Lista Partecipata

Following the example of the Demoex experience in Vallentuna, Sweden, a group of 8 committed members of the Roman chapter of the Association of Direct Democrats has started campaigning for the next Rome Province Council Elections 2008 in order to present a "Lista Partecipata per la Democrazia (LPD)" (participated candidates' list for democracy), to be controlled through an ad-hoc temporary organization of citizens. The actions of the councilor that would eventually be elected would be completely controlled by the majority of voters who have also become members before the election. They do so through the web, through proposals, comments and votes expressed through the web, telephone and/or via the regular in-person assembly.

Registered members can participate in the current Council Agenda by voting, amending or commenting in favor or against each agenda item, and also rating and replying to other users' comments. Proposals can be created and supported, and those will be sent to each councilor a few days before the Council Meeting date via regular mail.

Many features are still in the pipeline, such as email and RSS updates on topics of user interest, quick search for petitions, agenda items and people, sorting and filtering options, blogs, comments and amends for each paragraph on a proposal or agenda item text to focus discussion, phone and snail mail participation for users who don't have access to the world wide web... and much more.


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