articles about the fight for digital rights in 2013.

Related Issues: Free SpeechSection 230 of the Communications Decency Act
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2013 Year in Review: A Principled Fight Against Global Mass Surveillance

Tue, 31/12/2013 - 00:39

As the year draws to a close, EFF is looking back at the major trends influencing digital rights in 2013 and discussing where we are in the fight for free expression, innovation, fair use, and privacy. Click here to read other blog posts in this series.

In early 2013, EFF joined with organizations around the world to try to develop a fairly straightforward set of principles for applying human rights law to modern tools of communications surveillance around the world. The basic ideas seemed obvious:

  • Note that human rights law doesn’t allow mass, untargeted spying on ordinary, innocent people;
  • Secret laws are wrong;
  • Computers collecting and analyzing Internet traffic is just as much "surveillance" as a person peeping through a window;
  • Metadata collection and aggregation can be just as privacy invasive as content review;
  • No-one should be denied privacy rights just because they live in another country from those who are spying on them;
  • States can't dodge their obligations to guard the privacy of their own citizens by swapping snooped data with other nations or private companies;
  • States shouldn't undermine the security of us all by undermining encryption or creating back doors.

When EFF and hundreds of other NGOs began articulating these ideas in the summer of 2012, we saw them primarily as a way for lawmakers around the world to improve their own surveillance laws under a common set of human rights standards. We had no idea that Edward Snowden would step forward and shine a light on the chilling details of how States are already violating international human rights standards.

But because of Snowden’s releases, instead of just being a guide for future law, the principles we created—now called the Necessary and Proportionate Principles—quickly became a touchstone for elected officials and experts needing a way to explain why NSA and other intelligence agencies were on a very wrong path. (If you haven't signed the Principles, you can do so now).

Since the Spring, the Principles have gained a lot of traction:

  • In September at the United Nations Human Rights Council’s 24th session in Geneva, EFF along with Privacy International and Access officially launched the Principles during a side-meeting hosted by Germany and other concerned countries.
  • In October, the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights held its first hearing scrutinizing U.S. mass surveillance practices. EFF wrote a joint brief explaining how some of the NSA's programs impact the rights of non-U.S. persons, also drawing from the Principles. We hope that the Inter-American system will join leaders worldwide in condemning U.S. mass surveillance activities—at home and abroad—in the strongest terms.
  • And the biggest of all, on December 18th, 193 Member States of the United Nations General Assembly unanimously adopted the first Resolution on the right to privacy, ordering a human rights analysis of digital surveillance law. The Resolution drew strongly from our Principles and we look forward to further use of them in the upcoming report.

In 2014, EFF will continue to spread the principles far and wide. But while law and policy are important, true security will also depend on technical decisions, including making available easier-to-use encryption for users. Companies also have a role to play by securing their networks, limiting the information they collect, and standing with their users when governments seek access to user data.

Working together, law, policy, and technology can serve as a foundation for a new era of private and secure digital communications.

This article is part of our 2013 Year in Review series; read other articles about the fight for digital rights in 2013.

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2013 in Review: EFF's Battle Against Privacy Invasive "Cybersecurity" Bill

Mon, 30/12/2013 - 19:21

As the year draws to a close, EFF is looking back at the major trends influencing digital rights in 2013 and discussing where we are in the fight for free expression, innovation, fair use, and privacy. Click here to read other blog posts in this series.

This spring, one of EFF's main fights for user privacy concerned the Cyber Intelligence Surveillance Privacy Act, or CISPA. It was the second time in two years that CISPA was introduced, and the second time in two years that privacy advocates were able to stop the bill from advancing. CISPA is a broad, overly vague, and poorly written "cybersecurity" bill. The bill aimed to increase information sharing between the private sector and the government, while granting broad legal immunity to the companies for this sharing.  Worse, it could allow for companies to "hack back" at innocent users.

After being introduced in February by Rep. Mike Rogers and Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger, EFF and a coalition of allies fought back hard against the bill. Within a month, EFF had an FAQ on the bill, analyzed the immunity clauses, and looked into its loopholes. The same problems come up time and time again with "cybersecurity" bills proposed in Congress. And we've had a lot of practice since Congress has tried to pass overly broad "cybersecurity" legislation each year for the past four or five years.

Less than two months into the fight, the coalition put the pressure on the White House, asking for a promise to veto CISPA (just like it did in 2012).  The White House announced that it would veto the bill over concerns about both the privacy clauses and the overly broad immunity in the bill.

Despite passing the House, the major flaws of CISPA were known to many. Spurred by the President's veto threat, multiple Senators noted that CISPA was dead in the Senate due to its lack of privacy protections and overly broad immunity provisions.

Shortly thereafter, the huge onslaught of leaks about the NSA's activities—which include collecting users' phone calls, emails, address books, buddy lists, calling records, mobile phone location, online video game chats, financial documents, browsing history/cookies, calendar data, and probably other data—were released.

Suddenly, immunity for sharing more information with the government did not seem quite as attractive.  For now, the "cybersecurity" bills being introduced stick to what should've been Congress' initial game plan: uncontentious bills that increase funding for security research, organizing the current mish-mash of agencies and departments working on computer and network security, and assessing the already-existing agencies working on to make stronger security.

This article is part of our 2013 Year in Review series; read other articles about the fight for digital rights in 2013.




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2013 in Review: EFF Convinces Court to Declare National Security Letters Unconstitutional - President's Panel Agrees

Sun, 29/12/2013 - 16:14

As the year draws to a close, EFF is looking back at the major trends influencing digital rights in 2013 and discussing where we are in the fight for free expression, innovation, fair use, and privacy. Click here to read other blog posts in this series.

In a banner year, one of EFF's court victories stands out: 2013 is the year EFF took a huge step towards taking out a piece of the USA PATRIOT Act. In the spring, we convinced a federal district judge to strike down as unconstitutional a National Security Letter (NSL) statute. And we got a big vote of support on December 20 when the President’s Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies called for the banning of NSLs in their current form, stating that it was “unable to identify a principled reason why NSLs should be issued by FBI officials” when similar processes must issue from judges.

NSLs, relatively narrow (though still hugely problematic) national security investigative tools when they were created in the 80s, were dramatically expanded by the USA PATRIOT Act in 2001. With an NSL, and without any prior court approval or oversight whatsoever, the FBI can compel entities such as telephone companies, Internet service providers, and banks and other financial institutions to turn over records revealing intimate and possibly constitutionally-protected details about their customers, such as the identities of anonymous online speakers and their associations. Worse yet, again without any court approval, the FBI can indefinitely gag NSL recipients, preventing them from even disclosing that they received one.

In March, in a strong opinion, Senior District Court Judge Susan Illston of the Northern District of California granted EFF’s petition—brought on behalf of an unnamed telephone company—to set aside the challenged NSL. Judge Illston agreed that 18 U.S.C. § 2709, the NSL statute in question, was facially unconstitutional because it granted unilateral power to the FBI to silence NSL recipients and that this unconstitutional gag rendered the entire process unlawful. Judge Illston ordered the FBI to cease both issuing future NSLs as well as enforcing any NSL-related gag orders, but, as is often the case in national security cases, the court stayed its groundbreaking order pending appeal. Briefing for the appeal begins in January.

How important is Judge Illston’s decision? NSLs—now found to be illegal in their entirety by the district court—have been a ubiquitous tool used by the FBI over the past decade, with the FBI issuing over 85 requests each and every day on average, amounting to over 300,000 since the passage of the USA PATRIOT Act. Without a requirement that a court sign off on its exercise of this unprecedented power, and no meaningful transparency built into the system, the FBI has been repeatedly tempted over the years to cut corners and even on occasion to blatantly misuse this extraordinary power.

The FBI has repeatedly argued that NSLs are necessary tools. However, with a wide range of other options under existing laws that permit the FBI to obtain exactly the same information but with court supervision, the government is in essence arguing for the right to collect sensitive information on its own, without anyone looking over its shoulder.

The government is wrong. As the President’s Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies affirmed, such unchecked access to our records is too dangerous and too ripe for abuse. And as Review Group co-author Richard Clarke diplomatically put it later, NSLs are "a little difficult to square with constitutionality."

We agree: NSLs must end. Whether that end comes through litigation or legislation, EFF looks forward to continue fighting NSLs in the new year.

This article is part of our 2013 Year in Review series; read other articles about the fight for digital rights in 2013.

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2013 in Review: As Governments in the Arab World Crack Down, Activists Fight Back

Sun, 29/12/2013 - 14:58

As the year draws to a close, EFF is looking back at the major trends influencing digital rights in 2013 and discussing where we are in the fight for free expression, innovation, fair use, and privacy. Click here to read other blog posts in this series.

The uprisings of 2011 gave hope to many for a new era of Internet governance. While Tunisia made concrete steps toward a freer Internet, many governments throughout the region have grappled with finding a balance between instituting the harsh restrictions that helped create Tunisia's uprising and implementing enough control to prevent their own. In 2013, many governments tended toward the former, implementing censorship for the first time or arresting bloggers, creating a deterrent for those who might dare speak their minds. Here are a few of the threats we've tracked this year and the ways in which activists have fought back.

Censorship on the rise

By far, the biggest surprise this year occurred in Jordan, where a Press and Publications Law created in 2012 resulted in the censorship of more than 300 websites this June. Local news websites that failed or refused to obtain a license under the new law were subsequently blocked, along with a handful of foreign websites that had not been subject to the law in the first place. We've also seen efforts by the governments of Egypt and Morocco to increase censorship.

Nevertheless, activism against these measures has been strong, particularly in Jordan where groups like 7iber have fought back, with support from a wide range of international organizations. In Morocco, activists recently had success in fighting the "Code Numérique", a draft bill that threatens to rear its ugly head again. Their challenge will continue into 2014.

An increase in speech-related arrests

Perhaps the most disheartening trend is the increase that we've seen in arrests of individuals exercising their right to free speech. The recent case of Shezanne Casim, a United States citizen detained in the UAE for posting a satirical video to YouTube, is only one of many in the tiny Gulf country. In Morocco, Ali Anouzla's case has brought international attention to the country's repression of journalists. In neighboring Kuwait, dozens have faced charges of blasphemy for content posted on social networks. And the list goes on.

We've ramped up our efforts to track and advocate for such cases and will continue to do so in 2014.

Surveillance run amok

The revelations brought to the world by Edward Snowden about the NSA's spying did not go missed in the Arab world. With Jordan and Egypt close to the top of the list of the countries most spied on, activists are rightfully angry and have joined the global effort to stop mass surveillance. Amongst the signatories to the 13 Principles on the Application of Human Rights to Communications Surveillance are more than a dozen organizations from the region, including the Arab Digital Expression Foundation, Nawaat, MADA Palestine, and Lakome.org.

Some countries in the region have taken the news about the NSA as a cue to conduct their own spying. While Tunisia's hosting of the Freedom Online Coalition conference in June seemed like good news, the government has since created a new agency that seems to have the mandate to bring surveillance back to the country. And localized surveillance remains a threat in most of the region.

The good news

Recognizing the scope of these threats, EFF teamed up this year with 7iber.com, Access, Global Voices Advocacy, and SMEX to create Digital Citizen, a monthly review of digital rights in the Arab World. We've ramped up our programs, and in early 2014 are partnering with Global Voices to host the fourth Arabloggers meeting in Amman, where we will conduct security and policy training and meet with our allies and fellow travelers from throughout the region. We are also working to support several new groups in countries where their presence is much-needed.

Our allies in the Arab world have continued to inspire us in 2013 and will undoubtedly do so long into the future!

This article is part of our 2013 Year in Review series; read other articles about the fight for digital rights in 2013.

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2013 in Review: Encrypting the Web Takes A Huge Leap Forward

Sun, 29/12/2013 - 02:55

As the year draws to a close, EFF is looking back at the major trends influencing digital rights in 2013 and discussing where we are in the fight for free expression, innovation, fair use, and privacy. Click here to read other blog posts in this series.

This year the public got some hints of the scale on which governments are using electronic surveillance to spy on all of us. We learned how pervasively compromised our communications infrastructure is, and how cavalierly governments have spliced, bribed, lied, hacked, cozened, and secret-ordered their way into network backbones. We saw that individual Internet engineers were seen as legitimate hacking targets. We saw that spy agencies speak casually of mastering, controlling, dominating the Internet.

People everywhere fought back by increasing their use of encryption to protect their privacy. From journalism schools to boardrooms to parliaments, crypto tools were the talk of the town. Around the world, cryptoparties taught people more about adopting encryption tools, often teaching the "Encryption Works" guide written by former EFF Staff Technologist Micah Lee for the Freedom of the Press Foundation (an EFF client). Just last week, CyanogenMod adopted TextSecure to protect the text messages of its ten million users against mass surveillance. (Hey, other mobile vendors! Are you going to match Cyanogen's lead?)

We were particularly happy to see a sharp increase in the use of HTTPS encryption to protect everybody's connections to popular web sites, as well as back-end encryption to protect the exchange of data (like our e-mail) within and between companies. This year major providers took seriously the need to turn on encryption for their services, and a notion that secure connections are a basic industry standard began to take root. We had productive conversations about encryption with the operators of several major sites, and many sites rolled out or pledged to roll out secure connections on a major scale. Some mobile carriers started upgrading the encryption they apply to voice calls, and secure mobile communications apps became much more widely available. We're especially grateful to the many engineers, lawyers, and policy people throughout the Internet industry who have taken on this project as their own.

There's much we don't know about the ways that encryption tools and standards may have been subverted and undermined, and the ways governments may have talked companies out of their plans to roll out encryption. (There's also much we don't know about how governments' secret legal theories and secret industry partnerships may influence the design of communications systems.) We need journalists, engineers, mathematicians, and parliamentary committees to keep digging into these questions. But crypto adoption has a momentum now. In 2014, let's keep up that momentum—and keep up the conversation about end-to-end and host-proof encryption designs, which protect our data against all intermediaries, not just network operators.

This article is part of our 2013 Year in Review series; read other articles about the fight for digital rights in 2013.

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2013 in Review: The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

Sat, 28/12/2013 - 21:38

As the year draws to a close, EFF is looking back at the major trends influencing digital rights in 2013 and discussing where we are in the fight for free expression, innovation, fair use, and privacy. Click here to read other blog posts in this series.

Negotiations over the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) intensified in 2013, as trade delegates from the 12 participating countries aimed for (and ultimately missed) a year-end target for completing the sprawling agreement. Although the secretive nature of the negotiations means the public can't really know how far along it is, both leaked position documents and public statements indicate that there are still major unresolved areas of disagreement in the 29-chapter deal.

The biggest TPP story this year was the publication by WikiLeaks in November of the chapter titled "Intellectual Property." Unfortunately, its contents confirmed many of our worst fears: from ratcheting up copyright term lengths around the world, to boxing in fair use, to mandating a draconian legal regime around DRM software, section after section contained clauses plucked from corporate wishlists and snubbed the public interest altogether.

Against that backdrop, it makes sense that opposition to the agreement is mounting around the world. In May, EFF joined activists and protesters in Peru surrounding the round of negotiations held in Lima. As has been typical, neither public interest groups nor concerned citizens were allowed time with negotiators, but we helped coordinate a major petition and rally. These joined actions happening in TPP countries around the Pacific rim, from Japan to Australia to Mexico and more.

In the U.S., opposition has focused on the Obama administrations calls for Congress to grant "fast track authority," thus waiving its constitutional role of reviewing international agreements. If it passes fast track, Congress would instead be limited to a single yes-or-no vote. Under normal circumstances that's dangerous. But in a case where the public (and even Congressional staffers) haven't been allowed to read the agreement at all yet, that's reckless behavior.

We've set up a tool to allow people in the U.S. to contact their legislators asking them to oppose fast track authority for TPP, and people have already used it to send tens of thousands of letters. You can use it to send a letter today. Lawmakers seem to be taking notice: in the past few months, bipartisan letters from House Republicans and Democrats have firmly rejected the lack of transparency around the agreement, casting serious doubt on the possibility of fast track authority.

The year-end deadline has passed, but negotiators—especially the U.S. Trade Representative—continue to play up an artificial urgency to push the agreement through. The secret meetings between the trade delegates will continue into the new year, with the first one set for February.

This article is part of our 2013 Year in Review series; read other articles about the fight for digital rights in 2013.

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